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Easy Ways To Style And Care Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Easy Ways To Style And Care Your Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Fashion Blog Tue Dec 29 2020

Curly hair is a spiral-shaped hair type, which is very difficult to manage and maintain. Because of this difficulty in maintaining, many females change their hair type by straightening it with a stylist's help. Curly hair is prone to dryness and frizziness, which leads to splitting of hair at the ends and breaking of hair. Curly hair, be it short curly, long curly, or shoulder-length curly hair, requires special attention to retain its health and keep it off from hair loss and other hair problems.

Curly Hair Care Tips

You should be careful in selecting the shampoo for your curly hair. Make sure that your shampoo is free from alcohol and sulfates.  Alcohol, sulfates, and other chemical content will damage your hair. You can choose mild shampoos and shampoos specially made for curly hair. Also, remember not to use shampoo regularly because it will make your hair dry and frizzy.

After shampooing, never skip using conditioner; use a cleansing conditioner that will moisturize your hair. Remember to apply conditioner only to the hair, not in the scalp. Applying conditioner to the scalp of your head leads to hair fall and other problems. 

Always use cold water to wash your curly hair. Hot water tends to damage your hair cuticle and make it dry.

You should be very much careful while choosing your comb or hairbrush. Avoid using brushes and combs with plastic and use combs with wide-tooths. Always use good quality combs and hairbrushes.

Always remember to trim your curly hair within proper intervals of time. It will avoid split ends of your hair.

Detangle your curly hair correctly. When detangling your hair, you should detangle the ends of your hair and also the roots. Dividing your hair into sections before detangling makes the process easy and damage-free.

Using a diffuser while blow drying your hair helps in avoiding your hair getting frizzy.

Don’ts For Curly Hair

- Don't overuse heat equipment in your curly hair. It will damage the texture of your hair. 

- Don't comb dry and wet hair. Comb your hair when it is moisturized and hydrated. It will prevent the breaking of hair.

- Don't wash your hair frequently. Washing your hair frequently will weaken your hair and cause hair fall.  For healthy curly hair, you can wash your hair twice a week.

- Don't apply hair serum or other products to your curly hair when it is dry. Apply them when your hair is wet. It will help in keeping the hair moisturized.

- Don't rub your towel aggressively in your hair. Rubbing towel and hair products harshly in the hair makes it frizzy and causes tangles. Also, use soft towels or t-shirts to dry your hair after washing.

- Don't sleep with loose hairs. Sleeping with untied loose hair will make tangles in your hair.

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Top Hairstyles For Curly Hair

- Side Parted Curls: Side part your curly hair and leave it open. It gives a bouncy fresh look to your curls. It goes well with long curly hair and shoulder-length curly hair.

- Topknot Hairstyle: Make a bun at the top of your head using your curly hair. Leave some loose hairs to make the bun look messy and to add a cool look.

- Half-Bun Hairstyle: Take a small section of hair from the front portion and make a bun out of it and secure it at the crown of your head. Leave the rest of the hair open. This hairstyle suits best for long and shoulder-length curly hair.

- Braided Curls:  You can braid your curly hair in different styles.  The fishtail braid, French braid, Side braid, Dutch braid, braided ponytail, etc are some braided hairstyles that can be styled from curly hair.

- Ponytails: You can simply style your curly hair by making ponytails. Ponytails are of different types, such as a side-swept low ponytail, high ponytail, inside-out ponytail updo, etc.

Top Haircuts For Curly Hair

- Bob With Bangs: Bob hairstyle with bangs creates a stylish look to your shoulder-length curly hair. Bangs can be either made at your forehead portion; you can straighten your bangs to add more fashion. Bob with side bangs are also trendy in haircuts for curly hair.

- Inverted Bob: Inverted bob leaves short hair at the back portion and lengthy curly hair at the front.

- 'V' Cut And 'U' Cut Curls: As the name suggests, the 'U' cut hairstyle makes the back portion of the hair look 'U' shaped and the 'V' cut makes it look 'V' shaped. This haircut makes your medium length or long curls more defined. 

- Pixie Cut: In pixie cut, your curly hair is chopped into layers and made shorten. It is easy to maintain and a widely chosen short hairstyle for curly hair.  There are wide varieties in pixie cut such as Classic pixie cut, Asymmetrical pixie cut, Curly messy pixie cut, etc.

- Curly Layered Haircuts: Layer cut for curly hair are of different types depending on the length and volume of hair. Uneven layers, layered bob with bangs, shaggy layers, stepped layers are some of the varieties in layered cuts.

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Managing curly hair is considered a tiresome process. But if you know what to do and what not to do on your curly hair makes it easily manageable. Curly hair automatically gives a volumized look to your hair. This article deals with curly hair care tips and top curly hairstyles. 

Those with short, long, or shoulder-length curly hair will get a basic idea about trending haircuts and styling ways from this article. Curly hair, when adequately styled and highlighted, gives a very trendy look to your overall style. If you know how to style your curly hair depending on your facial structure, hair length, and volume, there will be no need to change the hair type. A well-experienced stylist can help you style your curly hair correctly, considering your likes and dislikes. He can help you fix your hair problems such as too much frizziness, hair fall, etc.

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