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Bulk Hair

Finding a great quantity of hair is not always easy but we hope that by this information, you can easily select the right amount of hair that is right for you and is beautiful. With sales of 2500 kg per year, we can guarantee that Michair always provides you with the best products.

Bulk hair is a bundle of hair tied by elastic bands. 100% natural human hair. Very smooth and smooth texture. They are shiny, soft and very easy to style, bleach, dye. You want to change hair color, change hairstyles to refresh yourself, everything is easy to do.

Hair material is Remy hair. Remy hair is the hair with all the roots in the same direction. They are different from Non-Remy hair, where all the roots and tips of are not in the same direction. They can be collected from multiple hair sources. The quality of Remy hair is always better than the quality of Non-Remy hair.

What makes our bulk hair is always a best-selling product because they are untreated, no tangles, no shedding, no chemicals.
Products can be made from bulk hair such as: hair weaving, hair extensions such as tape-in, clip-in, I-tip, U-tip, V-tip,…
 bulk hair is classified into 3 categories:

- Single drawn hair;
- Double drawn,
- Super double drawn.

To distinguish single, double, and double hair, we can look at the end of the bundle.
Single drawn hair  contains a certain amount of hair shorter than its length. the hair is thinner than the Double and Super Double rows.
Double drawn hair is different. It is chosen and ordered by many customers because Double drawn hair has less hair shorter than the volume of single drawn hair, many options used such as bleaching, dyeing, making hair extensions ...
Finally, they are super double drawn  hair: customers, large salons ordered are usually those with high demand, aiming to perfect for a hair product. Our products meet the requirements of our customers, in accordance with the markets that customers always require as high as Eastern Europe.

Michair - Vietnamese hair supplier review bulk hair extensions
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