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How to Style Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair Like A Pro

How to Style Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair Like A Pro

Fashion Blog Tue Dec 29 2020

Curly hair is a spiral-shaped hair type, which is very difficult to manage and maintain. Because of this difficulty in maintaining, many females change their hair type by straightening it with a stylist's help. Curly hair is prone to dryness and frizziness, which leads to splitting of hair at the ends and breaking of hair. Curly hair, be it short curly, long curly, or shoulder-length curly hair, requires special attention to retain its health and keep it off from hair loss and other hair problems.

What Is Shoulder Length Curly Hair?

According to Evan Joseph, Shoulder-length curly hair refers to hair that falls just above or below the shoulders and has a natural curl pattern. This hair length is versatile and offers various styling options for those with curly hair.

Those with short, long, or shoulder-length curly hair will get a basic idea about trending haircuts and styling ways from this article. Curly hair, when adequately styled and highlighted, gives a very trendy look to your overall style. If you know how to style your curly hair depending on your facial structure, hair length, and volume, there will be no need to change the hair type.

What Is Shoulder Length Curly Hair?

Different Types of Curly Hair

1. 3A Curly Hair

3A hair is known for its “S” shape. The curls are relatively large with a good amount of volume. When come to 3A curly, people also talk about its softness and smoothness. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to get frizzy.

2. 3B Curly Hair

3B Hair is characterized by medium-sized curls. When comparing side-by-side with 3A hair, 3B hair curls are tighter with lower volume. The curls in 3B hair can be springy and have a lot of bounce. 

3. 3C Curly Hair

Unlike 3A and 3B hair, 3C hair has 2 types: an “S” pattern and a “Z” pattern. The curls are smaller in circumference, similar to that of a pencil or straw. With its unique curl pattern and volume, 3C hair can create striking and eye-catching hairstyles

Different Types of Curly Hair

Why do you have to understand your specific hair type?

Understanding your type of hair allows you to tailor your hair care routine and select appropriate products. Each hair type has its own set of challenges and issues to contend with. When you understand your hair type, you can pinpoint the common problems that tend to arise and discover effective solutions. For example, if you have frizzy hair, knowing your hair type allows you to explore techniques and products specifically designed to combat frizz.

Before Styling Your Shoulder Length Hair

1. Wash/ Condition

When washing curly hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo, focusing on the scalp. The main purpose of washing is to remove dust, sweat, and excess oil from your strand. Because of the medium length, It is easy to remove them from your shoulder length curly hair if you use a high-quality shampoo. So, you do not have to scrub your hair. Gently massage and rinse thoroughly.

2. Detangle

After washing, detangle hair gently to avoid breakage and maintain a curl pattern. Apply a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to damp hair. Start from the end, working your way up with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Be patient and gentle, allowing curls to spring back naturally.

How to Style Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair

After properly preparing for your shoulder length curly hair, we will let you know how to style your shoulder length curly hair.

1. How to style your shoulder-length 3a hair

- Starting with styling products: Use a small amount and emulsify it in between your palms. Then applying it all to your hair until you don’t feel it on your palms. After that, you should apply the curl cream with the same method and scrunch it into your hair to lock in that moisture.
- Diffusing: Put your diffuser on medium and about low speed, then use cupping and hovering. Don’t forget to repeat this method all through your head until it’s dry.
- Applying oil: This step helps you lock in the moisture and seal your curls

2. How to style your shoulder length 3b hair

- Starting with styling products: After drying your hair about 70%, apply moisture daily hydration styling gel by locking the curls in place and scrunching it up.
- Moving on with your bang: Section this off and put the wrist back up in a clip. Then use a special brush for curly hair to curl down your hair right at the root after that.
- Adding more voluminous: Use your pick to pick out your hair so it’s a little bit more voluminous. Start at the end and 

3. How to style your shoulder-length 3c hair

- Re-wetting your hair with your spray bottle if your hair dry quickly.
- Applying moisture product: Get a good amount and work it through your hair. Then using sculpting gel to hold everything in place.
- When your hair 75% dry, you should go ahead and take the curl cluster and separate them to get some more fullness.

Tips to Style Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair

1. Choosing the right products for your shoulder length curly hair

Look for sulfate-free or low-sulfate shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for curly hair. These products will cleanse your hair without stripping away its natural oils or causing frizz. 
To define and enhance your curls, a curl-enhancing cream or gel is a must-have. These products help reduce frizz and provide hold, making your curls more defined and long-lasting.

2. Get your hair styled by an experienced hairstylist

A well-experienced stylist can help you style your curly hair correctly, considering your likes and dislikes. He can help you fix your hair problems such as too much frizziness, hair fall, etc.
Tips to Style Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair

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Now you know what is shoulder-length curly hair and how to style your shoulder length curly hair . Managing curly hair is considered a tiresome process. But if you know what to do and what not to do with your curly hair makes it easily manageable. Curly hair automatically gives a volumized look to your hair. This article deals with curly hair care tips and top curly hairstyles.

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