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How to Pluck a Wig: 7 Simple Steps to Have a Natural Looking Wig

Fashion Blog Fri May 13 2022

Hair is essential for a person's confidence. Thus, we style our hair to complete our "dress-to-kill" look of the day. Wigs are artificial hair that we can use to pull off various looks effortlessly without damaging our original hair. However, wigs, especially on the hairline, can look bulky and thick, which may appear unnatural and unrealistic. Unless you are wearing a wig for a white-lady costume, you would love it if you could make your wig look sleek, realistic, and seamless. The best way to do that is by plucking your wig. Thus, we will provide you with simple yet effective steps on how to pluck a wig so that you can slay your natural-looking wig that will complete your OOTD look.

Simple Steps on How to Pluck a Wig

Some hair experts and stylists may not recommend bleaching the knots of your wig. As they say, it is complicated and might damage your wig when overbleached. Despite that, the goal of plucking your wig is to make it as realistic and as natural-looking as possible. 

Bleaching the knots of your wig is arguably one of the most important things to do before plucking and wearing your wig. If the knots are bleached well, it blends well with your scalp color and makes it even more natural.

For most hair enthusiasts, this step is entirely optional. It is important to note that you may skip this step, especially if you're not confident in bleaching the knots. 

If you are not comfortable bleaching the wig, you may skip to Step 5 or apply a foundation on the knots as an alternative.

Step 1 - Prepare the mixture

Bleaching the knots is as easy as ABC. However, you must get the right consistency to ensure the quality of the bleach. It must not be too watery nor too thick. Here’s how you do it.

Take two scoops of the bleach powder and put them in a bowl.  After that, pour a small amount of bleach developer. Mix the bleach powder and the bleach developer to achieve the ideal consistency. 

Note: Do not add too many developers. Otherwise, the mixture becomes watery. This problem can be solved by adding more bleach powder to balance it out.

Step 2 - Hot Comb the Wig

After preparing the bleach, hot comb the edges of the wig back to make sure that the hair is out of the way before you start bleaching. Wear disposable hairstylist gloves before applying the bleach to avoid adverse reactions on the hands. 

Step 3 - Bleach the Wig

Apply the bleach to the corner of the brush to make it easier to apply to the wig. Gently apply the bleach towards the front of the hairline. You must take your time and make sure to apply the bleach gently.  The knots in front of the hairline are fragile compared to the middle and back.

Then, apply the bleach to the rest of the knots, but you have to ensure that the knots are the only thing you'll bleach.

Let it sit for 30 minutes, and afterward, rinse the bleach out properly with water. 

Step 4 -  Rinse the Wig

Use your preferred shampoo after washing to remove the color or brassiness that the bleach might have left.

Please note that this is optional, and it is up to you. However, washing your wig with shampoo tones down the color and makes it appear more neutral.  

Step 5 - Put Your Wig on the Wig Stand  

Using a wig stand is recommended to secure your wig with pins while plucking out hairs so that it will not move or slide. However, if you don't have a wig stand or a mannequin, you may put your wig on your lap or directly pluck your wig on your head. 

Some of you might think it's hard, but it's not. Many people prefer that way because they can easily trace the direction of their hairline with a wig on their head. If you want to do this as an alternative, you have to hold your wig tightly while plucking out hairs. 

Step 6 - Take a Picture of Your Desired Wig

Remember that the goal in plucking your wig is the hairline. Nobody has a very straight, thick, and bulky hairline. As hairs grow all the time, they are naturally not of the same length. So, you will customize and remove the excess hair to make it look natural. 

Some hair enthusiasts recommend taking photos of your hairline or finding inspiration pictures before plucking to know how to get yours done. 

Stylists said that you could pluck your wig wet or dry. For instance, if you bleached the knots, your wig could still be wet after rinsing it out.

You may start plucking hairs while it is still wet, but you may end up over-plucking or under-plucking it as you still have to wait for the wig to dry before seeing the results. That's why it is always often recommended to pluck your wig dry. You can see exactly how it will come out and immediately see the results.

Step 7 - Start Plucking Your Wig

Now, comb the hair back first to have a good foundation before plucking. Get yourself a tweezer and part the hair depending on how you want to style your wig. 

Start plucking at the hairline, then move above your ear to the middle. 

Using your non-dominant hand, pull back the hair away from the hairline. Start plucking with your dominant hand. Do not directly pluck at the part you made; make sure to go a little bit behind. Pluck hair with consistent, quick strokes at every other hair strand. 

Step 8 - Comb the Wig

Comb the hair back to remove the plucked hairs so that you can keep track of your progress.

How to Pluck Wig: Things You Need to Remember

Do not focus on one area so that you don't over-pluck. Remember that under-plucking is better than over-plucking because you can always return to that area and re-pluck. However, when over-pluck, you cannot add more hair resulting in bald spots.

Also, don't forget to pluck other areas that seem bulkier to make the frontal look more realistic and natural-looking.

How to Pluck Wig: When to Stop Plucking Your Wig

You may have asked, when should you stop plucking? Stop plucking once you get the desired look that you're aiming for. Take note that not all wigs are the same. Some are bulkier or thicker than others which needs more time for extra plucking to achieve the look you want.

Once you're done plucking, you can style your wig depending on your liking. You can cut some strands from the hair and make baby hairs found on natural hair. When satisfied with your creation, you are ready to install and sport your natural-looking wig.

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The whole process may seem tedious, but customizing your wig for a perfect fit on your head will be worth your time. All you need is tons of patience and experience. In no time, you will be plucking your wigs like a piece of cake and pull-off different looks that will help you radiate that confidence.

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