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Super Double Drawn Human Hair Machine Weft Straight 45cm(18 Inches)

Exotic hair extensions will be gathered from Vietnamese girls. Our 18-inches weave directly hair extensions is simple to style, so take good care. We anticipate dealing together and providing for one of the ideal product.
  • $485
We provide all sort of hair services and products: glow hair extensions, like hand tied weft, sexy mix, lace closed & weft,...... each is 100% REMY hair, irrespective of compound processed hair thinning, without any problems for individual.
Weave right hair extensions will be the best seller in Michair. It fully meets the demands of the foreign markets like USA, Europe, Russia,...

Vietnamese Remy hair its chiefly in naturally smooth, straight, glossy and glossy which most clients on the planet is on the lookout for. It's simple to create, dye, texture, bleach or maybe more because It's full cuticlesthe same direction from origin to tip make certain tangle free without any losing.
We select the very greatest human hair simply to sewn to produce the package of extensions. It's known as system weft hair. Our weft is dual weft therefore it's very good, perhaps not collapse out and it is simple to put it to use without even worrying about some issue.

Our weave directly hair extensions had been cleaned with shampoo and wash water. And you also don't have to make use of special condition, simply use coconut oil apply in your hair because our hair is currently 100% natural individual Remy hair.

18 inches Weave Straight Hair Extensions

Have you been interested in the manufacturing means of these gorgeous 18 inches weave hair extensions that are straight? We just take 4 simple steps:

  1. Cut the Raw Vietnameses own hair out of healthy donors. Wash them several days, then comb to knock out any bad or short hairs. Assess weights, lengths.
  2. Ultimately we create and designing it by top tech employees. The final product will satisfy all standards of clients.
  3. Our 18 inches weave directly Vietnamese hair extensions is equally acceptable for customers who would like medium spans, suitable for moving along with activities.
  4. If you'd like additional dimensions or trousers, then the illustration of 20 inches glow directly hair extensions or even some other sizes. We'll satisfy all the needs you have.

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