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Saturday, December 24, 2016 9:27 AM

Some Hairstyles You Should Try

Finding which hairstyle that best suitable for you is a bit difficult. You may have to go to the hairstyles for advice. Here are two hairstyles that we suggest.

The Faux Fringe

Faux Fringe is one of hairstyles that you can try in this summer

Have you ever wanted to have a Faux Fringe, but without the commitment? Now you may be gorgeous the new Faux Hair Service at Hari’s. Working with real natural hair pieces that are color matched to your human natural hair type and then cut into a fringe, long-gone are days of dodgy clip-ins which blew off at the first sign of a breeze. They are not cheap, but they are remarkably high quality, ensuring that they will make for a long-lasting investment. Surprisingly sturdy, despite being secured with three fastenings, not only they look like real natural hair, but they also feel like it. Additionally, they are also remarkably low maintenance, requiring only washing when dirty and could be easily stored away in a hairnet for safe-keeping. The ideal is for women who like to experiment with a touch of forehead foliage without the faff, while also being bang on trend.

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Afro Hair

How do you think about this hairstyle?

The look: Untreated, natural, and textured.

The cut: Haircuts to enhance the manageability and style of your own natural hair texture - a trend picking up momentum because of the rise in demand for less time, consuming natural hair services. “Women with afro hair have made a shift with their demands,” says top natural hair stylist Errol Douglas. “They no longer seek relaxers, chemical treatments, and texturizers. People are embracing their curls of the natural hair.”

The hair styling and products: “Afro hair loves moisture. Keep it in top condition with normal hydrating treatments,” says Errol. “A lack of protein in the natural hair could cause breakage - minimize it by using a keratin based treatment to help bind the curl. That is also fantastic for eliminating frizz” “Keracare Silken Seal that is a finishing product that seals the cuticle surfaces to a silky, brilliant smooth finish. It is available in the salon."

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