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Tape-In Hair Extensions Guide | Pros And Cons

Tape-In Hair Extensions Guide | Pros And Cons

Fashion Blog Tue Apr 27 2021

Women use different varieties of hair extensions these days to style their hair. It is a great way to flaunt your hair in different styles. Especially women who do not have voluminous and lengthy hair will benefit a lot from these hair extensions. But choose the right hair extensions for you may be a difficult task at times. Generally, this is a guide to let you know more about one type of hair extension, the Tape in Hair Extension. Understand more about this hair extension along with tape extensions pros and cons.

Tape-in hair extensions are something that you cannot make yourself easily. It needs to be perfectly made to get a natural look. This hair extension style can be installed and removed without using any equipment, heat, or any kind of chemicals. Thus, many women prefer to use the tape-in hair extension.

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

These hair extensions will have pre-taped wefts made using medical-grade adhesive. The wefts on the tape-in extensions are generally one inch in width. Tape-in hair extensions can be made using human and Remy hair or synthetic hair. To get natural-looking hair, the Remy human hair would be the perfect choice as the cuticles will be intact with the hair. Another advantage of using Remy human hair extensions is that it does not get tangled easily. You can find more tape extensions pros and cons below in this article. 

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Cost Of Tape-In Extensions

The cost of this kind of hair extension varies according to the colour, quality, and length. It also depends on how many hair extensions you will require, according to the texture and volume of your hair. It is not very reasonable to get an ample amount of tape in extensions, but it has many benefits. Moreover, you will need an expert stylist to install the tape-in hair extensions as you will not be able to do it all by yourself. 

How Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Installed?

This hair extension has a sticker-like adhesive, and a thin strip of your original hair will go in between two strips of the weft. Only a professional stylist can accurately fix this. The tape-ins are attached not too close to the scalp as it will be difficult to remove them later. Also, it should not be attached very close to the hairline. The application process can take some time between 45 mins to one hour, depending on the length and volume you want. 

Besides, the tape-ins must be set evenly and straight according to the roots of your hair. If the tape-in is attached in a slanting or diagonal position, then you will feel extremely uncomfortable since it will slip off from your hair. Do not remove your tape-in hair extensions by yourself since it is sure that you will damage your hair by pulling the tape-ins. 

How Long Will The Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

Usually, the tape-in hair extensions will stay for about six to eight weeks. If your hair grows very faster, then you will have to reinstall it. When you feel that you need to reinstall the tape-in extensions, go to the salon and let your stylist do it for you. To reinstall, first, the stylist will remove it using a mild bond remover. Usually, this is used to separate and slide the extension out. Then your stylist will remove the old tape on the weft and fix a new one. If you take good care of your natural hair and the hair extensions, the longer the tape-in extensions will last. 

How To Maintain Tape -In Extensions

You can surely wash your tape-in extensions like you normally wash your hair. It is also possible to style them the way you want. But you must consider giving it a little more care to maintain its natural look and texture. While you sleep, it is better to tie your hair into a loose braid as this can avoid tugging the wefts. You can also apply a natural hair mask once a week to maintain the smooth and soft texture of the tape-in hair extensions. 

Avoid tying your wet hair, and do not sleep with wet hair. Moreover, washing your hair daily is not necessary. If you use any oil, serums, or other hair products, make sure not to apply them on the tape. Just apply on your hair. Deep oil treatments, heavy rinsing must be avoided completely.

Tape Extensions Pros and Cons  

Before choosing the tape-in hair extensions for yourselves, you might want to know about the pros and cons. Anybody can wear a tape-in hair extension, but you must go to an expert stylist to fix the extensions for you. If the hair extension is not fixed properly, it might be hard for you. Now let us see some of the tape extensions pros and cons.

Pros of Tape-in Hair Extensions

  • - You can beautify your hair with hairstyles in any way you like with the tape-in extensions
  • - You can choose any colour of tape-in hair extensions you like, so you do not have to colour or dye your hair
  • - The installation of the tape-in hair extensions will not damage your natural hair if installed and removed by a professional
  • - The weft on the tape-in hair extensions is thin, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • - Tape-in hair extensions are a little expensive when compared to hair extensions
  • - You must maintain the tape-in hair extensions daily to keep them in good condition and to last long
  • - It might feel uncomfortable if you wear more quantity of tape-in hair extensions.


I hope this guide on tape extensions pros and cons and other information regarding the extensions have given you a great idea about the same. Always try using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Once you have installed the tape-in hair extensions, wash your hair for 72 hours so that the adhesive will settle properly. This tape-in hair extension can be used again.

 If you like to straighten or curl your hair, you can do it with tape-hair extensions. But do not iron your hair on the base. Stop worrying anymore if you have thin and short hair. Tape-in hair extensions are one of the perfect choices to make your hair look stylish whenever you want. 

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