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With a high effective sewing machines and the professional labours, we can ensure that once you come to Michair Company, you will be served with high quality lace closures with the factory price.

What is a lace frontal?

A frontal is a hairpiece that is attached to the hairline to mimic human hairline. They are not as popular as lace closure.  You use the lace frontal when wearing wigs, weaves and other extensions to give it a full look. It goes from ear to ear giving you a full look.

All of our hair is 100% human natural hair. The texture is very silky and smooth. They are unprocessed, tangle-free, no shedding, no chemical.

At Michair, all of the products are Remy-hair. What is a Remy-hair? The Remy-hair is the hair that has all roots are in the same direction. They are different to Non-Remy hair, where all the roots and tips of is not in the same direction. Therefore, the quality of Remy-hair is always better than the quality of a Non-Remy hair.

We have 2 types of lace frontal: 

First, they are transparent lace frontal. Like what they are called the transparent lace is the regular lace in a transparent color. The lifespan of a transparent lace frontal can be longer than a Swiss lace frontal.

Second, they are Swiss lace frontal. Swiss lace is a fine material that should be handled with care. The net is very fine and soft. They can not bear heavy hair density, medium light density is the maximum. Their textures are thinner and more delicate than the transparent lace closure.

Checking more of our Swiss lace frontal and transparent lace frontal at our website: Michair.vn

The differences between the lace frontal and the lace closure:

Both of them may look similar to each other, but they still exist some differences between them. 

Let’s talk about the size of lace closure and lace frontal. The lace closure is noramlly 4x4 size. You can use them not only in the middle of your head but also on the side of your head. 

The lace frontal is normally 13x4 size which covers your whole head or a fuller look. There’s also a new form of frontal called the 360 frontal that covers the whole head.

Next, the difference that exists between the lace closure and the lace frontal is the versatile. The lace closure covers only a part of a head. Besides, the frontal closure will go from ear to ear. This will give you a more range of styles to change your hairstyle.

The next difference is their installation. For the lace closure, it’s better to sew them into your hair. But for the lace frontal, you can place the closure on the hairline. 

The cost is the last difference. It depends on the size of the lace that make the lace closure price more expensive or cheaper, but normally they are the least expensive. 

For the lace frontals, they offer you more versatility, therefore, they are often more expensive.


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