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How To Keep Deep Wave Hair Looking Wet

How To Keep Deep Wave Hair Looking Wet

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Tue Jul 11 2023

Women’s obsession with a wet hair look on deep waves is justifiable due to the unmatched sheer grace of wet waves. Deep waves stay more defined and long-lasting with a wet look as compared to simple deep waves with no extra dewy glam. Let me help you push the boundaries of hair styling by adding a wet appearance to your deep wave hair and find out the strategies on how to keep deep wave hair looking wet.

Can you wet deep-wave hair at home?

Are you worried about how to keep deep wave hair looking wet at home? Getting your desired wet look on deep-wave hair at home is easy and super quick. Use your moisturizing hair mist along with hair conditioning cream to get more defined and damp deep waves. Scrunch the locks to make them long-lasting and finish it up with holding spray. Although styling deep-wave hair is quite tricky, you can do it with little effort and passion. Let me put in a few quick steps to make deep-wave hair wet and curly:

1. Spray your hair with water mist to make your hair strands damp.

2. Apply a curl-defining cream or conditioning cream.

3. Let them air-dry.

4. Apply your water-based hair serum.

Here you go! Deep waves with a wet look are ready.

Can you wet deep-wave hair at home?

How to keep deep wave hair looking wet and lustrous

Styling deep wave hair is an art but keeping them perfect throughout the day is the mastery of art and not everyone can be the master of wave hair styling. Women style deep-wave hair by heat styling but don’t know how to make this style long-lasting. Today, we’ll learn this secret technique of how to keep a wet look on deep-wave hair.

Follow these tips to achieve a stunning and long-lasting wet look for your deep hair:

1. Start with damp hair

Begin with freshly washed hair or dampen your dry hair with water using a water spray. The wet look is easier to achieve when you start with damp hair. Remember don’t overwet your hair as it will cause problems in styling deep waves.

2. Applying a moisturizing product

A good quality moisturizing product plays a key role in keeping your deep waves looking wet and manageable all day long. Moisturizing products include deep leave-in conditioners or hair gel. Apply a generous amount of moisturizing product considering your hair length, volume, and texture. Conditioning products play a key role in the process of how to keep deep-wave hair looking wet.

How to keep deep wave hair looking wet and lustrous

3. Comb through

Comb your hair with your fingers or use a wide-toothed to distribute the gel or conditioner evenly. This will help in detangling and distributing the conditioning effect from root to end.

4. Define the waves

Scrunch your hair gently from the ends upwards to enhance the natural wave pattern. You can also twist or braid sections of your hair to create more defined waves.

5. Avoid excessive touching

Don’t touch your hair too much once you style it. Excessive touching will disturb your wave pattern and make your hair look less defined.

6. Use a wet-look hair product

Shine-enhanced serums or gels are the best option for a wet look on your hair. Shine serums are super lightweight and easy to apply without giving a greasy texture to your hair. Apply a small amount of serum to your palms and lightly run your hands over the surface of your hair. This shiny sheer glow will boost the wet look of your hair.

7. Avoid oil-based products

The art of how to keep deep wave hair looking wet needs to clear this misunderstanding that oil based serums will enhance your waves. Avoid using oil-based products for shine and conditioning effects. They can add shine to your hair, but also weigh down your hair and make them greasy.

8. Allow your hair to air dry

Let your hair air dry to maintain the wet appearance. Using a diffuser on a low setting can also speed up the drying process while maintaining a wave pattern.

How to keep deep wave hair looking wet

9. Avoid excessive heat styling

Avoid using excessive heat if you’re worried about how to keep a wet look on deep-wave hair. Excessive heat styling strips away moisture from your hair, making it look dull and dry. Always use a heat protectant spray if you want to do heat styling.

10. Refresh with a refreshing spray

Throughout the day, if your hair starts to lose its wet look, you can spritz it with water or a refreshing spray to revive the waves and add moisture.

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Products to use on deep-wave hair to get a wet look

Deep wave hair is super sensitive to carry and adding a wet look on deep waves is even more complex. You’ll need products that provide shine, definition, and hold. Here are some recommendations on how to keep deep wave hair looking wet with these products:

1. Hair Gel

Water-based hair gel works great to add a wet look to deep hair. Apply a generous amount to damp hair without excessive buildup or stiffness.

2. Conditioning cream

Apply an adequate amount of conditioning or curl-defining cream to your damp hair. It will enhance shine, and moisture and make your deep waves dewy and defined.

products to keep deep wave hair looking wet

3. Shine serum

Add luster to your deep wet waves with water-based shine serum. This will help in styling deep-wave hair and enhance the wet look of deep-wave hair.

4. Holding Spray

Finish off your styling deep wave hair look with a light holding spray to lock in the style and glamor. Hold the spray bottle a few inches away from your hair and mist lightly.


Remember less is more when it comes to product application. Apply the product according to your hair length and volume. Find out how to keep deep wave hair looking wet by experimenting with these products to get the best combination for your hair type. After getting your desired wet look, enjoy the art of your hair indulging in dewy damp waves.



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