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Things That You Should and Should Not Do About Clip-In Extensions

Thu Jul 16 2020

Hair extensions are a great way for you to add volume and length when you’re looking for a refreshed look. Be sure to always follow the manufacturers care instructions so that you’re assured of the perfect look, from extensions that always look and feel their very best.

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How To Dye Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Wed Jul 15 2020

How many ways to dye our clip-in hair extensions? As you know, hair extensions are different with tape-in hair extensions or tip hair extensions, and they are also different with other types of hair such as: weave hair and other types of wigs like lace closure and lace frontal. So, are there any distictions in dyeing clip-in hair extensions with other kinds of hair products? What do we need to prepare before dying our clip-in hair extensions and how do we take care of them in the proper way is what we disuss in this article.

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What Is The Making Process Of Curly Hair Extensions?

Tue Jul 14 2020

Human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are made of real, human natural hair from top the bottom. They are collected from hair donors everywhere in Vietnam. That is the defination of natural human hair extensions, what about the curly hair extensions? Is there any specific processes of making them that is different to the other types of hair extensions in general? Have you ever wondered about how to make your curly hair extensions that is applied on your head? This article will show you the detailed process of that.

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Frequent Questions About Dying Curly Hair Extensions

Sat Jul 11 2020

Is it true that the curly hair extensions are needing more of our care than the straight hair extensions? Especially when we dye our curly hair extensions, there might come with many things go along with it. Keep it in mind first so that you will not be too surprised if you start to dye your curly hair extensions. We consulted to talk deeper about this subjects of curly hair extensions. Hope that it will help you a lot.

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Blending Hair Extensions With Your Curly Hair With Easy Methods

Wed Jul 08 2020

If you are a girl with curly hair, you might wonder how you can make your hair extensions match well with your curly hair. There are two ways to help you solve this problem. Not only it will help your hair extensions blend well with your real hair but it can also prevent your hair extensions from getting damages. Why are these methods so effective? What are these two methods? Join us now to find out how you can own an amazing glamorous hair.

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Easy ways to flat iron natural hair extensions in the right way

Sat Jul 04 2020

Owing a gorgerous long hair is what many women always dreamed of. Women who have a short hair decide to have hair extensions or weave hair to achieve a fuller look. However, during the time they use hair extensions, they are confusing and do not know how to straighten your hair extensions in the right way. Don’t worry, this topic is made for you to choose which method that is suitable for you. Just remember not to flat iron them daily to prevent your hair extensions from become rough and dry.

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Where can you find a wholesale hair supplier selling cheap, good hair wigs?

Thu Jul 02 2020

Frequently, when purchasing products, everyone always want to buy them with an absolutely great price. But at the same time, we also want them to be in high quality. It is the same when it comes to hair wigs. Is that possible to have high quality hair weave products with an amazingly cheap prices? That is what we called cheap promotion hunting for hair. Nowadays, there are many wholesale hair business in Vietnam and all over the world apply this way to meet the need of many beautiful customers around the world. Let’s find out with us!

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