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Tape-In Extensions Damage: Things You Must Do To Prevent It

Tape-In Extensions Damage: Things You Must Do To Prevent It

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Wed Mar 23 2022

People love wearing hair extensions as they feel glamorous and more confident about themselves. Some like to have long hair, while others want their hair to be fuller. No matter your reason for wanting extensions, it’ll be best if you take care of it to avoid tape in extensions damage.

Are tape-in extensions bad for your hair?

It depends on the quality of hair extensions, the installation process and how properly you treat your hair. If you do those steps correctly, tape-in extensions aren’t bad for your hair. However, if any of these steps are overlooked or poorly executed, you might experience some potential damage. To be honest, no matter how properly those steps are implemented, most women will feel a little bit uncomfortable during the first week.

Are tape-in extensions bad for your hair?

Tape-in on your hair

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Potential Damage Caused By Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tension and Itchiness

In general, the weight of hair extensions can cause excess tension on your scalp and make you feel itchy. However, with tape-in hair extensions which are mostly light weight than other types of hair extensions, the tension will happen as a result of improper installation process. You might have to suffer this uncomfort at the first week. After that period, your hair will grow and you won’t have to suffer anymore.

Hair loss

Hair loss won’t happen when you install tape-in hair extensions. This issue happens mostly when you use and when you uninstall them. Lack of care and maintenance is the main reason for the breakage and hair loss while using tape-in hair extensions. When removing tape-in hair extensions, if the adhesive is not fully dissolved, you will face hair loss.

Allergic Reactions

Many women will feel itchy right after installing and it lasts very long. What happened? Tape-in hair extensions use adhesive to attach the hair strands. These adhesives may cause irritations and potential damage to the scalp. 

Preparation For The Installation Process

In this step, your hair stylist will ask you some questions to make sure you don’t have any adverse reaction and allergies to the glue used in tape-ins. If you can’t give the exact answers, ask your stylist to check this by applying a small piece of adhesive to your skin. By doing this, you will know which types of adhesives you are allergic to and avoid using them. 

After that, you should wash your hair and your tape in hair extension to make it soft and clean before installing. Clean and soft hair not only makes the installation process become easier, but it also reduces the chance of tangling on your natural hair.

Get Your Hair Done By Experienced Stylist

Is Tape-in installation easy? YES!! But it doesn’t mean that you can unseal the tape and attach them anywhere you want on your hair. Unlike clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions is a semi-permanent method that you can’t put on and remove tape-in hair extensions right after. With it, you have to put it on the right way unless you have to live with the bad blend for up to 3-5 weeks. Moreover, the wrong installation can cause stretching to your scalp. 

I suggest you come to the nearest hair stylist who has experience in hair extensions to do it for you. They know where they should put the tape-ins on to blend perfectly with your natural hair without damage.

Get Your Hair Done By Experienced Stylist

Get Your Hair Done By Experienced Stylist

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Tape-In Extensions Care and Maintenance

Unlike your original hair, tape-in hair extensions do not produce natural oils to keep the strands healthy. It means that they cannot maintain themselves and need your help to keep them at peak condition.

When taking care of tape-in extensions or any wigs, you must treat them like your own hair, especially if it is made of authentic hair. Take care of it every day, and it might last for a year. Having these accessories is an excellent investment, and so maintaining its beauty will make your money worth it. 

Take note: If you take care of your tape-in hair extensions, they will last longer. You  want to keep the quality at best if you reuse it. 

Before deciding whether to have a tape-in hair extension, you may watch this video to know what you should know.

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What are the hair products that you must avoid?

People use hair products to add protection to their hair or volume. However, you must be careful in choosing what to use to avoid tape in extensions damage. Do not use products that have alcohol, oil, or ethanol. These ingredients might break down the adhesive and cause your hair extension to fall out.

Do not overuse it when you choose to use a hair care product that makes your hair look more healthy. Too much hair product on your hair might cause build-ups and make it prone to tangling. When applying serums, only use them up to the mid-shaft. Avoid the scalp and tapes not to affect the bond.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain sulfate. If you have natural hair products, the better. When applying conditioner, do not get past the tape-in hair extensions or use it on the tip of your hair up to your ears. Your hair still needs that moisture, shine, and softness while having the tape still clinging to the hair.

What are the hair products that you must avoid?

Products that you must avoid

Alternative Hair Extensions Methods

Although tape-in hair extensions are light-weight and relatively safe for your natural hair and scalp, you can choose other methods that are considered less damaging. There are many hair extensions that are very safe for your hair such as halo hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions and sew-in hair extensions. If you want to get a seamless blend, those methods will work very well. However, no matter what type of extension you choose, it's crucial to have them professionally installed and uninstalled, follow all care instructions, and take regular breaks to allow your natural hair to rest and breathe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I iron my hair with tape-in extensions?

Ironing the hair parts where the tapes are installed is not recommended. The heat will weaken the bond, and it can melt the tape itself. Use a heat protectant spray when ironing hair to lessen the damage your hair extensions might receive.

2. Why should I choose tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are the least prone to damage among all kinds of hair. When applied, they are light on the head and do not tug the roots. It is the least expensive and is low maintenance. You may reuse it as it is easy to adjust.

3. How long does a hair extension last? 

The lifespan of a tape-in hair extension depends on how you take care of it. Usually, it will be at its peak quality in 4 to 6 months. However, many women made their hair extensions last for a year and more since they took care of it diligently.


Tape-in hair extensions add glamor to your hair. People invest in it as it is a crown you can never take off. Thus it is imperative that you take care of it to avoid tape in extensions damage.

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