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Weave Hair

Our hair weaving is always the best selling product. With us, customers are always supported in the best way, professional service applies to all products you choose.

Like bulk hair, all textile products are made from Remy hair and are divided into 3 hair types.
Single hair drawing; Hair Draw Double Double and Hair Weave Double Double Drawn is based on the short length on the same hair
For super double gray goods, you should order, we will have the best preparation for your order. It will need an additional custom payment (~ $ 100- $ 200 / 1kg).

Here, we point out a few reasons textiles become our bestsellers:

1. Durability for weaving hair:
The service life of our weaving hair can be up to 5 years. To be sure, a weaving hair needs your care. The durability of hair depends on your care. A good way to take care of them is to wash them carefully with your shampoo before using and after 3-5 days.

2. Our hair weaving method:

Our method is very simple:
Choose our product - Send us your request - Confirm all details by Whatapps, Email or Skype and finally send us the payment.

3. Our hair weaving process:
The first weaving hair is collected and put into its own size shape, the workers will brush it and remove it to make it look more neat and gorgeous, and they will wash it carefully before packing. . . and send to the company.

4. Our hair weaving prices:
Our hair weaves have a factory price. You can easily buy wholesale with many shapes and bundles. You can buy them directly from our factory or company without paying any price to intermediaries.
We have enough employees to ensure the orders are completed on time and meet the requirements of every international customer.
Weaving (of transverse hair) is hair sewn into a bundle. Most weaving hair extensions are now machine hair fibers. Hair is added a reinforced stitch on the head with the sewing machine. All our hair is 100% natural human hair. Very smooth and smooth texture. They are unprocessed, no tangle, no peeling, no chemicals.


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