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Chocolate Human Hair In Nigeria - Prices, Quality & More!

Wed Sep 16 2020

The use of hair extensions has recently gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. A lot of women want to experiment with textures, colors and lengths of their hair and this is where hair weaves come into action. They offer a variety of benefits apart from adding a unique touch to your personality.

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Hair Extensions Price - Here's How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

Tue Sep 15 2020

Hair extensions are the easiest, surefire ways to get celebrity-style long and voluminous hair. While the prices of hair extensions depend on the quality and length, average hair extensions at a professional salon costs around $200 to $600 depending on the location of the salon and the demand of the stylist.

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Transparent Lace Wig Vs Common Lace Wig - How They Compare?

Wed Sep 09 2020

Colored lace wigs are designed to suit people with different skin tones such as light brown, medium brown, dark brown, etc. On the other hand, transparent wig laces suit women of every skin color since they are completely transparent. Is that the only difference between common lace wigs and transparent wigs? How do they compare? Let’s find out.

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Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair - A Complete Guide

Mon Sep 07 2020

If your hair falls flat on your shoulders without bounce, we feel you. As a thin-hair beauty desperate for fuller and thicker locks, hair extensions could be your best bet.

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AMAZING Different Weave Hairstyles To Make Heads Turn

Tue Sep 01 2020

Life is too short to go round the town with the same hair look all your life! Vibrant colors, afro locks, pin straight strands are all the fun hair weaves you can try to completely transform your personality. That being said, hair weaves aren't a one-time thing that you try in order to glam up your IG feed, hair weaves also create great protective styles to save you on bad hair days. Here are a few glamorous weave hairstyle ideas that will demand attention everywhere you go.

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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair? A Complete Guide

Tue Sep 01 2020

From excessive hair fall to migraines, hair extensions have to be the most controversial topic in the massive universe of hair styling. There isn't a single side effect that hair extension hasn’t been roped into.

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How To Put On A Wig? A Complete Guide

Tue Aug 25 2020

If you are just getting started with wigs and are concerned about the difficulty involved in wearing one, you should stop worrying. This is because putting on a wig is pretty easy. When you receive a wig, it is already pre-styled and ready to wear instantly.

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