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How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye And Avoid Getting Uneven Results?

How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye And Avoid Getting Uneven Results?

Fashion Blog Mon Oct 11 2021

After dyeing the hair, most people notice orange spots and uneven roots. If you feel panicked due to uneven color, then find out how to fix patchy hair dye. In this guide, we will explain how you can avoid making mistakes that result in uneven dye. You will also learn the best ways to fix a patchy dye job.

What Causes Uneven Color?

You can get uneven and patchy-looking dye because of several different reasons. Although there isn’t any foolproof method to getting a perfect dye job, you can avoid making common mistakes that cause patchy results.

1 - Dyeing Hair Again

One of the most common reasons people find the dye patchy is because they dye or color already bleached hair. You might find worse results when you color the hair that already has uneven dye. Moreover, women find patchy dye when they try to achieve a lighter shade by repeatedly coloring the hair.

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2 - Ingredients Are Not Properly Mixed

A box of hair dye includes two things that need to be mixed. You need to mix developer and dye to create an even color. Then, apply the mixture to each strand of your hair. If you don’t want the result to look patchy, then mix the ingredients evenly and thoroughly. Moreover, the dye and developer need to be added in appropriate quantities.

If you add too much developer, then the hair will appear much lighter than the desired result. On the other hand, when you apply dye that includes more actual dye, the hair will turn darker than expected. You must read the directions mentioned in the box.

Most boxes of dye contain paper with instructions. Often people don’t follow the instructions because it seems obvious to them. However, it is crucial to carefully follow the instruction, particularly when using the product for the first time.

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3 - Incorrect Application

Before you find out how to fix patchy hair dye, learn how to apply the product. Without the knowledge, you can’t expect to get the salon-like result. Most people try to fasten the process of applying dye at home. Thus, they end up getting patchy hair dye. You must avoid making the common mistakes that are mentioned below.

Applying Dye Like Shampoo

Firstly, the shampoo contains ingredients that can be evenly spread on all the hair strands. Hair dyes don’t contain foams. Hence, you must apply the dye carefully to the hair strands that need to be colored.

Starting From The Roots

You should start applying on hair strands. Once the mixture has been applied properly on each hair strand, you can focus on the roots. Avoid making the mistake of ignoring the hair strands on the back of the head.

Forgetting The Starting Point

When you don’t keep track of the starting point of the hair dyeing process, there is less chance of getting an even result.

If you want to avoid making these common mistakes, then read the instructions as carefully as possible. Take the help of a family member to evenly apply the dye on the hair strands that you can’t reach.

4 - Damaged Hair

When applying hair dye, the ingredients penetrate each hair cuticle and react with the melanin to give the desired result. If your hair is damaged, the dye won’t be able to give the expected color. Women who have dry hair usually find the result patchy and uneven. Hence, the best way to dye damaged hair is by making it healthier before the coloring process.

You must apply oil to the hair strands and roots thoroughly twice every week. Go for deep conditioning treatments. Additionally, apply a hair mask so that the cuticles get nourished. After following this routine for 2 weeks, you can try dyeing and expect better results.

How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye?

Before someone can fix the uneven color, they need to find the spot where the color is patchy.

 All-Over Patchiness

Those who don’t mix the ingredients thoroughly usually find patchiness throughout the hair strands. If you notice the unevenness through the hair, then it can be easily fixed. Firstly, buy another dyeing box that has the same color you previously used to color. Read the instructions and mix the ingredients well enough so that color becomes even. You should mix it for at least 2 minutes.

As per the directions mentioned in a box, apply the dye throughout the hair strands and roots. The hair strands and cuticles that absorbed colored previously won’t change their color. This process will simply make the dye look natural and even.

 Roots Are Uneven

If you tried to make the hair color lighter, then there is a chance that it made the roots lighter compared to the hair strands. This unnatural-looking hair dye was the result of starting the coloring process from the roots.

To fix the issue, you have to buy a hair dye that is one shade lighter than the previous one. Apply the new hair dye directly to the roots. This process will make the roots a bit darker. Thus, the roots and hair strands will look similar and natural without appearing patchy.

 Orange Or Yellow Spots

If you want to know how to fix patchy hair dye with orange or yellow spots, then first find out the reason behind the brassy finish. Most people who apply hair dyes containing extra-warm tint find the yellow and orange spots.

In case you used a semi-permanent hair dye, then applying lavender-hue shampoo can fix this issue. However, you have to use the shampoo for 2-4 days before getting the desired result without a patchy look.

If you used a permanent hair dye, then after using lavender shampoo, buy another hair dye with a darker shade. You should ideally choose a hair dye that is 2 shades darker than the previous one. Don’t apply the new dye throughout the hair strands. You should directly apply the mixture to the spots that are yellow or orange.


We hope now you understand how to fix patchy hair dye and the main causes behind uneven color. You should always mix the ingredients before applying the formula to the hair strands. Avoid starting from the roots because it can result in patchy and even color. Find the spot with patchy hair dye to fix the issue quickly.

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