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What’s the Best Hair For Sew In Weave?

What’s the Best Hair For Sew In Weave?

Last updated date Mon Oct 09 2023 By William Brown

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The best hair for sew in weave is human hair because it is sturdy, doesn't tangle as much as synthetic hair, and offers many styling options. There are numerous sources for best hair for sew in, and it has many different textures. Since there are so many options and combinations, we are aware that choosing hair is difficult. Your daily life will be significantly impacted by the hair you choose because best hair for sew in are intended to be worn for a few months. The best hair for sew in you select will determine the longevity and appearance of your best hair for sew in. We created this guide to assist you in making your choice of the best hair for a sew-in weave.

What Is Sew In Weave?

When using a traditional best hair for sew in weave, hair extensions are affixed to a braided base. A sew-in usually takes two to three hours to complete and, with proper care, lasts for about two months. With best hair for sew in, hair extensions are attached at the hair weft or hair tracks using thread and a needle. When you've determined that best hair for sew in are the ideal installation technique for you, it's crucial to take into account the kind of hair you'll be using. Sew-ins must be properly prepared in every manner if they are to be successful and last.

What Is Sew In Weave?

A sew-in weave is a method of attaching hair extensions that includes sewing the extension or weft pieces into the hair. The client's hair is often braided into cornrows or tracks. A hair piece is made by gathering the top of the extensions used for a weave and sewing them together. By using a needle and thread, you may weave into the region where the hair seals together by using the sealed component of the extension. After that, to keep the extensions in the client's hair, you sew them onto the tracks.

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Choose Best Hair Weave by quality

1. Synthetic hair:

Wigs with synthetic hair are created using strands of synthetic hair, such as acrylic or plastic. The appearance and movement of synthetic hair strands are designed to closely imitate that of real hair. Compared to real hair wigs, synthetic wigs are more commonly accessible, less expensive, lighter, and simpler to maintain. They are available in a huge range of hues and fashions as well. A synthetic wig should endure for four to six months (not as long as a human hair wig). When styling a synthetic wig, there are techniques to make it less shiny than a human hair wig. Wigs made with synthetic hair have a consistent color and style. For instance, if you wash a synthetic wig with curls, the curls will immediately return to their original position. Synthetic hair wigs cannot be dyed, and they cannot be styled using heat equipment like flat irons or curling irons. Even when using a hair drier on a synthetic wig, you should use caution since heat might harm the fibers.

2. Human hair:

The best hair for sew in weave have the most realistic appearance and movement of any wig fiber type. The affects? They cost more money, are heavier, and need more styling time and care. The longevity of human hair wigs is the longest of any wig fiber type, sometimes exceeding a year, depending on how frequently they are worn and how well they are cared for.

Remy Hair:

The best hair for sew in strands in Remy hair wigs have a silky, smooth appearance and are less likely to tangle. Because of this, Remy hair sheds less and is considerably less likely to mat or tangle. This hair is also shinier, smoother, and healthier than other hair types. Remy hair, which is 100 percent human hair, is regarded as the best hair available for hair systems.

Non Remy hair: 

Non-Remy hair is defined as having cuticles that are not aligned in the same way. This best hair for sew in is typically gathered from hair that has shed or been trimmed and was left on salon or temple floors. They are recycled after collection and mixed to create a weft. It is more difficult to manage, tougher to brush, and far more likely to become tangled or matted because the cuticles run in so many different directions. In order to reduce friction while combing it before it is joined to a best hair for sew in system, it also needs a higher dose of acid to burn off the cuticles. This non-Remy hair looks and feels like straw at the conclusion of the treatment.

Choose Best Hair Weave by Origin

Like skin color, human hair is determined by genes, climatic and weather conditions so each country and region has its own characteristics for hair. The fashions differ depending on where they are from and the texture and grade of hair you want. The most common varieties are listed below:

1. Vietnamese hair:

Vietnamese hair is described as having thick, black hair. This gorgeous hair originates in Southeast Asia, namely from Vietnam. It is severed from the donor's head, wefted, and then cleansed. Vietnamese women lead a straightforward lifestyle, which is seen in the quality of their hair. Vietnamese best hair for sew in consume a lot of vitamins and minerals in their food.

Vietnamese hair


The thickness of Vietnamese best hair for sew in is medium.

It provides a soft and silky texture.

Natural hair is simple to bleach and colour to any desired hair colour.


Vietnamese hair costs more than Chinese and Indian hair does.

Since Vietnamese natural hair is thinner than hair from India, Cambodia, or Malaysia, more bundles will be required to cover the entire head.

Usually, there isn't any hair in stock.

2. Indian hair:

If you want straight, lustrous hair, apply this. Indian hair may be straightened quite easily. The hair is coarse and thick. The virgin Indian hair may be exceedingly long and has dark hues. If you want to create straight, smooth, and shining hairstyles, Indian hair is an excellent choice. If you want your hair to bounce or have body, don't use it. usage of anti-frizz products is advised when the weather is humid because hair frizzes up.


Wigs made with Indian hair are smooth and soft.

They are really shiny and lustrous.

There are several ways to dress them.


They are sometimes more challenging to locate than other human hair wigs.

Typically, they are substantially more costly.

The hair texture is fixed, thus prior bleaching is not recommended. 

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3. Brazil hair:

The most well-liked, renowned for being incredibly soft, extremely varied, resilient, thick, easiest to blend, incredibly luxurious, lots of body, natural shine, and the colours are typically in the range of rich black to off-black. If you want thick, bouncy hair, Brazilian hair is recommended.


Delicate, robust, and thick

Extremely coarse and dense texture

Soft and wavy by nature


Brazilian hair could seem a little thick and uncomfortable.

They cost a lot.

They demand significantly more maintenance.

4. Cambodian hair:

These days, Cambodian hair are quite fashionable and help us create the looks we want. On the market, there is a huge selection of Cambodian hair with various qualities. While some individuals believe that the addition of hair has become necessary, others do not. In any event, it's important to note the benefits and drawbacks of Cambodian silk weaving.

Cambodian hair


The excellent Cambodian hair quality

The incredible length variation in Cambodian hair

The thick hair of Cambodians


Cambodian hair requires a lot of upkeep.

The attachment sites are frequently weak the first few days after installing Cambodian hair.

5. Malaysian hair:

Malaysian hair colors range from the deepest brown to almost black. The hair is available in body waves, mild bends, and wavy forms. The hair is softer and silkier than Indian hair and is heavier, thicker, and denser than Indian hair. The hair has a small wave when it dries straight. Extremely smooth and lustrous hair is present. For relaxed African American hair, Malaysian hair works beautifully and blends in.


If you want hair that is bone straight, it is better if it is naturally very straight.

This hair is naturally black and incredibly straight.

If you want hair with a lot of volume and thickness, this is a great option.


Due to its thicker and heavier texture, Malaysian hair can appear quite dry if it is not properly cared for.

It lacks Brazilian hair's versatility.

Really, just the natural black color is offered.

6. Peruvian Hair:

Peruvian hair, one of the most exotic hair kinds, combines the smoothness of European hair with the strength and body of Brazilian hair. Additionally, it is typically more costly than Brazilian hair.


Very thick, light, silky, and dazzling

Less bundles are needed to give this hair a firm, full-body structure.

Seem organically full-bodied yet being lightweight


It costs money and takes time.

May result in heat damage.

You might experience itchy scalp.

Characteristics of Different Hair

In general, hair from different countries will have its own pros and cons. The characteristics of the hair will be suitable for different hairstyles:

Origin of hair


Best for


Soft, thin 

Straight, wavy

Cambodian hair

Thick, slightly coarse


Indian hair

Dense, a better match for black women's hair than Malaysian


Brazil hair

Coarser than Indian


Malaysian hair

Very fine

Straight or curl

Peruvian Hair

Coarsest, dense, and full


8 Amazing Hair Textures For Best Sew In Weave Hair

Best hair for weave sew ins have been used for many years and are only growing in popularity. Nevertheless, because they are unsure of what kind of hair to buy, many women are hesitant to try sew-ins. So, there's no need to continue to wonder. You'll learn about the 10 Amazing Hair Textures for best sew in weave hair in this guide. Let's get started!

1. Straight Hair Weave Texture

The most popular texture of hair is straight, and it is usually inexpensive. Before purchasing straight hair, make sure to read the description thoroughly. Some hair marketed as "straight" may actually be bone straight or contain very slight waves. Yaki hair should be considered if you're looking for straight hair that matches type three or type four hair.

2. Yaki Hair Weave Texture

Kinky straight hair is another name for yaki. This texture has the same appearance as silk-pressed or relaxed natural hair.
Straight hair and kinky straight hair weave

3. Body Wave Hair Weave Texture

Very loose waves are a feature of body wave hair, which looks great both natural and styled. Throughout the entire extension, the wave can be seen.

4. Loose Wave Hair Weave Texture

Although loose waves and body waves have very similar appearances, loose waves have slightly tighter waves.
Body wave and loose wave hair weave

5. Water Wave Hair Weave Texture

Water wave hair resembles many curly textures and complements the majority of natural hair types. While the curls do not flow in the same direction as deep wave hair, it resembles deep wave hair.

6. Deep Wave Hair Weave Texture

Deep waves lack a true curl but have tighter waves than body waves and loose waves. The waves typically all face the same way, and it is thick and shiny.
Water Wave and Deep wave hair weave

7. Curly Hair Weave Texture

Contrary to the past several forms of hair we discussed, curly hair really has curls. From loose to tight and coily curls, curly hair may have them all.

8. Kinky Curly Hair Weave Texture

If you naturally have kinky curly hair and wish to add extra length or volume, this hair texture is fantastic. Extensions with kinky curls have tight, lively curls.

How To Choose Your Best Sew In hair?

How To Choose Your Best Sew In hair?

Step 1: Choose a hairstyle that you like or that suits your face

To avoid seeming to be wearing a wig, you should also pick a hair weave that complements your face. Although lighter-haired people will discover numerous salons that tailor their weaves by dying them in the color that matches the client's hair, persons with darker hair will find it much easier to find a weave to match their hair color.

Step 2: Choose hair quality According to your wallet

Sew-in hair might be your best option if you're short on time and don't want to go to a salon for application. In the long run, it will save both your hair and your money! It can be quite expensive to have your hair styled at a salon, after all.
Last but not least, the hair you prefer to use for weaving will be the best choice.

Buying Best Sew In Weave Hair From Best Hair Weave Sites

Buying Best Sew In Weave Hair From Best Hair Weave Sites

Many of us want to know where to buy the best hair for sew in weave and which is the best website for best hair for sew in. The best hair for sew in weave to buy for women is available at the best hair weave website, allowing you to achieve a stunning and lovely appearance. Among the websites offering hair bundles, Michair.vn is one of the top options for purchasing best hair for sew in extensions. Your one-stop shop for the best hair for sew in weave bundles is michair.vn. We offer premium hair specifically for sewing-in.


Knowing the various hair textures and kinds for your best hair for sew in weave. I'm hoping that this information will assist you in selecting the best hair for sew in weave. Consider the style you want to create before selecting the weave because different hairstyles suit certain hair types better. The optimal best hair for sew in weave for you will then be selected.


William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.


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