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Hair Extensions

Michair has the best 100% cheap remy hair extensions including clips in extensions, tape in hair extensions, etc ... Buy top quality popular remy hair extensions for short hair online from Seller Our best wholesale and retailer.
All our hair is natural human hair, 100% remy hair, very silky and silky texture. They are unprocessed, no tangle, no peeling, no chemicals.
We have 6 types of hair extensions:

First, they are I-Tip Hair extensions:
I-Tip is one of our most classic hair extensions, with the letter I at the root of the hair extensions.

Second, they are U-Tip Hair extensions:
U-Tip hair extensions are U-shaped at the root of hair extensions.

Third, they are V-Tip Hair extensions:
V-Tip hair extensions are V-shaped at the root of hair extensions.

Four, here are the Clip-In Hair extensions:
The clip-in hair extension has a braid, mounted at the base of the fabric or silicone. They are the least extension type because you can quickly delete them and reset them whenever you want.

Fifth, they are Tape-In hair extensions:
Tape hair extensions are glued first and then pasted to the sides of your hair.
This is the latest semi-permanent hair extension and most stylists love this method. Two thin layers of wefts clamp your natural fibers and then are heated to mount. It usually takes about 40 minutes - 1 hour to apply and if extensions are in good condition, they can be reused.

Sixth, they are Flat-Tip Hair extensions:
Flat-Tip hair extensions are the intersection of I-Tip and Tape-In, bearing the microfiber head just like the I-Tip of the Tape-In weft extension. They have the benefit of an I-Tip hair extension and an extension, which gives a flat, comfortable feel when traveling with great 360 ° to each strand.
All our hair extensions come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Please see our website to view more of our hair products


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