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the difference between synthetic and human hair extensions

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair extensions?

Fashion Blog Mon Nov 18 2019

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When picking a wig, hair extensions, clip in, tape in or suggestion in, ... it is commonly challenging to understand where to start...

    When picking a wig, hair extensions, clip in, tape in or suggestion in, ... it is commonly challenging to understand where to start. With thousandses of designs, colors, brands and also wig types, picking a wig for the very first time can seem, to say the least, frustrating. Comprehending the distinctions in between human hair and also artificial hair is a good starting point for picking the perfect items. Choosing between human hair and artificial hair is just one of one of the most essential decisions you will make when very first time you buy a hair.

    The most fundamental difference between human hair or synthetic hair is probably the natural hair person. Hair people always give the most genuine feeling like your hair so the synthetic hair is not. Of course, with synthetic hair made with high level and technical skills, customers are also difficult to identify.

    The most obvious difference we can use to distinguish between human hair and synthetic hair is: price, longevity, preservation and quality.


Human Hair


Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. Good quality human wigs can bend, purge, dye and style the hair of any one of us. Human hair is naturally hair, so they also need careful care. They are also easily affected by the weather leading to fibrous, tangled, and fracture conditions. Therefore, they need to use dedicated hair products. A human hair, if cared for in an appropriate manner can have a lifespan of 1 - 3 years and more.

    Remy human hair is thought about a premium alternative. Hair hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting as well as crafting the wig or wig. With cuticles all running in the exact same direction, tangling is significantly decreased as well as hair feels and look silkier. Be careful charlatans with suspiciously low-cost product-- on Michair.vn you'll just discover top-quality Remy hair.

    Human hair can be bent, dyeing and styling a fairly easy way. with a professional hairstylist we can fully owned satisfied hairstyles without damaging them too much. It allows us to control the appearance and preferred designs, suitable for the needs of ourselves


Synthetic Hair

   Synthetic Hair are relatively inexpensive. They’re also Easy Care. Because Synthetic hair is not affected by environmental and weather factors. They also do not need any nurturing or any special care. You simply wash, dry and then shake them out, and the wig will return to its initial style.

   The artificial hair can not be styled with the help of hot designing tools whereas human hair can be styled with curling irons or rods. Human hair can be blow-dried yet with synthetic hair you can not even consider doing this. An additional advantage of human hair is that it stands up to warm whereas with synthetic hair you ought to remain additional mindful near open stoves or fireplaces and so on. Synthetic hair can be possibly extremely hazardous as they have bad resistance to heat.

    Human hair really feels just like your own hair and also lasts roughly for one year whereas artificial hair might last from 1 to 3 months if it is offered with great treatment. Synthetics hair have the most significant downside of obtaining thaw down near warm sources.Synthetic wigs hold their style regardless of the weather. They have only one style and color and will keep it, cannot be dyed or color treated. The only way you can change the type is to buy a new hair



1. Human hair has a natural feel and designing flexibility as contrasted to synthetic hair that does not change its predetermined shape.

2. Synthetic hair extensions as well as items can not be dyed or color dealt with.

3. Human hair extensions and pieces can be colored, blow-dried and dealt with like all-natural hair.

4. Synthetic hair is poor warmth resistant and also can melt near warmed locations like fireplaces etc.

5. Human hair is pricey as well as can last around twelve months of time whereas synthetic hair might last around 3 months approximately.



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