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What Do You Need To Make A Wig By Professional Wigmaker?

What Do You Need To Make A Wig By Professional Wigmaker?

Fashion Blog Mon Nov 15 2021

The professional wig makers don’t start the design process until they get a few reference photos before dealing with hair loss. After finding out about the style they choose for their hair, the wig makers advise the type of wig fabric, color, and length the person should wear. In this guide, we explore what you need to make a wig by an expert.

Hair Donations

The person might be asked to collect hair donations from friends and family that match the texture, color, and length of their natural hair. The hair that you submit can be colored or dyed, but it should blend well and withstand the hand-tying process.

Head Measurements

Other than the reference photos, a wig maker should have a head measurement of the person to create her custom-fitted wig cap. Some experts can walk you through the measurement process to ensure the wig fits perfectly.


For any new personalized wig, the minimum weight requirement is considered 300g. The wig makers need at least 300 grams so that some leftovers can be used after brushing out. So what do you need to make a wig is at least more than 300 grams of full hair.

The collected hair has to undergo a process of brush out in which all the unusable or damaged hair strands are removed. This process ensures you have the longest and healthiest strands. Moreover, the brushing out process will blend the hair to make sure the color and length of each hair strand match all the remaining hair.

Since collecting this much hair can be a difficult process, several wig makers keep an inventory of hair on hand to meet the weight requirement of the client. They might prepare a choice for your approval when there is a need to incorporate supplemental hair.

You might also be asked to approve the type of supplemental hair that can be utilized in the wig-making process. However, the cost of the supplemental hair will be added to the overall cost of the wig.


Before finding out what you need to make a wig, you should be ready to check the information on the website of the wig maker. Find out their preferred methods for cutting hair. Due to the hand typing process, the wig makers consider 10 inches the minimum length requirement for a custom wig-making process.

Even if you want to wear short hair, the wig makers won’t accept any hair submission shorter than 10 inches. The clients should be ready to lose at least 2 inches of length in the turnaround of knotting the hair from their hair submission.

Even before deciding how much length you would prefer to be cut, ask the wig makers for examples of wigs created from different hair lengths. Most wig makers can’t use the hair that has already fallen off your head. Hence, you should start saving the hair strands as early as possible in treatment.


After getting the completed wig, you should visit a personal hairstylist who can provide your desired shape. Most wig makers will leave their wig raw after the making process so that you can customize it according to desired style and cut. You should wear the wig in the cutting and styling process so that the stylist can frame the face and see the way hair will fall.

Timing And Costs

Most wig makers take at least 8 weeks to create any new custom wig. This is the minimum time requirement for guaranteeing the highest quality that is feasible for your custom-designed wig.

A professional wig maker will individually tie each hair strand using their hand. They will ensure you can part the hair in any direction and make changes in the hairstyle. Based on the location and type of wig, the wig makers might take more than 8 weeks to deliver the custom design wig.

The Cost

The answer to the question, what do you need to make a wig differs from country to country. However, those who want experienced wig makers to create wigs personally should be ready to spend at least $1000. The price and quality of custom wigs can differ based on the wig maker, market price, and latest trend. Most wig makers include the following in the price of custom wig:

  • - Shipping to the preferred address of the client who wants a complete wig
  • - Supplemental hair that can be required to meet 300g weight
  • - Oil, full, and conditioning treatment for the completed wig

What Do You Need To Make A Wig?

Other than the information about the length, cost, and weight of the custom wig-making process, there are additional items that a wig maker possesses. If you are creating the wig at home, certain items should be purchased. Here is the list of items that you must have before starting the wig making process:

  1. Hair Comb
  2. Duckbill Clips
  3. Precision Curved Needle
  4. Invisible Thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Clear Packing Tape
  7. Soft Measuring Tape
  8. Black permanent marker
  9. Hair Ventilating Needle and Holder
  10. Spray Bottle
  11. Wire Wig Combs
  12. T-pins
  13. Canvas Block or Wig Head
  14. Custom wig cap or wig lace for wig making

After arranging all these items, you should contact an expert to take measurements of the head. Additionally, contact a friend with a similar hair texture and color for the hair donation process. While choosing the donor, you should ensure they have long and healthy hair that can go through the process of wig-making.


We hope now you understand what do you need to make a wig and the importance of collecting hair of great quality and length. You should ensure the head measurement is done properly; otherwise, the wig won’t fit perfectly. Moreover, ask the wig maker for the cost and examples of the types of wigs they can create for your head.

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