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How To Become A Hair Weave Distributor

Fashion Blog Fri May 27 2022

Who doesn't want to be their boss? Having a retail store is one way, but many competitors are around the area. So, why not be a distributor who will supply the needs of these stores instead? Read this blog to learn how to become a hair weave distributor.

What does becoming a hair weave distributor mean?

Rather than competing with the hair extension shops, being a weave distributor means that you sell products to them instead. You will not need a physical store; thus, you will only need fewer resources or initial investment. You will be the middleman of a manufacturer and a reseller.

Being a weave distributor lessens the hassle as you will not need to interact with customers, only clients. However, being a distributor is not always sunny. If the products you deliver are not the same quality as before, or if the orders are delayed, your clients will blame you instead of the supplier.

To avoid these problems, always make sure to check the product that you will be delivering is of top quality. Moreover, to be a more effective distributor, follow the steps on how to become a hair weave distributor.

Select the best wholesaler for you

Many brands can deliver good-quality hair weaves. However, it is not only the quality that you should look for. You must also consider the conditions or contract of the supplier, the services they offer, and the reviews from other distributors. Furthermore, having a wide variety of products will give you an advantage.

Most companies compete with the prices they offer with bulk orders, so you must consider comparing your choices. If they also have a wig factory, this is better as it shows how dedicated they are to the industry. Look for firms with all your qualifications and the brands your clients are looking for. 

Some companies offer a package of ready-made websites to help you with how to become a hair weave distributor. This support will help you with marketing. However, it is highly recommended to make your personalized website to better market your shop.

Look for possible business partners

When you look for possible business partners or clients, you want to sell your store and not because a particular firm supplies you. Register your business also to have the upper hand. The clients will know you are the real deal and legally running your business. It comes with a cost but also a lot of benefits.

To finally start your way on how to become a hair weave distributor, look for potential stores where you would want to sell your products. Because you will be offering hair weaves, it is better to sell where the customers often change their hair. These retail shops will get you a lot of orders.

When you meet a potential client, have a formal meeting where you can spend more time with them, such as in coffee shops. It would be best if you gave an impression that you will always keep in touch and take care of them. It is essential to build a rapport as this is a key to a loyal client.

Promote your business

If you have a hard time getting a client, you must know how to promote your business well. Some place ads over the internet to announce your new shop. It is also an excellent way to market your products if you work in a salon. It might not get an instant output, but it is an excellent step to having clients.

Another significant step in how to become a hair weave distributor in this generation is to develop a website. It will allow your local stores to buy from you and international resellers to notice your shop. Have detailed product descriptions and available prices for the customers to browse. 

Having Facebook pages and Instagram accounts is also trending to reach a more comprehensive customer. Who knows, maybe someone in another country is looking strictly for the product you are selling.

Keep track of your sales

Having a concrete business plan will put you into achieving your goals. Business plans are your road map to success. You may know how to become a hair weave distributor, but learning about the process is not enough. Setting milestones and possible solutions to problems will come in handy.

If you want to improve your sales, always check your performance. You may use available tools or applications to track your business growth. You must know how to use these tools to secure your sales better. There are tutorials, however, that are available for specific instruments.

Furthermore, keeping track will let you know if you are still profiting from your business or slowly becoming dept. You will be better prepared and alert if you find yourself in this situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it better to choose the cheapest manufacturer deals?

The 101 on how to become a hair weave distributor is to make sure that your clients will be happy with your products. Cheap does not always mean the best. Quality will still be your number one priority as the retail shops would like to have good hair weaves to sell.

2. Is it best to find suppliers online?

There are many advantages to today's technology, such as easily looking for a supplier. You can see the reviews from other distributors and the satisfaction of their clients. It is recommended to look online as your path on how to become a hair weave distributor will become easier.

3. Why are hair weaves excellent products to sell? 

Hair weaves are convenient for people to have good hair for an extended period without adjustments. It will cut down the time for them to permanently fix their hair or attach temporary hair extensions when they go out.

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Now that you know how to become a hair weave distributor start by planning what you want to sell and your target customers. Scout for manufacturers that will satisfy your qualifications and promote your products to the retail shops. Make sure to build a rapport and feel secure with you.

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