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Things To Know About Sewing Extensions On Caucasian Hair

Things To Know About Sewing Extensions On Caucasian Hair

Fashion Blog Fri Feb 26 2021

Hair extensions are quite common these days. If you do not have thick or voluminous hair, you can always opt for some of the best hair extensions that you can use. Let it be for a function or your regular days; hair extensions can surely accentuate your look to another level. This article is going to cover all the significant details about sew-in extensions for Caucasian hair. So, what is Caucasian Hair? It is a type of hair that can be curly, wavy, or straight. The color of Caucasian hair varies between the shades of browns and blonde. Usually, this kind of hair grows diagonally for about 1.2 cm every month. The density of Caucasian hair is high when compared to other ethnic types of hair.

What are Sewing Hair Extensions?

First thing I would like to let you know that there are various names for sew-in extensions. It is also known by the names – Braided Extensions and Weave Hair Extensions. Call it whatever you like. Sew-in extensions are among the most preferred hair extensions used by many people who have thick, curly or coarse hair. Sewing hair extensions are available in various colors, textures, and lengths. You should always make sure to choose suitable hair extensions that match your natural hair.

Steps To Sew In Hair Extensions For Caucasian Hair

First, you need to clean your hair and scalp well before sewing the hair extensions. It is always good to get a professional hairstylist to sew the hair extensions since it is not easy to weave by yourself. Your stylist will make the horizontal cornrow now from one side. Then, using a needle and thread, the hair extensions are sewed onto your hair. The wefts of the hair extensions are sewn into your vertically braided hair after creating the base.

Advantages Of Sew In Hair Extensions

  • - It does not damage your natural hair
  • - You can wear sew-in hair extensions for any activities, even physical activities
  • - With this hair extension, you can style your hair the way you want
  • - The extensions will not fall off or slip away easily
  • - It only requires less maintenance
  • - Sew in hairstyle can last up to 6-8 weeks if good care is taken. Later minor adjustments might be needed.
  • - No usage of glue or heating techniques
  • - Your natural hair will also grow regularly

Affordable Price

  • - Disadvantages of Sew in Hair Extensions
  • - Sewing extensions on natural hair takes a long time
  • - If you have silky hair, the braids made might not stay strong for a longer time, and the extensions tend to get loose
  • - Some people may feel minor pain or discomfort when the braids are made tightly

How To Maintain The Sew-In Extensions For Caucasian Hair

Washing or shampooing your hair regularly will not damage the extensions. Avoid over-styling your hair. Straightening, blow-drying as usual can be done since they do not harm your hair. Moreover, you should brush your hair regularly too to avoid any tangles.

Suitable Sew-In Hair Extension Options For Caucasian Ladies

There are many different kinds of sew-in hair extensions available in the market these days. Before you pick one, you should check on various factors to get that perfect natural-looking hairdo. Following are some of the best hair weaves that you can choose if you are a Caucasian woman.

1 - Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese hair is generally thick yet soft, so it goes well with the Caucasian hair type. When it comes to durability, Vietnamese hair extensions will last for about two years if maintained properly. The hair color of Vietnamese is generally black, but you can always color the hair according to your natural hair or the color you want.

2 - Malaysian Hair

The hairs of Malaysians are soft and silky, which is almost the same as the Caucasian hair. One of the main advantages of Malaysian hair extensions is they hardly get tangled. Mostly this type of hair comes in the black or dark brown shade and has a very light density.

3 - European or Russian Hair

This hair type matches with Caucasian hair flawlessly. But these hair extensions may not be readily available. Even if you find one, it might be a little expensive. These kinds of hair extensions are usually very thin, so coloring the extensions according to your liking may increase the chance of damaging them.

4 - Peruvian Hair

This type of hair extension comes in different textures like curly, wavy, and straight. It is a free-flowing hair extension that can suit Caucasian hair well.

5 - Eurasian Hair

It is a blend of both Asian and European textures. It might be challenging to find such hair extensions, but it matches well with Caucasian hair as it is thick, silky, and smooth.

How long will the sew-in hair extensions last on Caucasian Hair?

If you maintain your hair well by giving proper nourishment and cleaning the scalp regularly, then it might stay for nearly four weeks. Brushing your hair, shampooing, etc., can also add up to the durability of the extensions. Some sew-in extensions will even last for up to 6 months based on how well it has been fixed onto your hair. There are high chances that you ignore taking care of your natural hair after sewing the hair extensions. But, keep in mind that your natural hair grows typically and should be taken care of well.

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So, it is your choice to pick up suitable extensions for your Caucasian hair. If you have gone through all the sections in this article, you will have a clear idea about choosing and what not to. If you want that silky, smooth, and voluminous hair, then go for sew-in hair extensions and flaunt your various hairstyles with confidence. Never ignore choosing the right texture of hair extensions for your hair. Otherwise, it might look unnatural, which can even ruin your whole look.

Whenever you feel like it is time to let go of the hair extensions, get in touch with your hairstylist and leave it to them. They will remove the hair extensions without breaking your hair. If you try to remove it yourself, you will surely damage your original hair by pulling and creating tangles. 

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