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Braidless Sew-in: Everything You Need To Know

Braidless Sew-in: Everything You Need To Know

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Fri Apr 26 2024

Traditionally, sew-in extensions require braiding natural hair into cornrows as a foundation for connecting wefts of hair with a needle and thread. While successful, this procedure can occasionally produce scalp discomfort or strain, and it may not be appropriate for people with sensitive scalps or fine hair. Enter the braidless sew-in technique, which is a game changer in the world of hair extensions.

What Is Braidless Sew-in

So, what exactly is a braidless sew-in? As the name implies, it eliminates the need to braid natural hair as a foundation. Instead, the extensions are secured with micro-links, beads, or silicone-lined beads that are clamped to small portions of natural hair. This not only gives a more pleasant and lightweight option, but it also decreases the danger of natural hair breakage from tight braids.

This technique does not include braiding the hair down. As a result, the scalp, including the weave, will have more breathing space. This ensures that your cleaning practices consistently promote skin health and lustrous hair. The weave requires a minimum length of five inches of hair. This allows you to create a ponytail or other hairstyles.

Braidless sew-in would last for about 8 weeks, depending on how rapidly your natural hair grows. The whole procedure takes 4 hours to complete.

What Is Braidless Sew-in

How To Install Braidless Sew-in

In order to properly do the braidless sew-in technique, you will need to prepare several tools and follow the procedure:

- Weft hair extension bundles.

- Silicone beads that match the color of the hair.

- Nylon thread that matches the color of the hair.

- Hair threader.

- Hair pliers.

- Hair clips.

- Rat tail comb.

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Wash and condition the natural hair thoroughly, ensuring it's clean and free of any product buildup.

Blow-dry or air-dry the hair completely before starting the process.

Step 2: Sectioning the hair

Use the rat tail comb to divide the hair into tiny, equal portions. The size of the sections will be determined by the number of wefts you intend to put in and the thickness of your natural hair.

Step 3: Attach the silicone beads

Thread a short piece of natural hair through a silicone bead.

Slide the silicone bead near to the natural hair's roots, providing a tiny gap for mobility and preventing scalp stress.

Close the silicone bead tightly using pliers, making sure it's tight enough to hold the hair in place but not so tight that it causes irritation.

Step 3: Attach the silicone beads

Step 4: Sewing the wefts

Thread a needle with the same color sewing thread as the wefts.

Take a weft of hair extensions and place them below the original hair, near the silicone bead.

Stitch the weft to the natural hair in a looping motion, passing through both the weft and the silicone bead. Make sure to attach the weft securely but not too tight.

Continue sewing the wefts into the natural hair, working in tiny pieces from one side to the other, until the required volume and length are attained.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Trim any extra thread and hair to achieve a smooth mix of extensions and natural hair.

Style the hair anyway you choose, whether straight, curled, or a different texture.

How Long Does Braidless Sew-in Last?

Braidless sew-in requires follow-up care after 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. The micro-beads should be adjusted higher or replaced. With adequate at-home or salon care, your installation should last around 3-4 months.

How Long Does Braidless Sew-in Last?

Advantages Of Braidless Sew-in

Flexibility in styles

One of the primary advantages of the braidless sew-in process is its adaptability. Unlike traditional sew-ins, which are limited by the direction and size of the braids, braidless sew-ins provide more style options. Whether you choose to wear your hair up in a ponytail or down in loose waves, the lack of heavy braids allows for a more natural and seamless appearance.

Works well with any hair types

Braidless sew-ins are ideal for a variety of hair types and textures. This technique may be tailored to your natural hair texture, whether it's straight, curly, or kinky. It's also an excellent choice for folks with fine or thinning hair, since extensions may give volume and fullness without the need for heavy braiding.

Works well with any hair types


Another benefit of the braidless sew-in process is its durability. Braided sew-ins can last six to eight weeks, or even longer, if put together and maintained properly. This makes it an affordable alternative for people seeking a semi-permanent hair extension treatment.

Requires no adhesive or heat

One of the most common concerns that individuals have when purchasing a hair weave for a certain style is the potential damage to their natural hair. This hair extension will make you fall in love with it. There is no need for heat or adhesive to establish the hair connection. This minimizes the damage to your natural hair follicles.

Healthier for your scalp

Cornrows in conventional sew-ins can bring stress and tension to your edges, resulting in hair breakage. Braidless sew-in gives you the ability to shampoo your hair in between sessions, eliminating itching scalps.


In conclusion, the braidless sew-in technique offers a modern and versatile alternative to traditional sew-in extensions. With its lightweight and comfortable feel, customizable styling options, and suitability for various hair types, it's no wonder why this method has become increasingly popular among those seeking to enhance their natural locks. Whether you're looking to add length, volume, or simply switch up your look, braidless sew-ins are undoubtedly worth considering for your next hair transformation.


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