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12 Reasons That We Should Buy Clip In Hair Extensions

12 Reasons That We Should Buy Clip-In Hair Extensions

Fashion Blog Tue Jul 21 2020

Clip-ins are actually the least damaging of all extension types and way less risky than the permanent kind. The great thing about your clip in hair extensions is that you can remove them after a few hours and give your hair a break. In case you’re still worried because it is your first time you decide to buy a clip in hair extensions, we’ve decided to break down the biggest concerns to give you a bit more peace of mind with the 12 reasons that we should buy clip in hair extensions. Here, we will tell you about the reasons that make clip in hair extensions become your favorite products in the long run.

Advantage 1: Suitable for special events


Clip in hair extensions is our most popular product which makes our most popular hair extension product. Clip in hair extensions is the most effective and easiest way to change your hairstyle. Hair extensions are suitable for almost any occasion, whether you are attending a wedding, first date, class reunion or going on vacation, clip in hair extensions will make your hair look very different and make your hair look healthy and full. The benefits of hair extensions are not limited to updos. Use clip-in extensions to increase the volume and length of curly hair and braids to provide you with the princess hair you always wanted.


Advantage 2: Low maintenance


Remy clip in hair extensions is low maintenance hair extensions. Because it is simple to install and can be installed or removed at home, there is no need to ask a professional hairstylist for easy operation. Since the best clip in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, daily maintenance is just like maintaining your own hair, no extra care is needed.


Advantage 3: Little damage


The clip-in hair extension consists of multiple pieces. You can determine the weight of the clip-on hair extension according to your hair volume, and you can remove it at any time. Therefore, it will not cause excessive stress on your hair, which will cause your hair to be thin or damaged, so don't worry.

Phần mở rộng tóc clip-in bao gồm nhiều phần. Bạn có thể xác định trọng lượng của phần mở rộng tóc theo khối lượng tóc của bạn và bạn có thể loại bỏ nó bất cứ lúc nào. Do đó, nó sẽ không gây căng thẳng quá mức cho tóc, khiến tóc bạn bị mỏng hoặc hư tổn, vì vậy đừng lo lắng.


Advantage 4: Increase confidence


Everyone knows the destructive power of bad hair, but wearing clip-in extensions can fix any problems and make sure the hair is flawless. Clip-in hair extensions will give you full, thick hair that will give you the confidence you need to be yourself. Giving you a self-esteem boost, along with longer and thicker hair, you can confidently show everyone just how great you're looking and doing.


Advantage 5: Safe and natural


One of the main factors to consider when wearing hair extensions is whether it will affect your natural hair quality, safety, and potential damage to your hair? clip-in extensions are currently one of the simplest and safest hair extension types. It uses clips to install hair extensions and does not require any adhesives, glues and other chemical products and heating tools to install. This is very safe for your hair and will hardly cause damage to your hair.


Advantage 6: Multi-style


Clip in hair extensions come in a variety of hair colors, hair types, and weights. You can choose your favorite clip hair extensions according to color, black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, blond clip-in extensions, and red clip-in extensions. There are always clip in hair extensions that are right for you. These different color clip in hair extensions bring you different changes, enhance your appearance, be different, and be eye-catching in the crowd.


Advantage 7: No commitment


Clip-in hair extensions are temporary. Clip-in human hair extensions are easy to install into your hair, which means you can change your hairstyle and appearance at any time. It can be worn on special occasions, giving you the princess's hair or winding it up. If you don't like it, you can remove them yourself to reduce stress on your hair. No one promises that you will have only one hairstyle in a few weeks, such as tape in extensions or u tip hair. It allows you to have moments of regret, relax and try boldly.


Advantage 8: Clip-in hair extensions can prevent breakage and thinning


Clip-in extensions use very small combs. This can go a long way towards preventing the breakage and thinning of your hair. If your hair is brittle or otherwise not in good health, this is a key factor in maintaining your hair. The small combs will clasp securely onto your hair. As a result, they will not tug painfully if they have been set in place correctly.

The combs are also a great option for the health of your hair. They don’t bring the risk of pulling out your hair when you remove them. If you remove the clip-in combs carefully, you should not snag or break your natural hair. This is due to the fact that the clip-ins do not place direct pressure onto the roots. With the placement of an extension a half inch away from the root, you will be allowing the area to breathe freely even after you've added several pieces.

Advantage 9: The clips won’t pull your hair extensions out


This is so not true! The clips have a little rubber strip on them which stops the hair extensions from slipping and gives them a better grip on your hair. As they have a strong hold, they won’t pull or snag at your hair or cause any damage. There are also several clips on one weft to evenly distribute the weight making them safer for your hair. If you have fine hair though you could always sew extra clips onto your wefts to distribute the weight even further.


Advantage 10: Clip-in hair extensions can not cause hair loss


Clip-in extensions don’t cause any more damage to your hair than wearing it in a super tight pony. However, we don’t advise you wear them everyday or for a really long length of time. If you use them occasionally and look after the condition of your hair you won’t see any damage at all. All hair extension methods cause tension on your strands but the best thing about clip-in hair extension is that you can take them out to avoid any damage. If you want to wear them more often it’s worth considering a shorter and lighter set that will be gentler on your strands.


Advantage 11: Clip-in hair extensions won’t stop your real hair from growing 


Clip-in extensions won’t stop your hair from growing. In fact, most people use hair extensions while growing out a haircut they don’t like or until their hair gets to the length they want. As long as you don’t cause any damage to your hair by making any of the mistakes above, your hair will grow exactly as normal.


Advantage 12: Multi-style


Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of hair colors, hair types, and weights. You can choose your favorite clip-in hair extensions according to color, black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, blond clip-in extensions, and red clip-in extensions. There are always clip-in hair extensions that are right for you. These different color clip in hair extensions bring you different changes, enhance your appearance, be different, and be eye-catching in the crowd.


If you wear your extensions every now and again, remove them when you’re sleeping and keep them in good condition then they won’t damage your hair at all. Have some more questions? Let us know in the comments box below!


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