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Double Drawn Human Hair Machine Weft Straight 20cm (8 inch)

Double Drawn Human Hair Machine Weft Straight 20cm (8inch) - Our hair is 100% human hair, natural textures, high quality virgin hair, remy hair, Vietnam hair. It is cutted from young woman, no shedding, no tangle, no nit, no lice.
  • $220

Mic hair really is one of the largest manufacturer Vietnamese hair. Our hair extensions 8" weave Vietnamese hair can shine your beauty regular because 100% hair built from real hairfollicles. We just pick the hair that's quite tender, sleek, no compound hair that is processed.

For ordinary mind size, this really is our proposal: 8"squared (20 cm) Double Drawn Human Hair 2 packs are sufficient to pay your mind. The weave is traditionally sold with natural haircolor 1B and certainly will becolored. We are all aware it is simpler to darken your hair compared to whiten hair follicles. We urge to dye darker, so because it's tough to your colour tofade. Irregular expiring will ruin your own hair. We recommend getting your hair dresser dye The brand new hair, bleach on your own will need a probability of coming from the colour you would like. In the event that you fail to reach asalon, then please utilize a fantastic high quality services and products and also examine out a small sample.

This 8" weave Vietnamese hair really is a highquality services and products which may endure for quite a long period based on what you maintain it. Treat it just like your hair and take very great care of itbecause of this to survive more.

The way to determine hair with hair?

Human hair has protein. You certainly can certainly do a few evaluations, it's not difficult to tell by burning off and also smell: individual hair will probably undoubtedly be ash, that'll go out after pinching. Human hair will smell filthy. When trimming, the hair will reveal smoke. While synthetic hair is going to soon be a tacky ball after trimming offand certainly will reveal smoke. More over, human hair might have not many grey hair and split ends. It's ordinary rather than just a superior issue. We make certainthat our 8 inches weave feminine hair really is your genuine human hair which accumulate from Vietnamese woman.

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