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Thursday, December 22, 2016 9:37 AM

Choose the right hair extension style for your face shape

Hair extension style is easy to do, but it is not always suitable will all kind of faces. Therefore, we would like to give you a detailed guideline so that you can beautify yourself with a perfect style.

Simply, if you create the wrong hairstyle for your face shape, it is really bad. In fact, even when a professional and well cut hairstyle performs on the wrong hair extension style on face shape, it is still awful. 

A good hairstylist will know instinctively which style will or will not suit you. It is also important and handy that you should understand the face shape suitability. Since then, it will make you understand what to do and not to do and why. There is also general rule applying to balance face shape and it is what you should do to achieve oval face, which is the pleasing and perfect shape in the human eye. 

Oval Face Shape

    • The jaw and forehead are in similar width.
    • Curvilinear shape.
    • Length is about one and half times width.


Suitable hair styles: Any style and shape can be worn, no matter it is long, short, layered or bobbed. The only thing needed to consider with oval shape is deciding which part of the face you want it to be accentuated. This allows you to be creative to style hair everday.

Oval face shape is suitable to all kinds of hair extension style such as long, short or bobbed hair

Round Face Shape

o Length is approximately equal to width.
o Circular shaped.

Suitable hairstyles

    •  Hairstyles with fullness and height  at the crown may give an illusion of the narrower face shape, especially short ones in length.
     •  Long hairstyles or ones kept close to your cheeks without any width will be better.
     •  The middle parts are great to create the illusion in narrow length.
     •  Short hairstyles are nice and they do not suffocate the small round faces.

A suitable long hair extension style for round face shape

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