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Updated: 29/06/2015 View: 3449
Wavy hair is becoming prevalent over the world from Asia to Europe. But many people wonder that they own a short hair that can’t make wavy. It is completely wrong. Now, there are many styles of wavy hair for you choosing. Read more
How to Choose the Right Shampoo
Updated: 07/07/2015 View: 2602
There are many kinds of shampoo in the market, which makes people confused and they do not know which shampoo is suitable for their hair.You need the right combination to make a formula that's precisely right for your hair. Read more
Hair care tips
Updated: 22/07/2015 View: 2575
Having a heathy hair is a desire for almost women, but nowadays because of hair products especially dye, which makes hair weaker. Some tips below will help you improve your hair. Read more
Tips for caring curly weave
Updated: 27/07/2015 View: 3066
Have you ever purchased curly hair before, only to be disappointed as you watched it tangle and mat up? Well, we’ve seen the worst of it, we are very pleased to give you some tips Read more
7 tips to care for Vietnam human hair
Updated: 25/07/2016 View: 2535
Foreigners are always impressed by the long black straight hairstyle of traditional Vietnamese women. This attractive hair style expresses not only their appearance but also their personality. What are the secrets to have and maintain a Vietnam natural hair? Let’s find out more in the following tips: Read more
4 important notesfor you to remain beautiful Vietnam natural hair
Updated: 27/07/2016 View: 2410
Getting healthy, shiny and natural hair isreally challenging, especially if your hair is curly or dyed hair. However, withthese following tips, you can save much money from using hair products while keepingyou beautiful and natural Vietnam hair. Read more
5 Amazing Nature Hair Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer (Part 1)
Updated: 29/07/2016 View: 5061
Nature Hair trends have become more specialized in the past year,so much so that cuts, colors, and styles have evolved into hair art. There wereplenty of hair trendsthat defined 2015. I am so ready to start thinking about what 2016 has in store for us whenit comes to strands. Read more
4 Amazing Nature Hair TrendsYou Shouldn’t Miss This Summer (Part 2)
Updated: 01/08/2016 View: 4825
Nature Hair trends have become more specialized in the past year, so much so that cuts, colors,and styles have evolved into hair art. There were plenty of hair trends that defined 2015. I am so ready to start thinking about what 2016 has in store for us when it comes to strands. Read more
Brand - New Party Styles for Nature Hair You Shouldn’t Miss
Updated: 05/08/2016 View: 4559
With all the office ceremony, Birthday parties, dinners, the festivals seem ceaseless - but your Nature hairstyles probably isn't. What can we do? Changing your hair. Here,how-to-do-your-nature-hair for party hairstyles. Read more
Caring and Protecting your human hair from magic hair mask of natuaral
Updated: 11/08/2016 View: 1970
If you are looking a curefor your frizzy, dull, rough hair, a home made hair mask can help you out here! There are many natural things such as avocado, egg, yogurt which can preventdryness by nourishing your locks with needed moisture. For soft, shiny, andsilky human hair, check out these mask recipes: Read more
Habits that make human hair become quickly graying
Updated: 15/08/2016 View: 2529
Everybody wants to have beautiful natural human hair, healthy, shiny! Especially for the most part, Vietnam is one expression for black human hair,sexy beauty, good health. Unfortunately, today there are many people with white hair takes a lot of confidence early in life, and not from primary heart with feelings of old age is still young though.  Having many reasons cause to white hair, let’s read and know how to prevent from it right now. Read more
Warning signs about health from human hair you should not ignore
Updated: 19/08/2016 View: 2024
The shape and texture of natural human hair major be decided by ADN, but of course not to mention the influence of factors such as food, age, weather conditions. In fact, these tiny hairs can reveal a lot about the health of women. Read more
HOT Hair Trends Recently
Updated: 29/08/2016 View: 2649
When summer holidays draw to a close; it is time to work on your beauty routine. With the fall or winter season on the horizon, you will have to get grooming if you like to head back to the office looking your best. To become more beautiful, you can choose some styles of natural hairs. Here are some hair trends you can refer: Read more
How to add Semi-Permanent Bright Hair Colors in your Natural Hair?
Updated: 31/08/2016 View: 2654
You have a plenty of natural hair styles and colors to choose. Do these steps, you can easily have beautiful bright hair colors. Read more
These Tips Below Will Help You Enjoy Short Hair
Updated: 03/10/2016 View: 2199
A lot of women would like to stamp her personality with short hair styles, but it is a bit difficult for them to style and take care of them. These tips will help you a lot. Read more
How to Use Coconut Oil For Your Tangled Hair?
Updated: 11/11/2016 View: 1894
Coconut oil is natural and very popular, can be found anywhere in the world. One of the greatest applications of coconut oil is for conditioning hair and there are many ways to use it ti this end. Read more
10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Virgin Hair?
Updated: 21/11/2016 View: 1968
We are very proud to be one of the most famous virgin hair wholesale in our market. Besides, I will give you some reasons that we should use virgin hair nowadays Read more