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Cambodian Natural Virgin Hair Bulk 40 Cm (16 inches)

Cambodian Natural Virgin Hair Bulk 40 Cm (16 inches) - Our 16 inches weave wavy Cambodian human hair extensions is suitable for customers who want to have medium lengths, many customers prefer to visit our store and buy its
  • $321

Brand name

Mic Hair


Thick, coarse, wavy

Hair Color

Natural Black




Wavy Cambodian Hair Weave


Machine Double Weft, Double drawn, Human Hair; Remy Hair


16 Inch Weave

Can Be Dyed


Delivery time

4-6 business days (5-7 days after paymen)

Delivery partner

Fedex, EMS, UPS and DHL fast shipping

Cambodian Hair 16 Inches Curly Weave has the perfect length

You don’t have to search for tons of pictures of Cambodian Hair to realize that 16 Inches Curly Weave is the easiest to apply. It would come around your shoulder length, giving a full volume to your hair.

And, even when the quality you buy is Single Drawn, 16 Inches Curly Weave will still give off the full look as if you are wearing Super Double Drawn Quality Hair.

Saying, you can save yourself some pennies to spend on other things (mine is makeup and food) which is totally a plus point. So why not Single Drawn?

Cambodian Hair 16 Inches Curly Weave has the perfect length

Find yourself a good supplier to buy Cambodian Hair Weave

As just being said, you can buy Cambodian Hair Weave – 16 Inch Curly Weave easily in the fast-developing Cambodian Hair Market now, but please stay away of the cheap Cambodian Hair that is labeled everywhere on the Internet.

Don’t let yourself be deceived by those glossy pictures of Cambodian Hair. The stories being told are different.

Furthermore, the raw material itself has stated all the differences. Moreover, some of the Cheap Cambodian Hair Weave that is on sale in the Cambodian Hair Market right now have an even cheaper price than the average purchasing price of Raw material to make Cambodian Hair Weave, not mentioning other materials, operation cost and labor cost.

Offering customers such a low price, the Cheap Cambodian Hair Manufacturer should have replaced the materials with something else more economical (mink hair is a replacement).

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