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Difference Between Weaves and Extensions

Hair Weave vs Hair Extensions: What Are the Difference Between Weaves and Extensions?

Fashion Blog Sat Dec 14 2019

A weave is a kind of hair extension method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled to any wanted style. The beauty of hair weave is a reason it is such a popular technique.

There are numerous types of hair weaves as well as methods to install and style a hair weave. A typical way is to create custom wigs ranging from color, volume, and texture.




In general words, a weave is a term which refers to synthetic or human hair utilized to alter the appearance of someone's hair by adding hair to their natural hair. These synthetic or human hairs may be included or utilized to cover the whole hair with a hairpiece.

The advantages of a hair weave are that they help in making the hair longer, include thickness to hair along with volume, and are an advantage for ladies with thinning hair. These are used to include trendy colors to the hair too without making use of hair colors which have numerous chemicals.

History suggests that weaves originated from Egypt where in around 3400BC, individuals there started to dye their hair into their favorite colors. Also, they took the sheep hair then they attached it on their hair with beeswax and resin.

It is a great way to get thick, long, and lovely hair without utilizing any chemical, glue or anything. Weaves enable the wearer to change hair color, texture, and design.

However, this technique likewise has drawbacks. If the braids are too tight, they might trigger a headache, pain of the scalp, or loss of hair due to consistent tension on the roots. In order to place the weave, the hairstylist needs to braid the hair securely along the scalp. A hair weave can in some cases be unpleasant to have placed in your hair.


Hair extension


Hair extensions describe synthetic or human hair being attached to the natural hair of an individual with the help of an adhesive or clip-on or other techniques to extend the hair.

Hair extensions are applied hair by strand to the natural hair. It is a very time-consuming technique as around 100-300 extensions are added to a single person to make the hair appearance natural. This application of hair is considered the most expensive due to the labor and time it takes in. There are many approaches of including extensions like using adhesives or copper links.

The advantages of extensions are that they assist women with thinning hair and individuals who have short hair. Moreover, it is something which can be done in your home too.

Nevertheless, hair extensions have downsides. The scalp is extremely durable and can support a great deal of hair. However it takes several months for the scalp adjust to the included weight. When you all of a sudden add a lot of hair simultaneously, it pulls on the scalp, triggering damage and inflammation. Extensions can damage the hair, depending on how they are connected. In addition, tight braids can cause damage at the roots, and glue can deteriorate the hair shaft.


Distinction in between hair weave vs extensions


The majority of people can't inform whether there's a distinction in between the two or not. From our descriptions above the only major distinction in between the two is that all weaves are hair extensions but not all extensions are weaves.


The decision on whether to pick a wig, a weave or a hair extension depends on your preferences and condition. Weaves and hair extensions offer comparable outcomes when it pertains to length, volume, longevity, and sensible appearance. After having weave hair extensions, I then moved over to clip in hair extensions as they are the least damaging for your hair ...


Tips to Having A Great Weave


Buy it

The more you spend in the hair, the more likely it is for you to purchase an excellent textured hair and terrific type ultimately. While synthetic hair is rather popular, I would constantly prefer that you purchase the human hair since not just does it seem like your hair but it likewise provides you an edge.


Look after your hair and scalp


You must deep condition your natural hair prior to you attach the weave on it. Even though you have your weave on, remember your aim is for your hair to have a break. You don't likewise wish to harm it in the process.


Remember to constantly take care of your scalp. Oil it with the natural oils and wash the hair as frequently as you can with the right hair shampoo then deep condition it.


Choose the best color

There is practically every color you would want to put on your hair. Make certain you choose one that blends with your skin and enhances your functions.


Select the best design

Even if you purchase the weave and you don't connect it right you won't be confident. Pick the one style that works best with you.


Caring for Your Hair Extensions


The lifetime of weaves is rather brief, they still need cautious treatments.


The one thing that makes it essential to look after your hair extension is that you might damage your hair if you do not take proper care of it. They will even more look dehydrated and not at all a pleasing look.


If you even more wish to lengthen the life expectancy of the hair you ought to take great care of them.


The lifetime of weaves is quite brief, they still need mindful treatments.


 When storing them.

If you are using wigs or you have the hair extension that you can recycle, you must make sure when you are saving them.


Gather that hair together and brush it together this will get rid of knots. Remember to be gentle when brushing the hair. This will reduce breakage.


- Tier them close together at the base then roll it into a circle before you place it nicely into package.

- Don't pull them hard due to the fact that it can harm your hair. In addition, protecting weave and hair extensions when sleeping is extremely required. This is the best way to safeguard your hair during the night. We suggest you use both the satin scarf and pillow. These satin products will help your hair keep moisture and keep soft and smooth.

- Don't wash the hair frequently since that will eliminate its radiance. You also use proper hair shampoo and hydrating conditioner. The natural items such as coconut oil and palm oil are focusing on. Lock in wetness and guarantee your hair extensions are truly nourished.

- You must prevent using heating tools and styling products daily. If using, the heating tools should be on the low setting. Keep in mind to blow-dry your hair completely prior to going to bed.

- Constantly prevent tangles.


MicHair-- the reliable hair products supplier


The market for weave and extensions is broadening. If you want to have lovely hair of good quality, you need to find a reliable hair supplier.


MicHair is proud to be one of the most trustworthy supplier in Vietnam and Asia. Our hair items are 100% real human virgin hair extensions due to the fact that cutting virgin Vietnamese and Cambodian hair.


Unlike other companies, MicHair says no with non-Remy hair due to the fact that we are completely familiar with how bad the non-Remy hair is and we do not wish to cheat customers. Wearing our weave vs hair extensions, you don't need to stress over the hair getting twisted or disheveled. MicHair Remy Hair Factory can offer a vast array of designs for you to opt for and purchase.


MicHair produces a great deal of hair products made from Cambodian and Vietnamese hair. We put all of our interests and energies into them to ensure that the users will be pleased. We also make discount rates for special consumers and battle to make items be shipped on time.


Our groups not just sell hairs however likewise share experiences. MicHair wholesale hair supplier totally understands that top quality hair with competitive costs can draw in and keep customers returning.


Furthermore, we can design the hair according to your demands. You will have chances to enjoy your life in the most stunning method with our items.


Hopefully, through this post, we can bring a summary of hair extensions and weave to you. MicHair will try our finest to enhance the innovation to provide you.


Feel free to call us via (+84) 962 279 910 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get support.

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