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Updated: 29/06/2015 View: 3449
Wavy hair is becoming prevalent over the world from Asia to Europe. But many people wonder that they own a short hair that can’t make wavy. It is completely wrong. Now, there are many styles of wavy hair for you choosing. Read more
The most beautiful hair color ideas for redheads
Updated: 03/07/2015 View: 6536
Skin tone is one of the most important factors to considerwhen going red. The strawberry blonde shape has enough red to work with thepink undertones in fair skin. This barely red hue tends to look prettiest on women with naturally medium to dark blonde hair. Read more
Why is hair extension more and more popular so?
Updated: 06/07/2015 View: 4817
Maybe, hair extension no longer is strange with girls. They wear hair extension to make beauty and to become more outstanding. Hair extension is the effective way to improve the drawback of hair quickly. Read more
How to Choose the Right Shampoo
Updated: 07/07/2015 View: 2602
There are many kinds of shampoo in the market, which makes people confused and they do not know which shampoo is suitable for their hair.You need the right combination to make a formula that's precisely right for your hair. Read more
Freedom to change hair styles to refresh yourself quickly with hair extension
Updated: 09/07/2015 View: 3977
Hair extension trend is more and more popular in the young generation on the world. Hair extension trend is more and more popular in the young generation on the world. Read more
The Beauty of Wig
Updated: 15/07/2015 View: 3455
To prevent damage and still have the beautiful hairstyle and hair color, people think of the convenience of the wig. We can change many combinations with different make up to each meeting you have a full of personality appearance. Read more
Hair care tips
Updated: 22/07/2015 View: 2575
Having a heathy hair is a desire for almost women, but nowadays because of hair products especially dye, which makes hair weaker. Some tips below will help you improve your hair. Read more
Hot Trend in 2016 - Become More Unique With Blond Hair
Updated: 24/07/2015 View: 3694
I have been impressed deeply by the images of long blond hair girls on fashion shows over the world. It will be hot in 2016. Read more
Tips for caring curly weave
Updated: 27/07/2015 View: 3066
Have you ever purchased curly hair before, only to be disappointed as you watched it tangle and mat up? Well, we’ve seen the worst of it, we are very pleased to give you some tips Read more
How to check the quality of hair extension?
Updated: 28/07/2015 View: 3427
You are wondering that you don’t know how to buy the best hair extension. At here, we are happy to help you make the best decision in buying. Read more
The trend of human hair extensions
Updated: 30/07/2015 View: 3920
Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, hair extension become more popular and is easier to use. Hair extension is made from human hair or artificial hair. Read more
Why Mic Hair is the best supplier?
Updated: 03/08/2015 View: 3649
Mic Hair are leading the supplier of human hair extension in Vietnam. We are so confident about quality and services. Read more
How to use deep conditioner?
Updated: 10/08/2015 View: 3423
Shampooing your hair on a regular basis will remove both the dirt and grime buildup in your hair, but also the helpful natural oils. In addition to regular use of hot tools, chemicals, and natural weathering, your hair can be left dry, frizzy and damaged. Read more
Interesting short hairstyles for round faces
Updated: 15/08/2015 View: 4001
These short hairstyles will make the round face of woman come more attractive. Women having round face are usually afraid of cutting short hairstyle... Read more
The 12 Golden Tips To Care For Virgin Human Hair
Updated: 26/08/2015 View: 3380
How to care for your virgin natural Vietnam human hair extensions should certainly, be an important part on your mind to have the nice hair . Now we propose 12 tips hair care human hair extensions. Read more
Why hair extension is more and more popular on the world
Updated: 04/09/2015 View: 1514
Maybe, hair extension no longer is strange with girls. They wear hair extension to make beauty and to become more outstanding. Hair extension is the effective way to improve the drawback of hair quickly Read more
Caring for straight Vietnamese human hair
Updated: 10/09/2015 View: 3134
Caring hair is very and very important if you want to own a nice hair. We will give you some hair caring ways below. Read more
How to apply weft hair extensions
Updated: 19/09/2015 View: 4352
Weft human hair extensions purchased from MIC Hair is 100% human hair. Weft are strands of hair that are woven into long, cloth bands. Weft are applied to your hair with a special type of latex glue made specially for hair extensions. Read more
Difference between hand-tied wefts and machine wefts
Updated: 08/10/2015 View: 3159
A lot of customer ask our company about: “What is different between hand – tied wefts and machine wefts?” Today, let MIC HAIR explain for you. Read more
Cambodian Human Hair
Updated: 09/10/2015 View: 3056
Mic Hair imports Cambodian human hair from Cambodia allow you to experience the fullness, natural flow and beauty of real Cambodian hair. It will make you become more attractive with real wave hair, totally natural. Read more
Top 10 hair color trends for women in 2016
Updated: 14/10/2015 View: 9366
Each year comes with new trends in the world of fashion, jewelry, hair colors, hairstyles and more things that make us fashionable and help us to renew our life. Hair color trends that are presented every year and even each season.. Read more
Try washing your hair by Coca Cola
Updated: 16/10/2015 View: 3403
There has been a new craze about washing hair with Coca Cola. It is true that when you put Coca Cola on your hair and then shampoo it, it will give you a light curls. Read more
What is remy hair
Updated: 16/10/2015 View: 3355
Remy Hair is considered to be the highest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and unprocessed, like in most other non- Remy hair extensions. Read more
10 Natural hair care tips for beautiful care
Updated: 20/10/2015 View: 2852
Beautiful hair adds some kind of personality to your image and naturally beautiful you. An attractive hairdo makes you the “eye candy”.Here are some natural hair care tips, which will help you maintain healthy hair tips. Read more
Why Does Hair Absorb Oil?
Updated: 21/10/2015 View: 3074
Human hair consists of three layers. The outside layer, known as the cuticle, is made of scales of the protein keratin. Read more
The difference in hair color based on residence of the world
Updated: 22/10/2015 View: 3241
The color of the hair in humans is due to a pigment called Melanin. Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms. Read more
The Differences between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair
Updated: 23/10/2015 View: 5983
Which is right for you? Human and synthetic hair extensions have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice at different times. Both are great choices for you depending on your budget, time, and needs. Read more
Caring for straight human hair extensions from Mic Hair
Updated: 26/10/2015 View: 3476
In order to have a nice hair extension, you can't forget the caring of hair carefully. Read more
5 Tips to care for wavy/curly weave
Updated: 30/10/2015 View: 4264
Curly textured hair is naturally drier than other hair textures, so it requires extra moisture. We recommend using a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner after shampooing. And for even more moisture, you can treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks. Read more
Let our hair make you brighten everywhere you go
Updated: 30/10/2015 View: 4300
As you know Vietnamese people have a famous proverb: “Hair is an important thing of any women”. Vietnamese girls prefer using various herbs from mountains and forests to take care of their hair, therefore, Vietnamese hair is usually smooth, healthy and shiny than any hair in the world. We are really confident to be able to supply you with the best hair with best quality and the reasonable price. Read more
Why do many Vietnamese women have long hair?
Updated: 05/11/2015 View: 7306
Have you ever thought that Vietnamese women need a long hair for more money when they sell it? In fact, that is not the reason which makes Vietnamese women want to let their hair so long. Even now, long hair with “Áo dài” and lotus still are still symbols of Vietnam. Read more
6 Effective Ways To Keep Human Hair Color From Fading In The Summer
Updated: 22/07/2016 View: 2246
Human color processed hair colors can notoriously fade well before you want to make another shapes. MICVIET will share 6 Effective Ways To Keep Human Hair Color Read more
Why is virgin Vietnamese hair so special?
Updated: 23/07/2016 View: 2420
Interms of hair industry, Vietnamese womenhair is appriciated because of its flexibility, durability and texture. Why is virgin Vietnamese hair so special? Click here! Read more
Some helpful tips to care for your hair extensions
Updated: 26/07/2016 View: 2406
You don’t must waste manytimes to wait to have long hair. You will have a long hair more quickly bytechnique connection hair. Caring hair properly help you have hair extensions always enduring, silky and shiny. Read more
How to Select a Hair Style for Your Face Shape?
Updated: 01/08/2016 View: 1
There are a lot of kinds of face shapes, and each has its own beauty. The important thing is how you can choose your style that emphasizes your face.That is the reason why I write this article to give your some suggestions to have good appearance with your human hair style. Read more
How to choose human hair styles that suitable for your skin color?
Updated: 03/08/2016 View: 2109
The most flattering hair color usually comes when you have the perfect trio. It means that when your hair color matches your eyecolor and skin tone. Of course, our perfect human hair color may make your eyes POP, and they will appear bigger and brighter. It may also go well with your skin tone. Read more
Do You Know Human Hair Protection Ways When Swimming?
Updated: 04/08/2016 View: 2548
Ademola Mandella, a true pioneer in authentic hair sector, said ‘Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love’. Therefore, it is important to protect your hair including human hair carefully in any environments, especially under the water when you go swimming. This article will provide you useful tips for how to care your hair in the pool or beach. Read more
Some Wonderful Secrets that you don’t Know About Virgin Hair
Updated: 08/08/2016 View: 2454
There are a lot of methods that usually used to help women become more and more beautiful such as fashionable clothes, bags, shoes and so on, and virgin hair is one of the most important things. Read more
How To Wash Your Hair Extensions To Have The Best Hair Extension?
Updated: 17/08/2016 View: 2949
A common question asked by those wearing hair extensions is how to wash them.  Washing your hair extensions is not a difficult task, however it is important to understand how to do this correctly in order for your hair extensions to last as long as possible. Read more
Reduce damage for the human hair as often stay at air-conditioned room
Updated: 18/08/2016 View: 2058
Often dry hair  and no shine if you often stay in air-conditioned rooms. Select seats prevent blow-conditioned place directly on human hair, not to exceed the temperature difference with the outdoor . So in order to protecting human hair when sitting room air conditioning for health and beauty human hair as often have to sit in air-conditioned rooms, you should note the following points: Read more
Warning signs about health from human hair you should not ignore
Updated: 19/08/2016 View: 2024
The shape and texture of natural human hair major be decided by ADN, but of course not to mention the influence of factors such as food, age, weather conditions. In fact, these tiny hairs can reveal a lot about the health of women. Read more
5 Most Suitable Southeast Asian Hairstyles For Girl at the Gym
Updated: 07/09/2016 View: 2212
Going to the gym is often a sweaty affair but this does not mean that you must have boring disheveled hair. Here are some beautiful hairstyles that you can wear to the gym that will not make you look like you just rolled out of your bed. Read more
How to choose human hair styles that suitable for your skin color?
Updated: 26/01/2018 View: 1093
The most flattering hair color usually comes when you have the perfect trio. It means that when your hair color matches your eye color and skin tone. Read more
Top 5 hairstyles suitable for traveling to change your natural hair type.
Updated: 22/02/2018 View: 764
You always want to seek hairstyles for your natural hair fit with your clothes when you travel to create great match. It can be comfortable and confident all time during your trip. Read more
Finding out top 5 perfect hairstyles for your natural hair .
Updated: 01/03/2018 View: 638
For most women, the styling hair is important thing for their natural hair to change their look. There are many types of hairstyles to choose. This styles may be suitable for you, but other types may be not suitable for you. Read more
Want Zero Effort FestivalHair? Here’s How The Cool Girls Do It
Updated: 12/03/2018 View: 584
The best celebrity styles for festival hair ideas and inspiration,and tips for keeping it in check for the duration... Read more
How to wear hair extensions
Updated: 23/03/2018 View: 592
We have reviewed methods to fight static maintain and frizz a healthy scalp-now we will talk about asure fire method to add extra length volume Read more
Do you thing ombre hair colors are suitable for you?
Updated: 20/04/2018 View: 393
Ombre human hair is a very fun idea to get a cool style without many daily cares. When you choose to use permanent color or wash-out hair crayon, ombre natural hair brings an attractive tool to your nature hair. Read more
Having a beautiful hair extension for your personality appearances.
Updated: 05/06/2018 View: 288
Having a beautiful hair extension for your personality appearances. To limit damage and still have the hair color and beautiful hairstyle, people think of the convenience of the hair extension. You could change a lot of combinations with different makeup to each meeting you have a full of your beautiful appearance. Read more