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Is that easy to soften your weave hair at home?

Fashion Blog Wed Apr 15 2020

You are a girl and you really want to make different hairstyles at home. For preparing well to have a glamorous look, you might need to soften your weave hair naturally. Soften your hair at hair salon will cost lots of money, to help you with that, we would like to bring out some ways below to soften your hair naturally with a very cheap prices.

1. You can use essential oils to soften your hair

Using the essential oils to soften our hair is not a rare way to many women nowadays. Most of the essential oils today have ingredients such as: coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, castor oil …. They are all have the advantages like prevent our weave hair from the oxygen from the outside environment. The hair with moisturizing ingredients will be softer than the normal hair. They are also stronger and more firmly.

Before you went to sleep, warm a small amount of essential oils into your hands, just applying a small ingredients of essential oils, rub evenly onto your weave hair. Using your normal brush to restyle your hair like you want. Even that we use natural oils for hair treats or for skincare, they will always effect properly with a great result. Don’t be worry that your weave hair will looks oily in the next morning! Your weave hair will absorb fully the ingredients so there is no need to re-wash your hair.


2. Rinse your weave hair with the deep moisturizing shampoo

Instead of using a normal hair shampoo, we can change into the deep moisturizing shampoo. Dissolve this amount of shampoo in water. Then, rinse your weave hair into the water. Use your fingers to carefully clean the hair and wait for at least 15 minutes, after that, you can let your weave hair dry naturally.

The other shampoos products are good too, however, for making our hair soft again, the deep moisturizing shampoo is always the best choice for your weave. The element of natural oils such as argan oils, olive oils, castor oil, help to soften your hair greatly.


3. Do not use gels, serums or hair sprays to set your style

I know it is difficult to follow this note but soften your hair naturally require more of your efforts than using a soften hair products which are often sold in the markets nowadays. It is true that this kind of gels, serums or hair sprays has its own affect on your hair. Anyway, using them often, the quality of a weave hair will decrease and instead of making your weave hair softer. Your weave hair become drier and not attractive. Dry hair is the cause of almost all hair problems, including frizz and loss of fine lines.

We hope by follow the 3 small simple notes, you will not be worrying about how to soften your weave hair properly at home. Especially they are very cheap and easy to do. Your weave hair will be always soft, smoothy and strong!



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