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Body Wave vs Deep Wave: What's The Difference

Body Wave vs Deep Wave: What's The Difference?

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Jun 14 2023

The word wave makes a very beautiful view in our mind when we read this word, whether it's a hair wave or a water wave. The shiny, sheer ups and downs of wavy hair make them attractive and worth buying. But which wave type is going to steal your heart Body wave vs Deep wave? The depth and shapes of waves are the main qualities that catch the eye of a buyer. Even the luxurious waves and lustrous shine seems different from the wave type. When comparing body waves vs deep waves, it is important to understand that they refer to different textures or styles of hair extensions. Let's have a look at the two most interesting wave types and the main differences, Body wave vs Deep wave.

What is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair holds first place in every woman’s heart due to its natural and simple wavy texture with no dramatic deep curls. The one who wants to enjoy bouncy hair with a simple elegant look, body wave hair weaves are for you dear! You can rock your college days and business meetings with sophisticated body waves. Body wave hair is often sought after by individuals who have straight or fine hair and desire a more voluminous and textured look.  

What is Body Wave Hair?

The Features of Body Wave Hair

The simplest way of describing body wave hair is the S shape letter. The body wave hair makes the S shape wave around the whole length of hair and is super easy to carry. I don’t think any wave shape can beat body waves in its manageability and fuller volumizing look. Body wave hair refers to a type of hairstyle or texture that features loose, soft waves throughout the hair. Here are some features of Body Wave Hair:

- Flowy Glowy Pattern: Body Wave hair has a flexible, natural-looking wave design. It is less defined and has larger waves as compared to deep waves or water waves.

- Versatility winner: Body wave hair wins in versatility and can be styled in various hairstyles. You can wear it candidly by using a flat iron or add more defined curls with a curling iron. 

- Natural Movement: Body wave hair mimics the natural texture of wavy hair, giving a more realistic and effortless look. It blends well with more hair types to embellish your natural beauty.

- Soft and Silky Texture: Velvety hair strands and cottony texture makes the body wave a piece of timeless elegance.

- Low maintenance: Body Wave hair demands relatively low maintenance as compared to deep wave hair. The wavy pattern helps to conceal minor tangles or frizz, making it easy to handle and maintain.

- Longevity: With proper care, body wave hair extensions can last longer. Body wave hair weaves allow you to reuse it and enjoy it till your last breath.

- Styling Solutions: The body wave hair allows to create a range of luxurious looks, including updos, ponytails, half-up styles, or leave it down for a free-flowing look. 

The Features of Body Wave Hair

What is Deep Wave Hair?

The most precise way to portray deep wave hair is its twisted pattern. Deep wave hair refers to a type of textured hair pattern that resembles natural curly waves, with a deep, tight, and defined S-shaped curl pattern. This type of hair texture is for those who want a glamorous hair look with more volume and bounce. The harmony of coiled waves makes them unique and eye-catching. Every wave of hair extensions makes your wedding or your college farewell magical.

What is Deep Wave Hair?

The Features of Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair can be described as the healthier, tighter, and regular pattern of waves with more shine and sheen. They resemble curly hair patterns but deep-wave hair is not coiled to that extent. Let’s put on some light on the features of deep wave hair:

- Coiled Pattern: A well-defined, consistent wave pattern that creates a deep, wavy, and tight texture. Deep wave hair has a healthy volume and perfect choice for those who wish for healthy thick hair styles.

- Healthy texture: Deep wave hair has a shiny and voluminous texture and blends well with most hair types especially those with a similar wavy or curly pattern.

- Glam Appearance: For women who like glam and chic hairstyles, deep wave hair is the best decision.

- High maintenance: Deep wave hair needs more maintenance and care as the coiled waves are more prone to tangling than natural body waves. Click here to learn more about how to maintain deep wave hair.

- Durability: As compared to body wave hair, deep wave hair has short durability. You can’t reuse them as many times as body wave hair.

Major Differences Between Body Wave vs Deep Wave Hair?

Girls get super confused about choosing one thing out of many options, body wave vs deep wave vs water wave, when it comes to styling. And if it's a matter of hair, then choosing the best hair texture and hairstyle is no less than a business decision. If we want to compare popular hair textures, body wave hair vs deep wave hair, then it is really hard to choose one over the other. Let’s have a detailed discussion about which is better - body wave hair vs deep wave hair.

1. Relaxed Pattern vs Tighter Pattern: Body wave hair has a looser and more relaxed wave pattern as compared to deep wave hair. The waves in body waves hair are typically larger and less defined, creating a more subtle wavy look. On the other hand, deep-wave hair has a tighter wave pattern, creating a more pronounced wave texture.

2. Smooth Texture vs Coiled Texture: Body wave hair has a delicate and fluffy texture with a smooth-flowing appearance as compared to deep wave hair which is tightly coiled and has a more voluminous texture.

3. Natural Fullness vs Bomb Fullness: Deep wave hair tends to provide more volume and fullness compared to body wave hair. The tighter wave pattern of deep wave hair gives a more thick and chick look as compared to the softer, natural flow of body wave hair.

4. Maintenance: We can understand your stress of maintaining hair weaves. If we compare which is more stressful in maintenance between deep wave vs body wave, then deep wave is definitely the one.

Major Differences Between Body Wave vs deep wave?

Body Wave vs Deep Wave Hair: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to choosing a body wave vs deep wave, both styles offer amazing and unique styles to express your creativity and personal style. We should not compare body wave vs Deep wave hair because they are two different types of hair. Both wave patterns have their aesthetic place in the world of beauty and fashion. Depending on the event you are going to attend, each wave type gives its glam and glow. For Women who want to go with an all-natural and modest look, then body wave hair is the ideal choice. Your day event is incomplete without nude lip color and beachy body waves to enjoy the ravishing charm. On the other hand, dark lip color, deep wave hair, and blingy dress will make you rock your night parties and dinner date. We will help you to ease your mind by discovering the superiority of textures between deep wave vs body wave.

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Body Wave vs Deep Wave Hair: Which one is better?

Where to purchase superior quality wave pattern hair weaves?

Are you tired of searching for beautiful hair wave pattern hair with high quality and longevity?  MIC Hair is an all-in-one place where you can get many options according to your preference. It helps make you choose between Body wave vs deep wave by offering numerous wave hair weaves with the exquisite art of hairstyles. Glamorous sheen, natural flowy waves, long-lasting shine, and super easy manageability at budget-friendly rates. 


After this article, I hope you know the major differences between body wave vs deep wave hair. When choosing between body wave hair vs deep wave hair, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and desired look. Cherish whatever pattern you buy in the best possible way.



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