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Shoulder Length Side Part Sew In: Everything You Need to Know

Fashion Blog Sat May 28 2022

One of the best things about having hair extensions is that you can style your hair however you like. If you have short hair and want to style your hair to a side part, try any of these shoulder length side part sew in for a natural look.

What is a sew in weave?

Sew in is a process of installing weave hair extensions wherein you tuck the natural hair beneath the wig. You braid your hair into a protective style like cornrows and sew the hair extension in it. Since the wig or hair extension hides the natural hair, it prevents breakage due to heat and product build-up.

This hair extension is perfect if you want to grow your hair with very little maintenance. Once you have installed the weave, you will only have to care for the wig. Sew in lasts for 6-8 weeks, depending on how you take it. It is best to treat the hair extension like your own hair.

Another advantage of wearing sew-in weaves is choosing how long and what texture you would like your new wig to be. Furthermore, you can style weaves in different ways. Know if it will work for you before you decide on doing a shoulder length side part sew in.

What are the different hair partings?

The middle or center parting is one of the most sophisticated hair partings as it emphasizes the exclusive feature of your face. If you have an asymmetrical look, this parting is perfect. However, if you are conscious of having asymmetrical features, a side parting will be your best bet.

The side part helps you hide the features you are not confident with, like unequal eyebrows or eye shape. The hair will partially cover these features to create an illusion for the viewer. If you think this is what you need, start your weave journey with any method that you may try for shoulder length side part sew in.

How to do side-part sew-in with leave-out hair?

This shoulder length side part sew in is easy to do. If you do not have anyone to assist you, you can do this but want to have a side part weave. Follow the steps below to achieve this protective style.

Create a clean side part. 

From the parting, gather an equal amount of hair on both sides and braid them to the front. It will act as your leave out for parting later to conceal the hair extension.

Braid the side part first into chunky braids going to the front.

Braid the other side of your head tight and small vertical braids until you braid the hair at the back. Braiding your this way will flatten your hair as much as possible so that the weave will look more natural.

Sew in the weave around the bottom part of your head. Meanwhile, saw the hair extensions diagonally for the upper half to create a more natural hair flow from the parting. You may also style it for your bangs.

Detangle the leave our braid and part it.

Iron the leave out natural hair to better conceal the hair extensions.

It is not always easy to do shoulder length side part sew in by yourself, so this style will be great if you are alone. However, it does not include baby hair. So, if you are looking for a way to upgrade your look, try having natural baby hair.

How to do traditional side-part sew-in with baby hair?

This way of shoulder length side part sew in is commonly used in the parlor shops as it has an excellent foundation for the weave. Furthermore, it gives a more natural look as you style your baby hair. To do this, here are the steps to follow.

Braid a portion of your hair on the side where you will not sew the weave. You may also braid your little framing hair. The framing hair will be your baby hair later.

Braid a thin horizontal line under the side part.

Braid the remaining hair on the side part into thin vertical braids down to the nape area. Do the same process on the other part of your hair. Connect the tail from the previous braid to secure it when you braid the next part.

After you finish the protective hairstyle, start sewing the hair extension unto the braid, excluding the braids you did on the first step.

After sewing all the weave hair extensions, detangle the braid you had made on the first step and part it in the middle.

Style your framing hair into how you would like it.

This shoulder length side part sew in style secures a foundation for your wig as the braids are tight. However, to achieve a better result, you will need help from another person.

Let's get in this video to find out more: 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I leave my weave in my hair for more than eight weeks?

It is not advisable to leave any wig for more than eight weeks. Your scalp needs to breathe once in a while to avoid irritation. If you do not clean it, you will risk damaging your natural hair, having excess and build-up oil, and being prone to breakage.

2. Is sew in better than glued weave hair extension?

If you are looking for a more versatile and long-lasting weave for short hair, the shoulder length side part sew in is the best way as you can change the styles. However, if you aim for a much easier application of the weave extension, the glued-in weave is not bad.

3. Is shoulder length side part sew in better than other styles? 

Shoulder length side part sew in is just one way to wear your weave extension. It is not necessarily better than others, but it offers a way to achieve a side part hair with a great foundation. Choose which parting would go best for you before deciding to do this process.


Depending on your features and ways to wear a hair extension or weave, you can part your hair. However, if you want your hair to be side-parted, try any of the shoulder length side part sew in. It gives excellent foundation and durability.

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