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Vietnamese Straight 5x5 Middle Part Lace Closure - MICHAIR

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Hair TextureStraight

TypeVietnamese hair

Hair Color# 1B / Off Black

Can Be DyedNo

Shipping MethodUPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS

Delivery time7 => 14 days after payment received

PolicyWe accept returns within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn't been used or damaged. If the items you received is defective, please contact us first.

Characteristics of Vietnamese straight 5x5 middle part lace closure at MIC hair

The Vietnamese straight 5x5 middle part lace closure is a traditional Vietnamese garment closure technique. At MIC hair, this straight 5x5 middle part lace closure is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. It is very smooth and soft.

It can be loosely fastened for a casual, breezy look or tightly closed for a formal appearance. This closure also allows the garment to open at different points along the middle section, providing more versatility.

Is it easy to keep the straight 5x5 middle part lace closure?

No, maintaining an evenly spaced 5x5 lace closure in the center of lacework can be challenging. There are a few tips to help ensure you maintain a neat 5x5 lace closure in the center of your lacework.

Keep tension consistent across the closure. Too tight or loose causes unevenness. Use a tension ring or lace bobbins.

Check work frequently. As each row completes, ensure the closure looks straight and evenly spaced. Make adjustments to align stitches before the next row. Easier to fix issues as you go rather than undoing multiple rows.

Refer to lace patterns/charts frequently, especially over the center closure. Visuals help see any misaligned stitches.

Where can I buy Vietnamese straight 5x5 middle part lace closure?

Today, Vietnamese straight 5x5 middle part closure is very popular but it is not easy to find great vendors. You can contact MIC hair now. We will send you the best one that suits you.

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Selena tran Selena tran

10:17 08/05/2023

I bought my first set of extensions in June 2022 and I'm still going strong! Love them! They're beautiful. And when it's time to get new ones, they're still gorgeous and I get compliments on how great my hair looks every day.

Selena tran Selena tran

10:17 08/05/2023

My hair extensions came along with my order and I love them. It looked really good on me when I wore it to work. I love the invisibility of the extensions and they are smooth. If you have never tried hair extensions before, you need to try it.

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