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3 Most Common Closure Sew In Styles

3 Most Common Closure Sew In Styles

Fashion Blog Wed Jun 08 2022

One beauty of wearing hair extensions is that you may style your hair in any style you want. If you are looking for different looks you want to try with your new hair, here are the ten closure sew in styles you have to try.

What is hair closure?

Hair closure refers to hairpieces that have color-matched Swiss lace sewn into the base of the wig with hair extensions that mimic your skin tone, giving the illusion of hair emerging from the scalp. You may quickly wear it with glue, but removing the closure will be more challenging than sew-ins.

On the other hand, sew-ins are more versatile as you stitch them. Closures are popular hair extensions because they allow you to separate your hair in various ways while maintaining a natural hairline and even put baby hair around the borders to make it look more realistic. 

It lets you alter your hairstyle rapidly without putting your natural hair or scalp at risk from heat, pressure, or harm. Here is some excellent closure sew in styles that you may try.

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Quick closure sew in styles

If you are looking for closure, sew in styles that don’t require much time. It is effortless to do, and some only need some accessories to create the look.

Bobby Pin Baddie

Bobby pin will be your best buddy for closure sew in styles. Side part your hair and put five bobby pins horizontally from ear to the parting. Add two bobby pins o n the third pin diagonally, creating an X. It will work best with dampened hair.

Glam Hairband

For more glamor, you may do this hairstyle. Wear a wide scrunchie as a headband.  Choose a wide choker or any necklace and pin it into the scrunchie. Make sure to hide the ends under your hair and secure it with a bobby pin.

Double Ponytail

A sleek double ponytail will require a longer closure for more manageable styling. The parting can be in the middle or side, wherever you look best. Just tie your hair on both sides and make sure that your hair on the scalp is flat for a seamless look.

Half Ponytail

For a more natural look, putting your hair into a half ponytail will blend your closure naturally. Only tie the upper part of your hair from ear to ear and let the bottom part flow like natural hair.

Braided closure sew in styles

Braiding closures are typical as they can easily blend the hair extension without too many details. Additionally, it adds finesse to the hair, and you can be creative with it.

Sassy Side Braid

This style is one of the easiest as it only requires two steps. First, tie your hair into a low ponytail. Lastly, braid it down going to the side of the head and seal it with a rubber band. You may add accessories to the braid for more glamor.

Halo Crown Braid

This hairstyle is one of the closure sew in styles that gained popularity because it looks cute. It requires a longer closure to go over your head. French braid our hair from one ear going up over your head and tie it when it reaches your other ear. Secure the tail under your hair with a bobby pin.

Double French Braid

Rather than having one french braid that goes from ear to ear over your head, this hairstyle will start in the middle going down to the ear. Do it on both sides. You may either leave the rest of your hair down or ponytail it with the french braids.

Closure sew in bun hairstyles

Putting your hair into a bun can never go wrong. It goes great with your summer, casual, and chicky outfits. Here is some closure sew in styles you can try.

Half High Bun

It is a great hairstyle to conceal your lace closure and will be hard to tall whether the hair is growing from your scalp or not. This style is best if your hair is tight and curly, giving you a more youthful look. Just tie the upper part of your hair up and let the rest flow.

Space bun

This style is like a half-high bun but on both sides of your head. Section your hair in the middle, gather an equal amount of hair on both upper parts of your head and put it in a high bun. You may also french braid the sections first for an edgier look. 

Low bun

Instead of putting portions of your hair into a high bun, this will require the entire hair into a bun. Part your hair in the middle, begin twisting one side of your hair and secure it with a tie. Do the same with the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long can I wear closure sew-ins?

It can last for up to two months, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Any wig and hair extensions should not be left longer to avoid inflammation, harming your natural hair, having excess and build-up oil, and being prone to breakage.

2. Why is sew in better than glue?

Sew-in and glued closures have different strengths and weaknesses. Sew-in is excellent if you want a more versatile and flexible hair, but it will be harder to install. Meanwhile, you can easily do glued closures, but the strength and hold limit. It is also harder to remove glue than sews.

3. Are hair closures high maintenance? 

Wearing closures doesn’t mean that it will always be perfect. You still have to take care of it, like how you care for your hair. However, it would be best to give it more attention since it does not produce natural oils to keep it from damage.


Having hair extensions is the first step toward your glamor, but you cannot always wear the same hairstyle every day. There are many looks that you may try every day, just like these closure sew in styles. 

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