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Here’s How To Wash Sew In Weave Present In Between Your Hair and Maintain It Well

Here’s How To Wash Sew In Weave Present In Between Your Hair and Maintain It Well

Fashion Blog Thu Apr 29 2021

For those having sew-in weaves and having no knowledge about how to maintain it, let me tell you, you’ve got to take a lot of care. Sew in might be a better option for you than having wigs on your head every day, but cleaning it is a bigger task. The biggest question would be how to wash sew in weave?

Well, there are several tips and tricks for having a healthy and maintained sew in weave. The style might take a lot of effort, but at the end of the day, the results are pretty amazing that you won’t regret. Also, you won’t have to worry about them falling off when you’re in a situation. 

There are different kinds of sew in extensions, and all of them vary in different sizes, such as 18 inches and 24 inches. Also, the best part of having these installed on your hair is that it gives you the look of a ponytail and open hair at all times. 

If you’re looking forward to having it in your already present hair, here’s a guide on how to wash sew in weave.

Use A Shampoo That Can Prevent Sweat

Sweat and weaves are the biggest enemies of each other, so you know that you must have a shampoo capable of preventing it. Go for something like a clay nourishment shampoo that keeps your scalp hydrated and doesn’t let it turn sweaty. 

Some shampoos are specifically dedicated to such products present in your head, so look out for them and see if you can go. Usually, this might feel havoc for someone who washes their head 1-2 times a week, but with hydrating shampoos, they won’t need to redo their hair every alternative day. 

Check For Shampoos With Nozzles

There are hundreds of shampoo companies providing nozzles on the tip for people with dense hair who can’t capture every part of their scalp. A shampoo bottle with a nozzle will help you apply at the parts that would be tough to do otherwise. Generally, this includes the hair that is behind the sew in weave

Follow both shampoo and conditioner. When you apply the shampoo, ensure to spread it well with the bottle and then go in with your fingers. Ensure to massage the scalp well to remove all the sweat or other product build-up. 

Shampoo After Oiling Your Hair

This step, in particular, won’t seem like the most important one to you, but in reality, it holds a lot of importance for your weaves. To maintain the shape of both kinds of hair and keep the scalp relaxed, oiling is your best friend.

Go for oils such as the tea tree and olive since these are not particularly heavy in texture and also do the job of making your scalp healthy. A tea tree application can also help you prevent sweat while you have the weaves present. Essentially include this step in your "how to wash sew in weave" schedule. 

Spend Some Time For Washing

If you’re someone who is always running errands with no time for yourself, then sew in won’t be the best option for you. It requires a lot of time and effort to be washed and maintained. Clean with it with a soothing massage and proper application of shampoo on your head. 

After the application, while rinsing, ensure that you’re constantly massaging the scalp to bring out any kind of build-up present in your head. Condition it well, since if not, there is a high chance that your natural hair come out more frizzy than the sew in weave. 

Do NOT Keep It In Braids For Long Periods

There is a high chance that 90 percent of people keep sew ins in single or multiple braids thinking that the washing schedule will last for longer spans. But that is going to be one of the biggest mistakes you make. Braids would only make your scalp more sweaty due to a lack of air in some areas.

The portion behind your weave will constantly be sweating, and as a result, not only will your scalp promote build-up, but your head will be extremely heavy. You’ll feel the tightness and actually won’t like having that feeling, so rather keep it ponytails if you want to have them tied for longer periods. 

Dry It Very Well Post Wash

Use tools for drying since with a sew-in weave, it will take you forever to dry them out with the natural process. It is not just about how to wash sew in weave, but how to dry is also a big question. Have a good hairdryer and take it from the scalp to the bottom properly.

Once you’ve dried it slightly, use a brush and start untangling them, further moving ahead to use the dryer with the brush to create a style. Straight them down with a dryer or have it fully blown; the choice is yours. You can also use straighteners and curlers for styling and create great outcomes. 


So the next time you think that how to wash, sew in weave, consider this guide as your ultimate best friend for all the solutions. But, remember that as much as hectic this job is, nothing will make sense if the weave extension is not of good quality. Use only highly qualitative ones.

Also, get it done from a professional who has a lot of experience in getting them on your hair. Choose the length that suits you, and you would be able to manage because apart from that, you will face many issues. Try keeping it only for 6-8 weeks because, after that, the hair starts to loosen up.

Keep these things in mind, and that’s it! Your work for major of the time gets sorted, and there won’t be any such thing that would trouble you during having weaves. But, question how to wash sew in weave, consider the process and only then finalize your decision to do it. You’re good to go! 

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