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8 Unique And Trendy Hairstyles That Best Suit Round Face

Wed Nov 18 2020

Often women complain about their cheeks being chubby, and the lousy hairstyle enhances that. Beauty Gurus swear by the fact that to highlight the best parts of your face and hide or subside, you need the right hairstyle. Bob cut is best suited for round faces as it kind of hides the chubby cheeks. This hairstyle gives an elongated look to the face. When you choose the right style and combine it with useful techniques, the round face diminishes.

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All About Human Hair Weave - Which Is The Best Type Suited For You?

Fri Nov 13 2020

The hair care industry is taken by a storm called Human Hair Weaves. Wondering what they are? Well, a weave is a collection of hair stands used by the hairstylists to attach it against the customer’s hair along with the horizontal cornrows. People often buy or collect human hair and sew them into a weave or wig to attach it to the natural hair to add volume. The human hair weaves are attached by either clipping, gluing, or sewing them into the natural hair as an extension to provide volume, texture, and length to the overall hair. Generally, this gives users an attractive desired look without causing any damage to the hair. In this article, let’s discuss the types of Weave hair and the best human hair weave.

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Flaunting The Lace Front Wig Like Its Natural- Information Guide

Wed Nov 11 2020

Wondering how to wear a lace front wig like a pro and feel more like a celebrity? Since wigs took over the beauty industry, there have been ways floating on the internet on how to wear and not wear a wig. Beauty gurus at times swear by the usage of wigs in place of natural hair to style, as the repeated use of chemicals and heat can easily damage the natural texture of the hair.

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14 Hair Styling Tips & Ideas For Blue Ombre Hair With Hair Extensions

Mon Nov 09 2020

Starting from holidays to new regular office days, you can select your style your way. Apart from stylish clothes and makeup, you can experiment with your hair as well. Ombre hair is a marvelous trend, which is growing popular among US women of all ages recently. It is a process where the dark hair color is faded into less light shade. Along with the balayage highlights, the color looks delightful. From 2013, women prefer blue ombre hair or even indigo colors to golden or brown highlights. Moreover, when it lightens down, the shade does not look messy. Many people do not like to apply bleach or chemicals to their hair. For the hair, extensions are beneficial.

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Comprehensive Guide On How To Reduce The Volume Of Your Wigs To Make It Look More Natural?

Sat Nov 07 2020

Wigs are the quick and easy solutions to hours of a long wait at your favorite salon for a hair-do appointment. As they come in innumerable shapes and sizes, and colors, they are considered extremely versatile as well as fun. When people try to add a wig to their natural hairline, it may look a little odd and fake if both the hairlines do not match. People often wonder how to thin out a wig to make it merge with the natural hair and look like it’s your own. At times you can approach the salon to help you, or you can do it by yourself. Let’s see how.

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How To Wash A Wig Effectively For Long Run Maintenance?

Thu Nov 05 2020

Many individuals use a wig and are scared often as they think what others will think about them. For instance, if you visit a grocery store and people may look at you to understand whether it is your real hair or a wig. In this context, it is essential to know that your wig quality is necessary. The wig mainly creates a difference in the outlook of your style and personality. You should know how to wash a wig depending on its texture. Wigs are easy and convenient to maintain. The best part about wigs is less time consumption for washing and oiling. Here we will discuss simple tips for maintenance of your wig in the following.

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12 Best Hairstyle Ideas For White Ombre Hair Extensions With Exclusive Tips

Mon Nov 02 2020

White ombre hair is currently in vogue as it offers versatile looks to appear stylish and party-ready. However, if you do not want to experiment with bleach on your hair, you can flaunt it using hair extensions. Along with protecting your hair, you can achieve a long hair look or a voluminous look by using the ombre hair extensions. Meaning you can still have a fashionable look even if you have short or thin hair using extensions. Also, growing long hair is a long process, and fashions keep changing, so extensions help complete the long hair look according to the trend. Moreover, if you do not know or doubtful if the white ombre look will suit you, relying on extensions is the best option. Check out the latest trending hairstyles using the white ombre hair extensions below.

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