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5 Best Braid Patterns for Sew-In Hair Extension

5 Best Sew In Braid Pattern Hair Extension

Fashion Blog Thu Apr 07 2022

If you ask women why they prefer sew-in braid pattern hair extensions, you'll always get "because it's pretty convenient." Why? Though installing sew-in is a bit complex, it lasts longer and is more durable than other hair extensions. But know that there is a more stylish and effective way of braid patterns for sew-in than the old plain cornrows.

Why is sew in braid pattern hair extension is important?

Is it really that important? Well, yes. You have to prioritize having a healthy scalp and hair while enjoying the perks of having a sew-in hair extension. There are many reasons why you have to choose the most suitable sew in braid pattern hair extension for your.

Let's cut it into three reasons according to your hairstyle, hair extensions, and hair protection. 

Your hairstyle varies on what sew in braid pattern you used. Some braid patterns for sew-in are actually specified for a very limited hairstyle, like the classic cornrows. You can immediately spot the sew-in when parting the hair in the middle.

This is why you have to choose the best braid pattern according to the hairstyles you wish to have.

Poor braid patterns can ruin your sew-in. This is a common error from DIY-ing and inexperienced hairstylists. If your braid pattern is poorly made after installing the sew-in, it can lead to unwanted results such as an unnatural-looking sew-in braid pattern. What's worst is if your braid pattern suddenly loosens with partying or at work.

Braid patterns actually protect your natural hair from pressure. A well-done braid pattern actually protects your natural hair from damage due to pressure and tension if done correctly. A braid pattern protects your hair from external stresses, hair care strong chemicals, and heat styling equipment.

Why is sew in braid pattern hair extension is important?

Straight-Back with Leave Out Braid Pattern

Straight-back with leave out is one of the most popular braid patterns for sew-in and is ideal for long hair length. This braiding allows you to achieve a superb sleek and sophisticated hairstyle.

From the name itself, leave out; it leaves a few inches of hair in the middle top of your hair. After separating the leave out, it is now ready for cornrows that go straight back throughout the head.

Because this braid pattern is simple than the rest, even a beginner can do straight-back with leave out. You can DIY your sew-in and save tons of dimes for hairstyles you wish to try on. 

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Straight-Back with Leave Out Braid Pattern

Asymmetrical Braid Pattern

Let us all agree that a variety of unique braid patterns are now being introduced to accommodate the various sew-in techniques available everywhere. And this specific braid pattern happened due to the stylists' imaginations when they were struggling to make the sew-in more flexible.

Asymmetrical braid pattern for sew-in consists of the deep side half of the braids, which will enable you to do various hairstyles for your hair. This braiding is effective regardless of whether you desire a twist, straight, or wavy sew-in. 

An asymmetrical pattern is intended to provide you a one-of-a-kind, natural-looking sew-in. In fact, you can do every different type of hairstyle for every other kind of hair texture. You can even do some leave out if you want. 

An asymmetrical braid pattern is a versatile option that enables you to mix and match hairstyles without feeling any discomfort. You can also do big braids if you don't want to experience any stress from the tightness of your braids.

Asymmetrical Braid Pattern

Zigzag Braid Pattern

From the name itself, this braid pattern for sew-in consists of crisscrossed braids in your entire head. The zigzag braid pattern is well-known for being one of the most complex braiding patterns. But that doesn't stop people that prefer this pattern. Why? Because zigzag braiding is one of the most versatile available almost everywhere.

One of the many advantages of the Zigzag pattern is it leaves a layered style, making you achieve a more natural-looking sew-in. You also get to decide what your Zigzag braids should look like, from portions to thickness. So the more imaginative you are, the greater your sew-in will look marvelous.

However, it should be noted that removing the braids might be difficult if you actually take everything down simultaneously, and you might need to seek professional help.

Vixen Braid Pattern

Vixen braid pattern for sew-in is known for being versatile when parting your hair either horizontally or vertically without showing your sew-in.

You need to part your hair into four sections to make this braid pattern. Vixen allows you to achieve multiple hairstyles such as a ponytail, half-up, sectioned into the middle kind of hairstyles.

Vixen is pretty complex, as it allows you to do a lot of different hairstyles with it. You can do DIY, but if you want to have this braid pattern correctly without compromising your scalp and damaging your hair, it is best to hire a professional to do it for you. 

The only downside of this braiding pattern is that your hair is prone to pressure. But you can always have your way with Visen. To avoid discomfort, don't braid your hair too tight.

And when doing hairstyles, make sure that your hair and scalp if comfortable to the point that you don't feel any pressure or tightness in your head.

U-Part Braid Pattern

This braid pattern is perfect if you want to flaunt some of your natural hair, as the U-part brad has a U-shaped in front. At least 2 inches of leave out in the middle front of your hair is needed for this braid pattern. You'll surround the leave out with an anchor braid until you reach the ears.

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U-Part Braid Pattern

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Tips For Braiding Your Hair For A Sew-in

Now, you know that braid patterns for sew-in work very well on your hair. However, in order to keep sew in braid pattern in the best conditions, there are some tips for you:

1. Braid your hair as flat as possible: If you braid as closely as possible to your scalp, you can keep your sewn-in smoother.

2. Cut/Trim the ends: If your hair is long and is damaged at the ends, you should cut it off to make your braid close and avoid breakage.

3. Come to the hairstylist to fix it: After 3-4 weeks your hair grows and then loosens the knot. It causes your hair to become tangled, so you have to go to the salon to fix it.

4. Moisture your hair: Braiding makes your hair tight and causes discomfort because of its tension. Moisturizing products can help you decline the tension and make your hair smoother and softer.

Tips For Braiding Your Hair For A Sew-in


Your chosen braid pattern plays a vital role in your sew in braid pattern to have a natural appearance. The sew in braid pattern doesn't need to be perfect since they are hidden underneath the sew-in, but it should be sturdy enough without giving your hair too much tension.

Consider the 5 best braid patterns for sew-in hair extensions mentioned in this article.

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