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All Things That We Need to Know About The Lace Frontal

Wed May 27 2020

When it comes to discussing hair extensions, we have heard of Lace Frontal. However, not many people are sure as to “What is the lace frontal?” or “How to install it properly?” Let us first start off by understanding the basics from the ground up.

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Why Vietnamese weave hair is prefered by a lot of people?

Tue May 26 2020

The Vietnames weave hair is favoured by a lot of reasons. They are beautiful and shiny. They are popular to use for making our weave hair. Each year, Vietnamese weave hair is exported to many countries from all over the world. Have you ever wondered the reasons that makes Vietnamese weave hair become well known by a lot of beauty bloggers and women in the world? In this article, we will talk more about that!

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Lace Closure

Mon May 25 2020

Lace closure is preferred by a lot of African American women. It is a new hair trend among fashion women today. Some women who care about the human hair may have known much about lace closure, some of you may wonder what it is actually! So I am going to answer all of your questions about the lace closure in this article.

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What is the Best Way to Store Hair Extensions?

Wed May 20 2020

Many ladies do not pay attention to how they store their hairpieces, inevitably leading to unbearable pieces. Prepare to have damaged wigs if all you do at the end of the day is shove it into a drawer or throw it in the closet. The kind of tangling that will happen isn’t something you’ll look forward to the next morning. And since the detangling process is quite hectic, you’d rather pay attention to how you store your extension at the end of the day. Why spend so much money to buy high-quality extensions if they will become unusable in a number of days? Proper storage is very simple, as the main requirement is that the strands are away from moisture, in a cool dry place. Have this in mind when deciding on where to store your extension. Spending a few minutes to safely store your hairpiece will save you from spending hours detangling and trying to undo the mess. The following quick and simple storage methods are intended to make your life easier, ad your extension lasting longer.

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How To Find A Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendors

Wed May 20 2020

There are many women who want to buy a new bulk hair or sew-in weave hair, we have to take a lot of time identifying the great suppliers, so I am including these following steps for you to find a good hair supplier.

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Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Quick Weave

Wed May 20 2020

Do you have an idea of purchasing a new sew-in quick weave? Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of quick weave will be very useful for you.

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What Is A Quick Weave? How To Install A Quick Weave Step By Step?

Tue May 19 2020

Quick weaves have become a growing trend to attain glamorous hair in a short amount of time. It's commonly known as the cheaper, faster option to the sew-in weave. If you want to know more about the quick weave, just keep on reading, we will show you everything you need to know.

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