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Single I Drawn Human Hair Machine Weft Wavy-Curly 60 cm (24 inches)

Single I Drawn Human Hair Machine Weft Wavy-Curly 60 cm (24 inches)- Our hair is 100% human hair, natural textures, high quality virgin hair, remy hair, Vietnam hair. It is cutted from young woman, no shedding, no tangle, no nit, no lice.
  • $459
Recently, Hair extensions becomes a crucial jewelry at the lady's lifetime.

And it's the best-selling product of Mic baldness loss company. We've got own factory so we are able to restrain the standard of input output and materials solutions. We always ensure the total quality of goods before sending.

With exceptionally proficient Mic workers, it's not hard for one to have the ideal weave hair curled services and products which are hand-made attentively, ideal for every buyer's requirements. Our Exotic curly haired hair single attracted varied in total (in 8 inches to 32 inches) with fashions (curled haired, loose wavy haired, profound curled haired, romantic curly haired, Fumi curled haired,.... .) That means you're able to decide on the one which is suitable for you.

As our own hair 100% natural individual Remy hair It could be dyed, bleached the whitest color, iron or re-style,... If you wash and state our own hair extensions, then you usually do not want exceptional goods, simply require coconut and pulp oil. It's sufficient.

To make 24 inch Weave Hair Curly Single drawn

To produce 24 inch Weave Hair Single attracted, we now want a few days to really do. We'll take 4 measures:

  1. Cut the Raw Exotic Hair from healthy donors.
  2. Wash them several days, then comb to knock out any bad or short hairs.
  3. Assess weights, lengths.
  4. Ultimately we create hot-steam curled by top tech employees.
We usually do not mass produce. We've got Raw hair in stock only. When customer dictate, we perform fresh thus it'll soon be accomplished attentively, professionally and met all of clients' requirements.
If you'd like other spans and other flaws, please contact us for extra details. We'd really like to provide you Weave male hair extensions which satisfy you.

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