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Five Perfect Hair Extensions For Curly Hair

Fashion Blog Fri Mar 18 2022

Natural curly hair is stunning but brutal to grow as it takes time. This problem is because the length of your actual hair is in curls, making it shorter on appearance. However, you can magically transform it into gorgeous, long, and thick locks with the power of hair extensions.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions enhance a person's natural hair in just minutes to hours rather than a more extended period. There are different qualities of extensions; synthetic is the first to be popular and is very durable, but now has more natural-looking ones with a higher price. There are also different dyes of hair, which can give you an ombre or balayage.

The main reason people wear hair extensions is to have longer or thicker hair. One can change an entire hairstyle with just hair extensions and even wear multiple ones that they couldn't have with their natural hair. Some people also buy different shades of natural hair to have more dimensions. 

How to choose hair extensions?

You have to consider many factors when choosing the best extensions for curly hair. There are five main hair extensions for starters: k-tip, weaves, taped, glued, and clip-in. Each one has a benefit and disadvantage of its own, such as application and how long it can last in your hair. Compare each to know what you would like to have.

However, if you aim to have full curly hair, many salons and users recommend using a clip-on among all the extensions.

Why clip-in hair extensions?

First of all, clip-on hair extensions are the most accessible type to wear. In just 15 minutes, you will have your new gorgeous look. Clip-on will allow you to wear different hairstyles as well. Furthermore, when you do not feel comfortable installing it, you can remove it easily in just a snap. It also does not damage hair as it does not tug hard on it.

Aside from the easy application of the clip-in, they are low maintenance. This type of hair extension is not permanent, so that you can take better care of it better. It also blends easily in natural hairs, especially curly ones. 

To properly apply for clip-in hair extensions, you may watch this video.

What hair extension brand should I choose?

Many wig companies offer different characteristics of hair extensions to the customer. Here are the top choices for those who are unsure of what they want.

Mic Hair

Mic Hair offers the best quality for those who want natural hair extensions. They ensure that their hair is 100% virgin, meaning no chemicals have touched it. Although the company is in Vietnam, they are still globally known as they export worldwide. Mic Hair also has a user-friendly shop that makes an easy purchase for customers.


If you want to have as many options as you can for the quality texture of hair, types of hair extension, and different curls and waves, Indique is the way to go. They offer almost everything that a customer needs. Moreover, they have various brick-and-mortar stores, allowing customers to feel the hair for themselves.


If you want more affordable hair extensions, try Kinkistry. It also offers a wide variety of hair textures, from 2B to 4C, mostly ignored by other companies. What adds to the uniqueness of this brand is the ability to maintain the original curls even after different manipulation on styling. 

Heat Free Hair

It is not easy for women with natural gorgeous tight and kinky hairs to find a hair extension that matches theirs. Heat Free Hair was one of the pioneering companies that offered 3B to 4C hair textures. It is more encouraging to buy since they send a customized card to every customer that indicates how to take care of the hair.

Kurly Klips

Lana Boone is a hands-on owner that treats everyone like a queen. She replies to the customers within the day, offers Spiral, tight curl, and fro textures, and has a haircare guide available on their website specifically for each hair texture. Even if she sells online, the product you bought will look precisely like the picture.

There are more available brands that you may look at, but these are so far the best ones for those who are just starting to wear a curly hair extension.

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How to turn straight hair extensions into curly ones?

If you used to have a straight hair extension when you like to have straight hair, here’s some good news for you. You do not have to buy another hair extension! There are ways that you may do to alter the ones you already have into something drop-dead gorgeous curls to match yours.

Braid it

Just like the DIY natural wavy or curly hair with no heat, you may braid your hair extension overnight, and it works like a charm as well. Dampen your hair extension with mist or oil before weaving it. The tighter you braid, the tighter the curls will be.

Curling iron

If you want a more instant look, you can always curl your hair with a curling iron. It will only take minutes to do all the hair extensions. Additionally, when you use a curling iron, you control the outcome and immediately see your goal. Of course, treat your hair extensions like your natural hair and use a heat protectant.

You may watch this tutorial to know more about the proper techniques and ways you can curl your straight hair extension.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

It depends on how you take care of your hair extensions and how frequently you use them. Commonly, clip-in hair extensions will last for 3- 6 months. However, it can also last a year if properly managed. You may wear and remove the hair anytime, making maintaining it more effortless.

2. What hair texture should I get?

The texture you want to buy must be the same as your natural hair. The texture of hair refers to how tight your curls are. Type 4C is the most coiled hair and is sometimes referred to as fro. There are also available charts that you may use as references.

3. How to take care of hair extensions? 

There is no special treatment needed to do for your hair extensions. As much as possible, treat them the same with how you treat your natural hair. Wash them carefully to avoid shedding. When you apply heat, use a heat protectant to prevent damage.


Any woman deserves to feel like a queen when wearing their hair. Companies offer a wide variety of hair extensions that any customer can choose. But if you already have a straight hair extension, you may modify it to your liking.

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