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Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair And Scalp?

Tue Nov 16 2021

Although each one of us wants our hair to be good, most people don’t possess healthy, thick, and voluminous hair strands flowing from their scalp. Fortunately, hair extensions were introduced in the beauty industry to solve this issue. There are several types of extensions available in the stores with their pros and cons. In this guide, we will explore hand-tied extensions bad for your hair.

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What Do You Need To Make A Wig By Professional Wigmaker?

Mon Nov 15 2021

The professional wig makers don’t start the design process until they get a few reference photos before dealing with hair loss. After finding out about the style they choose for their hair, the wig makers advise the type of wig fabric, color, and length the person should wear. In this guide, we explore what you need to make a wig by an expert.

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Top 10 Best Black Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Tue Nov 09 2021

Ombre hair is trending all over the internet. Most women have stopped getting standard highlights and shifted towards ombre hair colors because of the stunning look. Although ombre hair color has been flaunted by celebrities for several years now, the popularity has shown no signs of slowing down. Many women have started searching for the best black, red ombre hair color ideas on social media platforms.

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Complete Guide to the Bone Straight Wig Price in Nigeria

Mon Nov 08 2021

Most women desire to get the trending straight weave, also called ‘bone straight’. Here is the most detailed article on the bone straight wig price in Nigeria because this weave has already won the heart of several slay queens. This weave looks extremely similar to naturally straight hair because of its shine and straightness.

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Latest Kinky Bulk Hairstyles In Nigeria That You Must Try

Wed Nov 03 2021

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? In Nigeria, some kinky twist hairstyles are becoming extremely popular. Furthermore, women like these hairstyles because it enables them to protect their hair without braiding it. If you want to style hair without breaking them, try kinky bulk hairstyles in Nigeria.

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How To Take Out Microlinks Hair Extensions At Home?

Tue Nov 02 2021

Have you ever heard of micro links hair extensions before? After reading this article, even those who don’t know about this kind of hair extension can learn how women use them to enhance their looks. Most people learn the installation process without finding out how to take out microlinks which creates problems later. In this guide, we will explore everything related to micro links hair extensions. Micro links are popular hair extensions that are installed using a silicone bead which is usually round. Both the installation and removal process of the micro links is super easy. In maximum cases, these extensions blend well with natural hair. Most women choose micro links because it helps them achieve their hair goals, length, and hairstyle. These extensions can also inspire you to get longer hair.

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How To Hide Extensions And Make It Look Naturally Beautiful?

Fri Oct 29 2021

Do you know hair extensions are used to solve every problem related to hair? Hair extensions are available in the store in different lengths and textures. You can easily wear them to get an instantly gorgeous and perfect look. However, those who have short hair usually want to know how to hide extensions and make them less obvious. Women who have short hair generally feel sad for not owning shiny and long beautiful hair. They can’t try various hairstyles that girls with long hair can create instantly. Moreover, they get confused on how to look different at parties and function because of the limited choice they have with short hair. In case you find these situations relatable, then read this article to find a solution.

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