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Complete Guide On How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Complete Guide On How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

Last updated date Tue Sep 05 2023 By William Brown

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When it comes to installing hair extensions to your natural hair, it’s very difficult for inexperienced hairdressers to blend the extensions seamlessly if your hair length is too short. Besides length and texture, types of hair extensions play such an important role to get the natural-looking result. In this topic, I will let you know how to hide extensions in very short hair.

Why Is It Difficult To Blend Hair Extension With Short Hair?

Before finding out how to hide extensions in very short hair, you should know the reason why blending extensions with it is that difficult. By knowing the root of the problems you can find the best solutions.

Firstly, think about the length and weight of the desired hair extension. When installing hair extensions, you have to use your natural strands to cover the extensions. So, if your hair is not long and not heavy enough to lay on the extensions, your result will be very terrible. The extensions will be revealed from the root to the end of strands.

Secondly, hair density, or the number of hair strands per square inch of your scalp, also plays an important role on how well you can conceal your hair extensions. With short hair, this density is often lower compared to longer hair. As a result, there's less natural hair to cover and blend with the extensions, making them more visible if not handled correctly.

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

1 - Cut Hair Extensions To Blend With Short Hair

Besides choosing the right texture and length, trimming your hair after installing hair extensions is a very crucial step to hide hair extensions in very short hair. Before trimming your hair, you have to detangle and dry your hair first to see how it will look in a normal condition. 

Place the extension properly on the head with short hair. Once the hair seems shorter than the extensions, you can start the cutting process. Find out the short layers of your natural hair because it will help you understand how much hair needs to be cut. Keep the scissors in hand and slide them along while checking the short layers.

Start cutting the hair extensions that you think are creating an issue. However, don’t cut the real hair strands that are already very short. Most women with very short hair choose pixie cuts for the hair extensions because they don’t like layers. Those who are unsure and don’t want to take risks should get it professionally cut.

1 - Cut Hair Extensions To Blend With Short Hair

2 - Select A Suitable Color

You can install hair extensions that have different colors compared to your hair only if you want to get piano or balayage hairstyles. If you don’t, choose hair extensions that have the same color as your hair. People can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions if you install orange extensions to your blonde hair, especially if your hair is very short. 

To get the right color, you can put the extensions side-by-side with your natural hair and see how it looks. It’s important to bring them under the sunlight because some colors may change color when exposed to the sun.

3 - Go For A Heavier Weight Set

Finding the right hair extensions weight set is the most difficult part of getting extensions for very short hair. You have to choose extensions with 220-gram extensive weight sets because many wefts will be required to hide extensions in very short hair.

4 - Curl Or Straighten The Extensions

Every woman with any hair length should curl or straighten their hair extensions. Take a small part of the hair extension and blend them with natural hair strands. Then, you should start curling or straightening them together to look real.

5 - Short Curly Hair Extensions

Since you want to know how to hide extensions in very short hair, choose short curly hair extensions. You will save a lot of styling time, and there will be less need to get hair extensions cut by a professional. Moreover, you can easily switch styles and elevate the appearance by choosing short curly extensions.

5 - Short Curly Hair Extensions

6 - Hide The Bases

You have to make the bases disappear when the haircut makes it difficult to hide extensions. While wearing the extensions, you will see short edges underneath them. You can fix this issue by using a hairpin at the bottom of the hair. Alternatively, you can get over the base by making braids. Make sure the extensions are not recognizable for onlookers.

7 - Pile Them Up

The best trick is to pile up wefts one after another. You can use this method to add extra volume to the wefts. To get smoother hair, clip the wefts into your hair.

8 - Make A Lovely Braid

Another effective technique to hide hair extensions in very short hair is turning them into lovely braids. If you notice graceless layers underneath the extensions, then hide them by creating braids because people can easily understand the hair is not natural. Braids can help you move freely without the need to touch the hair and hide the layers regularly. Furthermore, the hair extensions appear completely natural when women create braids

Start by cutting the hair around both ears. Then, make a beautiful braid and pin it properly to the head. You don’t need to separate your hair into several small sections to braid, you only need to make the braids neat and secure for daily activities.

8 - Make A Lovely Braid

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We hope now you understand how to hide extensions in very short hair. You should ensure the hair extensions appear like natural hair, and the weight is best for women with very short hair. Don’t cut the extensions at home if you are unsure about the layers and different haircuts.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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