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4 Tips To Make your Weave Hair Looks More Natural

Fashion Blog Mon May 18 2020

Have you ever wondered about how to make your weave hair look natural and flawless when you wear it everyday? You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wig and what features you don't skimp on! See all you need to know down here in this topic and make your wig look flawless.

 Tip 1: Rooted Colors


Rooted colors give your weave dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. If you can't find a weave with rooted colors, just try to look for a weave that has a blend of two colors. It will be easier to make your weave hair look natural on your head.

Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and weave hair have a tendency to look less natural.


Tip 2: The Magic Blend Trick


Weave hair helps blending with your own hair. Leave the front section of your hair out and wear a weave hair back on your head to expose your natural hair. Make sure to style your own hair to match your weave texture or curl pattern for the matching look.


Tip 3: Product and Heat From Your Hands


Product is important to shampoo and condition your hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). You also need to spray some powder or dry shampoo on the hair to have a natural look on your weave hair. Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head.  Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of your weave hair. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.


Tip 4: Trim Your Wig


With natural hair, everyone has a few wisps and baby hairs that indicate that your hair is real. If you lightly trim a few areas at the side of the wig, it will give the illusion of these natural wispy bits. If you don’t feel confident in doing this yourself, take it to your hairdressers to ensure that a natural look is achieved. However, it is important to note that the point of this step is for it not to be precise, and so cutting random hairs doesn’t require professional skill. Your new hairdo will look amazing!


These simple tools can improve the look of any types of weave hair that you chose.

Now that you know some of useful tips, you can try some of them. You'll be surprised what a difference they make in the styles you already own. But, it may prompt you wanting to get a new style!  Whether you need to wear wigs or simply want to wear them to make life easier… These tips will give you the confidence to flaunt it.


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