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Do you select the best weave hair?

Fashion Blog Fri Feb 21 2020

There are different types of weave hair that is available on our website. It is quite confusing to select the best hair extension for your hairstyle. To make it easier, follow our article below, we will certainly will share with you some useful information of how to choose our best weave hair.

1. Texture

Women with color have many different textures of hair. Luckily, all of the textures fit our Vietnamese hair, virgin hair, remy hair and so on. Our types of hair, with its 100% natural Vietnamese woman hair that is carefully selected, choosing the good texture of hair has never been that easy!

2. Material

There are numerous materials of hair style that is available. To make it clearer for you, we classify our weave hair into 2 types of materials: Virgin hair and Non – virgin hair. So what is the difference between them? The virgin hair refer to the natural hair without being colored, dyed or done by any types of chemical procedures. In contrast, non – virgin hair refer to the hair that is done by these mechanical procedures with the use of curling irons, straighteners or any other heating device. We can regard our black and gray hair products as the virgin hair, it is cut directly from the hair donors, pick up carefully and only been through the procedure of washing. Also, we can regard our other colorful weave hair as non – virgin weave hair. Normally, its price is always higher than the virgin hair because it had been through some types of techniques and procedures that changed their basic texture. Our blond weave hair, drawn weave hair, curly weave hair, etc… is that type of non – virgin weave hair. 

The above factor is the external aspect to take into consideration. We utilize human hair extensions to appeal ourselves, for that reason, there are more and more people nowadays choosing weave hair. You should think of your hairstyle that you want to look for at first, the color, the size and shape, then it is easier for you to choose.

Michair has 10-year experience in manufacturing, besides, with our factory price, there is no center fee, we have our own quality assurance, offer special benefits to buyers. Our weave hair obtained several client’s regular great remarks and feedback. 

Different weave hair has different characteristics and feature. We need to according to our own requirements and spending our reasonable consumption to pick up the genuine ideal one!


3. Color

Last but not least, if you want to experiment the many colorful shades and style to make your hair looks more attractive without being out to spend too much money for hair salons. Then we recommend you to choose our weave hair. Easy to wash and make them dry, and the durability can last for over one year.

 The texture is among the important things to take into consideration before buying a weave, as an inappropriate texture can completely wreck your appearance as well as make you look tacky. Picking the appropriate weave texture at first on your own could look like a tough task, through our articles, you might have an easier way to choose your own weave hair to change your appearance and protect your hair.

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