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Can You Wear Your Hair Up With Tape in Extensions?

Fashion Blog Thu Apr 28 2022

People wear hair extensions for different reasons. Some want their hair to have more length or volume, while some add confidence. What's even fantastic is you can style your hair with what you couldn't before. But the question remains, can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions?

What is a tape-in extension?

Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent and last around 6 to 8 weeks without adjustments. They are painless and lightweight, unlike the clip-ins and weaves that put pressure on the roots of your hair. Because it doesn't tug the hair much, it is also not damaging. However, this type of hair extension is not advisable to be installed yourself. 

It is better to go to a professional for the installation. There is a proper process for this extension that requires pre-taping the hair with medical-grade glue so that it will not budge and detach. One tape-in extension can only be attached to up to an inch and a half section of hair. After the pre-taping, the beautician will sandwich your hair to the tape-ins. 

Since the tape-in extensions are in great stick on the hair, there are many styles that you may do that will perfectly blend the tapes. But can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions?

Can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions to a pony?

The answer is a resounding yes! However, when you just had your tape-in extensions installed, you may not wear it in a high ponytail yet. Wearing your hair up high for a bun or pony might show the tape extension in your hair. You will have to wait for the hair to grow more to conceal it better. A low or medium pony is the way to go for now. 

When your hair grows a little more, you may effectively put your hair up. How can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions? Follow the steps below.

Make sure that your hair is dry. Gather all your hair and hair extensions to the back of your hair.

Gently Run your fingers to your hair to comb the hair and the hair extension in one direction.

Once you have perfectly placed all your hair on your head, use a boar bristle brush to comb your baby's hair into the back. This step will also hide the tape-in extensions under your hair and baby hair.

Make sure that when you are holding your hair, make it tight and snatch. Look for tape-ins that are visible.

Tuck the tape-ins under your hair and tap it in to secure the place before tying your hair into a pony.

Use hairspray to ensure that your hair stays in place, especially your baby hairs. 

Before following these steps, you may also use dry shampoo for a better hair hold and texture. After tying your hair, you may use eyeshadow to cover up any visible tape-ins on the side of your head. However, this is not always necessary. If you are still unsure when and how can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions, watch the video below.

Can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions to a bun?

Hair in a bun works excellent in many summer outfits. But if you worry that the tape-in extensions will hinder you from having a bun, throw that idea out. You may wear a bun even when wearing a tape in extension. You may also wear your hair in an updo every day, but it might be tricky during the first few tries. To know how to follow the steps below.

- Carefully gather your hair up your head before combing it to smoothen out the hair.

- Every time you brush, tighten your hand around the hair.

- Once all the tape-in hair extension is hidden, tie it up with an elastic or a thin hair tie.

- Wrap around your hair on the pony.

- Bobby, pin the hair in place around your hair.

If you want a messy bun, leave a loop on the last twist of your hair tie instead of passing your hair through the hair tie. Wrap the rest of the hair around and bobby pin it in place. You may make it messier for your liking or a bit more proper. The hair is your canvas.

But can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions to another hair updo? The answer is, again, yes! 

If you want to see more hair extensions, watch below video. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What other hairstyles can you do with tape-in hair extensions?

There are many cute and trendy hairstyles that you may do even when wearing a tape-in hair extension. Aside from low to high ponytail and bun, you may do different braids and french plaits. There are many hairstyles, but some might not work when the hair extensions are newly attached.

2. Can I wear hair extensions even when my hair is fine?

Do not worry if you have very fine and thin hair. One of the objectives of wearing a hair extension and wig is to add volume to your hair. Furthermore, it is better to use tape-in hair extensions as they are lightweight and do not tug the hair too much.

3. Can I brush my hair with tape-in hair extensions? 

It would be best to treat your hair extension like how you treat your hair. However, being more careful about the root is vital so that the bristles will not catch the tape-ins. Be vigilant in choosing the right brush for you, as some can be damaging.

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Now that we have resolved the question, "can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions?" do not worry about the hairstyle you want. After all, your hair will bring you confidence. Be creative with your hairstyle as long as you follow how to conceal your tape-ins. 

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