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How Long Can Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

How Long Can Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

Fashion Blog Fri Feb 19 2021

Hair extensions are being used extensively to make hairstyles look perfectly stunning. Women use tape-in hair extensions for a wedding function, a party, or any other gatherings. It was not feasible for every woman to style their hair the way they want. Because sometimes their hair may be short or is cut in a different style. Now the problem is solved since hair extensions in various styles and colors are readily available everywhere. But you might also think about how long do tape-in hair extensions last.

Tape-in hair extensions help in increasing the volume of your hair and can look longer as well. The main advantage of using the tape-in extension is the feasibility and easiness of styling your hair in any way you want. Moreover, it will never look like wearing a wig, but it will look like your natural hair. 

Before heading out to buy tape-in hair extensions, know that there are different types of extensions available. One option you can choose is the sewn-in extension that can be joined using a needle. It will last for about three months. Another option is clip-in hair extensions that are very easy to use. All you have to do is clip the hair extensions wherever you want. Next, we have the tape-in hair extensions. If you are planning to have voluminous hair with a natural look, then this is the perfect pick for you. 

What Exactly Is Tape-In Extension?

When you think about hair extensions, having several doubts regarding it is quite common. The first thing that comes to your mind may be how long does tape-in extensions last and can it damage your hair. Many more questions may arise later, one after the other. But I am sure you will not have any such doubts after reading this entire article. These days tape-in hair extensions are the most favorite type of extensions for hairstylists.

The tape-in extensions are a collection of hair strands attached to an adhesive tape. These extensions are easy to fix, and it does not damage your hair as well. The base of the tape-in hair extensions is not thick, and it will never stick out. These hair extensions, made with medical-grade tape, will stick easily to the hair roots. Fixing the tape-in extension does not take much time. You may only need to spend around 45min to one hour in the salon to fix it. 

Since the application is easy and does not take much time, the cost for tape-in extensions is not high. You can also reuse the same extensions again if you upkeep them carefully. Every expert will recommend brushing them at least three times a day to maintain the finishing. Washing your hair every day with tape-in extensions is not advisable. Make sure you do not use much water and avoid heavy rubbing. If you are unsure what shampoo to use, I would advise picking a decent shampoo (sulfate-free) and a conditioner. 

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

About longevity, you can expect six to eight weeks of perfect effects. After that, you can adjust or reinstall the same if required. Tape-in extensions are free from any type of chemicals, and it does not need any use of equipment to fix them onto your hair.

How to Fix Tape-In Extensions 

These extensions are an inch wide, and one thin strip of your hair will go between them. Your hair should be clean before fixing these. The application of tape-in hair extensions is just like a sandwich. It is not easy to fix these extensions all by yourself. You will need the help of an expert to fix it with perfection. The sections or partitions of your hair should be taken carefully, and the amount of hair to go between each extension should be accurate.

If you do not fix it properly, it will not look like your natural hair. When you choose the color and length of the tape-in extensions, you should pick the one that matches your hair color. Also, while fixing the extension, more volume of your hair should be on the upper area to cover the adhesive tapes. Do not go ahead and wash your hair after fixing the extensions. 

Wait for a minimum of 48 hours to let the adhesive adhere to your natural hair, and you can wash your hair after two days. Use a shower cap when you bath for two days. Do not brush your wet hair after washing. If you do so, you will damage your hair as well as the tape-in extensions. 

Can I Remove The Tape-In Extension By Myself?

Never remove the extensions by yourself. You cannot see the fixed area, and you might end up damaging your hair by pulling them. Go to your hairstylist to remove the extensions. An expert will remove them carefully so that you can reuse them again. They will spray an alcohol-based liquid on the adhesive tape to peel them off easily from your scalp.

Tips To Take Care Of Tape-In Extensions

  1. Only apply to clean dry hair to avoid any damage.
  2. Always keep the extensions clean to withstand the quality for a longer time.
  3. Never let them get tangled.
  4. Never brush wet hair with extensions.
  5. If you are washing your hair in the evening, always dry your hair before bed.
  6. Brush your extensions daily without any fail.
  7. Do not color your extensions. Instead, choose the color that matches your hair color.
  8. Do not use conditioner on the scalp when you have extensions since it can damage the adhesive tape.


I believe this article assisted you in understanding what tape-in extensions are and how long tape-in hair extensions last. You might have wondered earlier how beautifully actresses style their hair in various styles. You can try out any hairstyles with these extensions. Tying a ponytail or a put up will not damage the extensions. Now you can also choose your favorite hairstyle to walk in gracefully for the upcoming function. 

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