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Color bulk hair 55cm (22 inches)

Colour human hair high quality no silicon 55cm (22 inches) - Our hair is 100% human hair, natural textures, high quality virgin hair, remy hair, Vietnam hair. It is cutted from young woman, no shedding, no tangle, no nit, no lice.
  • $630
Exotic Ladies's hair is smooth, glossy and glossy which most clients on the planet is on the lookout for. Since Vietnamese ladies consider hair for part of their physique. They use compound shampoo, alternatively they utilize the shampoo that generated out of the 100% natural material We furnish real human hair just, no compound processed hair without any problems for human anatomy. The hair which could be colored as customer demanded is 100% virgin individual hair out of Vietnamese women. All of cuticles run exactly the same instructions and without awful smell, gentle texture, very tidy, no lice or nits.

Male hair extensions is manufactured from 100% black woman remy hair, among the very best and highest quality substances for hair extension users. The most critical characteristic of this sort of hair is the fact that it's exceedingly tender, strong, don't have any compound treatment without any injury. Our company shave off them from the only real donor mind and maintain your hair in 1 direction. You are able to colour or style it as when it's your hair and revel in living with the relaxation and confidence. Exotic hair does not have any odor, no lice or nits, it truly is secure to use.

Proceed into to learn over Vietnamese remy hair and also possess your very own magnificent color hair extensions.

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