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Everything You Need To Know About Human Hair Loc Extensions - A Complete Process And Caring Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Human Hair Loc Extensions - A Complete Process And Caring Guide

Fashion Blog Thu Dec 03 2020

Do you ever look at a stranger with dreadlocks and already know that he or she is strong-willed, daring, artistic, and a 'cool' person? Well, honestly, all of us do. Dreadlocks are a style statement and look ultra-chic on both men and women. With the locs installed, you don't need to struggle every day to style your hair, curl and burn them or use hundreds of products; all you need is confidence. If you want to slay the locs but have no time to grow them naturally, human hair loc extensions are a great alternative. With proper processing of such extensions, you would get the desired natural-looking dreadlocks in no time. Keep reading the article to know everything about these extensions, their complete process, and caring.

Reasons To Use Human Hair Loc Extensions

Just to start with, dreadlocks are just unique and attractive. You see a man with locs; you know he is not just "another brick in the wall." They are super fashion-forward and appealing. Extensions are categorized into Synthetic and  Human hair locs. 

Following are the reasons why you should choose human hair loc extensions over artificial/ synthetic ones.

  • - They are permanent.
  • - Look exactly like real locs
  • - Chemical-free
  • - Don't break easily
  • - You can touch up and shampoo them at the roots, too, just like your own hair. 
  • - Tighten with time and let your real hair grow without damages.

Once installed, you will never have to care about bad hair days, just put them in a ponytail or tie a cute scarf around, and you are all set to go.

The Pre-Process

There are a couple of things you'll need to do before getting human hair extensions installed. Start with thoroughly detangling your hair. Remove all the stubborn knots and ties and let your hair breathe. Getting human hair lock extensions attached would mean your commitment for a long time, and so, you'd want to cleanse your hair deep too. Seal the moisture with a good conditioner and essential oils and make a perfect base for the process. As your hair would remain wrapped in the dreadlocks style, you can't leave them dry and rough to get further damaged. Get a scalp cleansing, and protein treatment is done if needed.

Materials Required

1 - Human Hair Loc Extensions

Pick up the most suitable Human Hair extensions for your hair. Some brands sell synthetic ones in the name of natural hair extensions, dig up reviews online on all the options available, and choose carefully. The artificial loc extensions are generally very tightly coiled from the start and have hoops for attachment. Whereas the natural ones are a bit loose and tighten up with time. They have free strands in the end for attachment to your hair. Get the extensions in the color and length of your choice.

2 - Parting Comb And Hairbrush

A parting comb will be needed to perfectly part your hair at the scalp in a desirable way before all the braiding and twisting starts. You will need to brush the hair throughout the process frequently.

3 - Clips To Hold Your Hair Up

If your hair is dense, you will need multiple clips to stop them from coming in your way throughout the process.

4 - Crochet Needle

Generally, this is the essential tool you need for attaching the extensions. This needle would help you form the dread and sew your natural hair with the Human Hair Loc Extension. It is easier to combine extension to hair with this needle's help, as it's tip lets you easily pull the hair in and out.


If you already have dreadlocks, the whole process of attaching extensions would be a lot easier since there is no need to install the base. You can carry out the process at home, too, without a professional. It might take time, but with someone's help, you would be able to complete it in a few hours. But if you want to start your locs with extensions, it is advised to go to a technician and get it done. The process would require the following steps: 

  • - Carefully parting the hair and clipping it as close as possible to the scalp.
  • - Tightening/ twisting of the braids.
  • - Attachment of extensions to the braids with the help of a crochet needle.
  • - Sealing of the loc ends.
  • - Crocheting the hairs together would knit them into dreadlocks, and you will get the expected cylindrical wrap. This process takes up to 8-12 hours, depending upon the speed of the professional and density of your hair. You might need to revisit the salon in 2 months for a re-twisting, as the locs need to be refreshed. 

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Maintenance And Care

Dreadlocks are a low maintenance style. The below-mentioned tips should be followed for proper care :

Tip 1: Get a re-touch in 6-8 weeks and re-install a few locs near the hairline.

Tip 2: Refrain from using very greasy and creamy products in your hair to avoid the accumulation of residue and dirt on the scalp.

Tip 3: Do regular oiling to keep the quality of hair protected. 

Tip 4:  Tie your locks in a bun to prevent pulling and breakage. 

Tip 5: Replace your pillow covers with the ones in silk or satin material. 

Tip 6: Never sleep in your wet hair! Soaked hair, if left overnight, causes a bad odor. 

Tip 7: Give a regular scalp massage and conditioning to strengthen your locs. 

Having a dreadlock hairstyle is a bold step and implies your conformity with freedom from vanity. With low maintenance and bare minimum care, the look will give you a "hip" vibe. If you are determined to put the required patience and time initially in the process, what are you waiting for? Get your dreadlocks done today with good quality human hair loc extensions.

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