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Cambodian Natural Virgin Hair Machine Weft 40 Cm (16 Inches)

If you're a merchant who's wondering about the bestsellers of Mic Hair Company, then 16 inch Weave Straight may possibly be the ideal selection for you personally. With minimal funding, all these Remy Cambodian Hair Straight can develop into the principal celebrity on your product scope. What can be the choice?
  • $424

Just how long is 16 inch Weave?

If you'd like hair, 16 inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair wouldbe on your back, and this is proven that the most ordinary hair span: too short or too much time.

Wavy Hair are your shoulder while still curled is approximately 2-3 inch briefer. As a way to be aware of the specific length of one's Cambodian Hair clippers , you have to extend out the wavy and curly hairs directly and measure them.

Just how many packages should you really get?

For 16 inch hair weave, it's also simpler to acquire fuller finishes. Even once you wish only drawn hairs, then your 16 inch Cambodian hair weave may look like Double Drawn Hair.

This means you'd require fewer 16 inch Weave directly to put in the complete head. My recommendation is two packages to get a medium full appearance and 3 or even longer in case you require full hairs that are full.

Why Cambodian Hair?

Our 16 inch Weave Straight are all Remy Hair Extensions, together with cuticles stored and coordinated, and also you may openly bleachcolour and style these to find the appearance you would like.

You might even pick from Spartan Hair and Cambodian Hair, but should you require some thing which looks more ordinary, I will suggest 16 inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair that features a light tide towards the endings, which makes it readily natural.

A fantastic thing about owning wholesale 16 inch Cambodian Weave Straight is you can select from using a marginally rough one or using an extremely slick one as Cambodian Hair from Mic Hair will function the two of you.

Obviously, whenever you buy the packages that they must be at least cousins so that you will have a great fit in your own head. That is what Mic Hair consistently chooses    to attract clients the most effective experience using hairs.

Additionally, whilst the hairs have been 100 percent Remy hairs, that you never need to be worried of their hairs tangling or matting after a few applications.

16 inch Weave Hairstyles

From Mic Hair Company's product scope, it is possible to readily locate additional 16 inch Weave Hairstyles like Cambodian Little Wave Hair.

Cambodian Little Wave Hair Growing out of Mic Hair Company can also be 100% Person Raw Hair unprocessed, very versatile and will be worn out with almost any ladies. Find your finest Cambodian Little Wave Hair at Mic Hair Company.

Other Choices for you

14 inch weave directly

14 inch weave features moderate height. That's the reason you need to buy a 14 inch weave directly in the place of watertight. That is only because hair thinning hair has a tendency to check shorter compared to hair. If you aren't really a major fan of wavy or curled hair type, then directly glossy is certainly a decision.

16 inch directly weave hair

Even the 16 inch weave is acceptable for ladies who love hair. It really is 2 inches more than the 14 inch weaves, therefore this weave may offer broader coverage.

20 inch weave directly

If you're the large fan of long straight hair, then 20 inch weave directly is the smartest choice. Made from hight quality individual hair, 20 inches weave directly from Mic Hair is lasting and user friendly.

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