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What's The Difference: Relaxer VS. Perm

Fri May 13 2022

Have you ever noticed that women get to change their hairstyles every time the seasons change, too? It's only natural that women love to do their hairstyles. But are chemical treatments okay for your hair? What is the difference between a hair relaxer vs. a perm?

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How to Pluck a Wig: 7 Simple Steps to Have a Natural Looking Wig

Fri May 13 2022

Hair is essential for a person's confidence. Thus, we style our hair to complete our "dress-to-kill" look of the day. Wigs are artificial hair that we can use to pull off various looks effortlessly without damaging our original hair. However, wigs, especially on the hairline, can look bulky and thick, which may appear unnatural and unrealistic. Unless you are wearing a wig for a white-lady costume, you would love it if you could make your wig look sleek, realistic, and seamless. The best way to do that is by plucking your wig. Thus, we will provide you with simple yet effective steps on how to pluck a wig so that you can slay your natural-looking wig that will complete your OOTD look.

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4 Best Blue Toner for Orange Hair

Fri May 13 2022

Having perfect, gorgeous blonde hair is a dream of many girls and boys. However, maintaining one can be challenging, as there are many hurdles that you will have to face along the way. Fortunately, here is one of the solutions to your problems, the best blue toner for orange hair.

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5 Best Tape-In Hair Extension Removers

Fri May 06 2022

Tape-in hair extension provides healthy and voluminous hair and allows you to change hairstyles in no time. Tape-in gives you an immediate change depending on any occasion, as you can install and remove it with no sweat. But removing your tape-ins comes with a suitable tape-in hair extension remover to avoid hair breakage.

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How to Use Dark Purple Hair Dye Without Bleach

Thu May 05 2022

Monochromatic hair dye was so last year. Show your fun and adventurous side by dying your hair with crazy and head-turner colors like dark purple hair dye. Most of you probably tried and didn't get the expected result. Any shade of purple is one of the most notorious hair colors to achieve. Luckily, we'll teach you how to do it even without bleach.

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Can You Wear Your Hair Up With Tape in Extensions?

Thu Apr 28 2022

People wear hair extensions for different reasons. Some want their hair to have more length or volume, while some add confidence. What's even fantastic is you can style your hair with what you couldn't before. But the question remains, can you wear your hair up with tape in extensions?

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