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Faux Locs 101: The Road to Getting Locs

Mon Aug 22 2022

Dreadlock is a famous hairstyle for black men and women. However, it is a big commitment as it will be hard to detangle. If you want a dreadlock but are not ready for the significant change, try Faux Locs or fake Locs instead.

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How to Have a Thin Hair that Rocks

Fri Aug 19 2022

For us girls, we wear our hair like our crown. We take pride in our hair, its hairstyle, volume, and texture. But what if you have thin hair? Will you still feel the same? Will you be confident to walk down the street where people can see your scalp? If so, you need to read this article to restore your lost confidence!

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5 Things You Consider Before Buying Short Hair Extensions

Wed Aug 17 2022

Hair extensions are common for people who love to have their hair done and match it with their outfits without damaging their hair. However, not all types of hair extensions are getting the spotlight. The underrated short hair extensions are one of these types that most people leave unmentioned. Don't worry! We got you covered. Keep reading and learn more about short hair extensions!

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Why Low Ponytails Are Better than High Ponytails?

Sat Aug 13 2022

Every woman loves ponytails, whether it is high or low ponytails. Most women will agree with this. Ponytails are easy to style and keep the hair off your neck on a hot summer day. Many want to pull off a high ponytail to achieve a sexy and mysterious look. However, high ponytails create too much tension and stress on your scalp. This is because the hair is pulled taut around your hairline.

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Can You Swim with Box Braids?

Thu Aug 11 2022

Can you swim with box braids? This is a million-dollar question for people who have box braids or are just curious about it—technically speaking, yes, of course! People can take a swim and enjoy the pool or beach, whatever hairstyle they have.

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4 Awesome Solutions For Grown Out Balayage

Tue Aug 09 2022

One of the trendy hairstyles right now is hair balayage. It makes dull hair stand out more, even if the colors are not too dramatic. However, since your hair continuously grows, this hairstyle does not last long, and you will soon have to deal with a grown out balayage.

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5 Tips For a Successful Hair Dropshipping Business

Sat Aug 06 2022

If you plan to have a business of your own, there are many opportunities with hair. You can build a salon or, better yet, sell hair extensions. If you don't have a shop of your own or a place to store your products, consider hair dropshipping.

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