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This Guide On How To Keep Extensions From Tangling

This Guide On How To Keep Extensions From Tangling

William Brown

William Brown


William is a professional hair stylist with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about creating personalized, trendy looks for his clients and specializes in hair treatments and updos. He is now a certified hair adviser for Mic Hair Company. His articles are always filled with advice, pro tips, and latest hair research results.

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Sat Sep 26 2020

Hair extensions are a great way to add length to your hair or try a new hair color and style. However, it is important to maintain the weaves to keep them looking beautiful. You need to put in some effort to make them last longer. In this article, we will let you know how to keep extensions from tangling

Factors that can contribute to tangling

In order to know how to keep extensions from tangling, you have to understand what causes hair extension tangling at first. Here are 5 common factors: 1. Lack of proper care: It’s very necessary to take care of hair extensions. Lack of proper care is the first cause of tangling. No brushing and no conditioning regularly can lead to knots and tangles. 2. Dryness: Why dryness can cause tangle? It makes hair cuticles open and rub together, as a result, your hair becomes brittle and entangled easily. 3. Poor quality extensions: Hair extension quality is very vital. The material and texture of hair extensions decide the smoothness and softness of hair extensions after a long time using.

Factors that can contribute to tangling
4. Environmental Factor: Environment factors including temperature, wind, and humidity take effect directly on your hair. If you have taken the right precautions and still find tangles in your weave, your weather might be the reason. If the atmosphere has humidity, consider using an anti-frizz serum and a conditioner to keep the hair moist and tangle-free. 5. Length and texture mismatch: The resemblance between your natural hair and hair extensions give your hair blended perfectly. If the texture doesn’t match, your final result can be tangled.

How To Keep Extensions From Tangling

1. Brush your hair daily To maintain the weave's beauty, brushing the hair every few hours is essential. This is a great way to keep them free of tangle. Also, use the right tools when brushing the hair. Consider brushing the strands from the end to the roots and not the other way. This prevents the hair from tangling and shedding and protects them from developing split ends. Tangling results from knot formation which you can clear by combing. Brush the hair at least two times in a day.

brush your hair daily
2. Choose The Right Products Not every hair product is safe for your weaves. For example, products containing sulfate and paraben can take nutrients away from the hair. See that you always use shampoo and other products made specifically for extensions. Try to find products that give the weave the moisture it needs to stay smooth. Alcohol can also pose a danger to your extensions. Avoid using products that contain alcohol is the answer how to keep extensions from detangling. Look for something that maintains the softness of your hair. 3. Deep Condition An important step in how to keep extensions from tangling is deep conditioning. Moisture is quite important for weaves. Using a deep conditioner gets you adequate moisture. So, consider using a conditioner once a week. If the hair has moisture, it is less prone to tangling. 4. Limit Heat Styling and Use Heat Protectant Before Heat styling is very important to have a wonderful appearance. However, we do not recommend using high-heat tools to style your hair every day. High heat can cause breakage to your hair. Moreover, the moisture inside your hair strand can come out and loose forever. The heat at which your hair maintains the best condition is from 230-270F or around 120C. If you have to style your hair daily, we suggest that you should use heat protectant before to keep its moisture and prevent tangles. Do not forget to clean your hair before apply heat protectant. Though hair extensions are meant to facilitate styling, some tools and methods can be harmful. You should avoid using hot tools that rip off moisture from the hair. Consider drying the weave naturally.

Limit Heat Styling and Use Heat Protectant Before
5. Night Regimen Sometimes the hair gets tangled as you move your head during sleep. So you should consider using a pillowcase and headscarf made of satin so that frizz is not formed. You can also tie the hair in a bun before going to sleep. This will ensure the hair doesn’t get rough.

How to Detangle Your Hair Extensions

At times, your hair can get tangled due to some reasons. Though you should always avoid tangling, here is how you can detangle the knots. Section It is not advisable to detangle the whole head at a time. Divide the hair into small sections to make it easy to handle. Consider parting the weave into four sections. You can start detangling the sections towards the bottom part of the forehead. Shampoo & Condition Use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair. Do not rub the weave when cleaning. Also, see that you don’t swirl the head in the water. Take proper care when trying to detangle the hair. Co-wash at least twice a week using a moisturizing conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for at least 10 minutes. Never try to detangle the hair when it is dry Spray the water from a bottle and a conditioner onto the sections of your weave. Then, brush the hair from the ends to the roots using a wide tooth comb. Keep detangling smaller sections of the hair one by one until all the hair is detangled. Use your fingers to remove the knots if you find any.

How to Detangle Your Hair Extensions
Brush How can you detangle your hair without suitable combs or brushes? There are many types of combs and brushes available for different hairstyles. The answer to the question of how to keep extensions from tangling well is choosing the right combs and brushes: 1. Combs: - Wide-tooth comb: Wide-tooth comb is for long and curly hair. It helps you detangle your hair well without breakage or damage - Pick comb: Pick comb is created to style and maintain Afro-textured hair 2. Brushes: - Paddle brush: Paddle brush or detangle brush is the best for women who have long hair and are easy to tangle. This was born for detangling. - Vent brush: A high-quality vent brush allows you to dry your hair faster without tangling and damaging it. Conclusion We hope this guide helps you know how to keep extensions from tangling. If you know how you should treat your extensions, you can effortlessly enjoy a great hair experience.



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