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10 Best Shades of Brunette That Fits to Every Hairstyle

10 Best Shades of Brunette That Fits to Every Hairstyle

Fashion Blog Tue Jul 05 2022

Brown hair or "brunette" is some people's "boring" hair color. But, we beg to disagree with that notion. Those who have said that must not be aware of the different gorgeous shades of brunette.

There are a lot of options of hues to choose from. You may opt for the warm hues or the darker shades of brunettes. You may also want to try the cool tones or lighter shades of brunette.

It may be easy to categorize the shades as light or dark. But, all shades have distinct characteristics that stand out and are unique.

These gorgeous shades of brown give off a mysterious, classic, sexy, and luxurious vibe. Thus, the reason why a lot of people still choose a brunette hair color.

It is not so surprising that brown or brunette landed as the second most common hair color next to black hair. Some people may find it "common." But many cannot deny that it has always been universally and aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps you're planning to change your hair color. Or you only want to recolor your "already-brown hair. Here, we will be sharing the different gorgeous shades of brunette. You can look at these shades before booking an appointment at your favorite salon. 

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Light Browns

The light brown shade best fits if you're aiming for that "business person" look. When speaking of a perfect brown color when working at the office, you may want to consider this shade. 

The touch of light brown shade is simple yet playful. You may want to add highlights that would complement your skin complexion. It is also up to you to go full global with this shade.

Espresso Browns

We know very well that it sounds like a drink, but it is a shade of brunette. This shade is one of the best options for people who have dark brown hair. Coloring your hair with this brunette shade will add freshness and uniqueness.

You can always put highlights with this shade, whatever you want. Depending on your natural color, you may experiment with how dark you go. You do not need to worry about what skin color this shade would fit because this color suits all skin tones.

Burgundy Brown

This shade is arguably one of the unique browns available. It stands out among the other shades of brunette. Burgundy brown is the right shade for people who are not afraid to be head-turners. It would be impossible not to notice a person with this hair color.

What's more fantastic about this shade is that it looks amazing when the sun hits it. You may go full global or just add some streaks with this shade. This shade is also a perfect option for people with light ginger hair.

Ginger Brown

People from countries with a winter season may want to consider this shade. Ginger brown is the perfect color for long cold seasons for many people. If you want to try this out, make sure to have your salon service before the winter season begins.

Ginger Brown is best suited to people who have a medium complexion. This color also complements any eye color. We do not recommend going global with this color, as most people recommend coloring a streak of it in your hair.

Bronde or Blonde Browns

Bronde or Blonde Brown radiates liveliness and playfulness. Thus, it is the right shade to choose for those people with a carefree attitude. You do not need to worry about the cost and maintenance. Coloring your hair with this shade is very affordable and hassle-free.

This shade looks good on people with very fair skin. It also complements people with a medium skin complexion.

Chestnut Browns

This shade is one of the best options for people who have flowy and long hair. Most people focus on having nice brown tweaks when choosing this shade. Chestnut browns look mesmerizing if you apply the color very well. The color is somehow reddish that is deep, and rich.

This shade looks good on people with warm skin complexion. But not for those with very yellow skin tones. This shade also complements people with brown or green eye color. It complements well that the vibe radiates happiness and beauty.

Chocolate Cherry Browns

This shade resembles the color of a sakura flower that is mesmerizing to people who love cherry blossoms. It has a deep chocolate shade that complements the cherry red base well.

People who have light to fair skin complexion best fit with this shade. It also looks good to people with medium complexion too. You can wear this color everywhere you like. This color can complement your OOTDs and other fashion touches.

Golden Browns

Are you contemplating between brunette and blond? You may want to try the golden brown shade. This shade borders and perfectly balances the blond and brunette. It has a medium brown base with a sheen of gold that gives off a vibe of warmness and friendliness.

People with peachy or golden skin look excellent with this shade. It's also beautiful for people with warm green, brown, or hazel eye color. This color is a superb choice for summer.

Light Ash Browns

Consider the light ash brown shade in your choices if you dislike any gold or red shade on your brunette. This is the perfect shade, especially if you have a light to medium natural hair color. This color exudes a relaxed and sophisticated vibe.

This shade complements well on people who have brown or light blue eye color. People with a fair skin complexion look good with this shade. You may want to experiment with nice, cool highlights with this shade for the best results.

Dark Browns

The Dark Brown shade is a perfect choice for people who want a subtle shade of brown. This shade applies to students who are not allowed to color their hair due to the institution's norms. Also, the employees that are not working in the industry where it's okay to dye their hair.

People of different hair types can slay this shade of brown. Whether long, short, curly, straight, or wavy. You can also wear this in any season because it will always look fine.


This is our list of the 10 shades of brunette. Now, you already have an idea which shade best fits you. You already know what shade of brown to slay before splashing to a salon. Let us know what shade thrilled you the most.

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