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Learn About Ombre Hair Coloring Technique

Learn About Ombre Hair Coloring Technique

Last updated date Sat Feb 27 2021 By William Brown

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One of the most common hairstyling practices used by both men and women is hair coloring. It is lovely to see the suitable hair colors on various individuals. There are many coloring techniques used for hairstyling. One of the most fashionable and attractive hairs coloring methods is undoubtedly the Ombre. Ombre Hair is one of the coloring methods in which one part of the hair will be lighter in the shade, and the other portion is darker.

There are two kinds of ombre hair coloring, which are the reverse and the traditional methods. In the conventional ombre style, the lighter shade will be visible at the tips. Whereas the hair tips will be darker, and the top area will be lighter in the reverse ombre style. It is up to you to choose your favorite shades that suit you. Hair coloring can be done at a salon, or you can do it at your home. Coloring hair is always fun. You can do it with your mom or with your siblings during your free time.

How To Blend Ombre Hair

Choose Your Color

The first step is to pick the color you want. Always consider your natural hair color and your skin tone before picking up hair color. Generally, people choose the shades of light brown, red or auburn, and even blonde. Besides, when selecting a particular shade, go for a shade two times lighter than your original hair color. It will give you a natural look. Also, try to pick mild or all-natural hair colors to prevent your hair from any damage.

Select The Portion Of Hair

In ombre hair coloring, you can choose from which portion you want the color to be exposed. Always select the area to be colored from the nape of your neck or even below it; if you start coloring from your crown area, it will look very odd. The ombre hair coloring technique is perfect for people with long hair as the blend of colors will show perfectly. 

Wash Your Hair

It is imperative to clean your scalp and hair before coloring. If there are any specks of dust or oily particles on your hair, the dye will not be absorbed well. After washing your head, blow dry your hair. Never skip brushing your hair nicely to remove any knots. The colors will also be evenly spread if you comb your hairs before you start coloring.

Cover Your Shoulder

Use a cloth to cover your shoulder and neck, or use an old tee. Further, this will prevent the color from damaging your dress. Also, if you cover your neck, the dye will not fall on your skin. 

Wear The Gloves

When you buy a hair color from the market, the kit will already have a pair of gloves to use. Generally, this is used to avoid bleaching or staining your hands. Usually, the bleach or the dye can irritate sensitive skin. 

Time To Bleach

To attain the lighter shade in ombre coloring, it is important to bleach your hair. Especially if you have a darker shade of hair, then without bleaching, you will not get the desired ombre look. Mix the bleach in the proportion of 20 volumes of peroxide and 20 volumes of powdered bleach. Do not breathe the fumes while you are mixing the bleach. 

Since bleaching can damage your hair, you can also opt for light blonde hair color to get the bleaching effect. But still, if you have darker hair, it will not give the same look as the bleached hair color. Bleaching is less expensive when compared to buying another hair dye. 

Make Partitions Of Your Hair

Divide your hair into two equal parts. Then, divide each part into as many sections as you can and tie them with a hairband. Avoid using any metallic clips as they will react with the dye. 

Start Applying The Bleach

Using a clean application tool, start applying the bleach from where you want the color to be lighter in the shade. Always apply the bleach evenly over the hair. Never rush. Take each strand you have made and apply the bleach on every strand. Make the strokes vertically down your hair for a perfect bleaching effect. It is better to sit in front of a mirror to see if you are applying the bleach everywhere.

Leave The Bleach To Set

Depending on how light your hair should look, leave the bleach on your hair from 10 to 45 min. You can check your hair's color by wiping the bleach from a small portion of your hair. If you feel you want the hair to be lighter, then let the bleach sit for some time more. Within 10 to 20 min you will be able to see a slight change in hair color. But, when you leave the bleach for 45 min, you will get a much brighter shade. 

Wash Off The Bleach

By wearing your gloves, rinse your hair in warm water. Use any sulfate-free shampoo and wash until the water runs clear.


Dry your hair using a blow-drier. Or you can wait for one or two hours for the hair to be dried naturally.

Start Applying The Dye

Again divide your hair into many parts and tie the ends. Wear your gloves and mix the color with the developer. Start brushing the color over your hair from where you want. The hair should be coated with the dye evenly. 

Time For The Color To Set

Read the instructions carefully and wait for the time mentioned in the manual. Sometimes you might even need to apply a serum before applying the color. It depends on the brand you use. 

Wash The Hair Dye

By keeping your gloves on, wash your hair with warm water. Certain brands do not need shampooing. So check that in the instructions given in the manual. Rinse your hair well until the water runs clear. Use the conditioner given in the kit. Wait for some time, and then wash it off. 

Time To Style Your Ombre Hair

You can see the blends of colors on your hair now. Blow-dry your hair to see the actual color, as wet hair will not show the exact color. Style your hair the way you want. 

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Always follow the instructions carefully to avoid any harm to your hair or skin. If you are coloring your hair for the first time, it is essential to take an allergy test mentioned in the hair color kit. Moreover, you should take good after-care of your colored or bleached hair. They will make your hair dry if you do not moisturize and condition it properly. So, make sure to use a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner that can make your hair silky and smooth. I hope all your doubts regarding how to blend ombre hair are solved now. Enjoy coloring your hair.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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