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Friday, June 08, 2018 11:12 AM

Looking for the key summer hair trends in 2018

Don’t you want to directly bleach your hair? You hair can be transformed by adding ombre hair extensions to your hairstyle and the ends of your hair will seem thicker and healthier.  We have 2 of the best looking ombre hair colours for you to think about. Take advantage of two big trends at once: long bobs and ombre color.

1.      Black to blonde ombre

Color exemplifies the dictionary definition of ombre hair, with its soft yet standout progressions from black to golden blonde.  What really makes it a masterpiece, though, is that incredible shine.

If you’re going for a high contrast look, one of the easiest ways to achieve a perfect transition is to start the fade. The black hair on this style fades to a beautiful baby blonde. The undertones in the style are cool, making this the perfect look for women with cool-toned skin.

2.      Black to red ombre

This is a gorgeous dark ombre hairstyle. Black and red looks amazing. It can be hard to achieve this gradual ombre style if you do dye it yourself. Best to keep your section black because then you don’t have to worry about getting your roots done.

Having a black to vibrant style will instantly boost your hair and you will fell fresh and revitalized.

With so many options available, making a decision can be hard. A few things that can make the decision-making process a whole lot easier is asking yourself whether you want a subtle or solid ombre and what colors you want to work with. Taking your natural hair color and skin tone into consideration can also help zero in on the perfect style for you.

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