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How To Mix Bleach Powder And Developer At Home?

How To Mix Bleach Powder And Developer At Home?

Fashion Blog Fri Sep 24 2021

Do you find bleaching at home tempting? After seeing supermodels showing bleached hair in magazines, you surely want to add bleaching powder and developers to the shopping bag. But do you know how to mix bleach powder and developer? In this guide, we will share the difference between bleach powder and developer. You will also learn how to apply bleach powder at home. There are numerous benefits to applying bleach to your hair at home. Firstly, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and get the help of a hair care expert. Secondly, you have full control over the parts of hair strands that need to be colored. There is no risk of miscommunication when you are doing it at home. However, it is important to know the best way to lighten our hair. Before you start bleaching, it is important to ensure the bleach powder and developers are properly mixed. Taking proper care of the locks after bleaching is a crucial step. A successful bleaching process involves more than the right tools and techniques. Let’s discuss whether you should apply bleach at home.

Should You Bleach Your Hair At Home?

Before learning how to mix bleach powder and developer, be sure to buy both products from the same brand. Remember the manufacturers test bleach powder and developers. They don’t use products of the different brands to see results. You should not choose products of different brands since it can result in a chemical reaction.

Firstly, ask yourself whether bleaching at home will be safe. Bleach can severely damage the hair since it contains hydrogen peroxide. The chemical interacts with melanin. If you do bleach without knowing the right method, the hair can become brittle, weak, and prone to breakage.

Most people are not meticulous when they apply bleach to their hair. Thus, they end up burning their scalp. You have to remember that hair care experts have experienced several years of bleaching the client’s hair. Thus, one shouldn’t take the risk of bleaching their hair at home. Avoid bleaching hair without confidence and proper knowledge.

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The Difference Between Bleach Powder And Developer

Bleaching powders and the developers can’t give results without each other. You will need to mix both to lighten the hair color.  

Hair Bleach 

Hair bleach products are particularly created to lighten our hair color. It is not similar to the skin bleach or the product we have used to clean our bathroom floor. Hair bleach is generally available in powder form. Our hair should not turn too brassy. Thus, the manufacturers ensure the hair bleach has a blue or purple hue.

Bleaching kits are available for everyone. However, it comes with a guide, and you need to follow the instructions properly. You should only bleach at home when someone experienced is supervising. If any family member knows how to mix bleach powder and developer, then take their advice.


A liquid chemical that includes hydrogen peroxide is commonly known as a developer. Once the developer is mixed with the powder, the paste is ready to lighten the hair color.

Developers are available at different levels. If you want to lift the color one shade, choose level 10. Increase the developer’s level based on how much you want the color to be lifted.

If you have decided to bleach at home, stick with 10-30 developers. You should avoid the risk of getting a drastic change at home because it can damage hair cuticles. Moreover, Volume 40 developers are so strong that they can melt your hair strands. If you don’t apply the bleach properly, it can also result in harsh chemical burns on the scalp.

How To Mix Bleach Powder And Developer?

You need to buy the products and be ready with the tools. It will be required to bleach hair at home. Ensure you have a plastic bowl to mix bleach powder and developer. Always wear rubber gloves while applying bleach. Bleaching products contain chemicals that can cause burns.

Take a brush which will be used to mix the powder and developer. Secure crocodile hair clips, sectioning brush, and strips of foil will make the application process easier.

Let’s explain how to mix bleach powder and developer. The mixing process is crucial because if the consistency is not perfect, you may get an uneven hair color.

Some lighteners are stronger than others. These lighteners may need extra developer dilution. There is a rule of thumb that you must remember while mixing bleach powder and developer. Always add one part bleach with 2 parts of the developer. Alternatively, use 4 ounces of the developer with 2 ounces of bleach. This rule applies even if you use 40 volumes of developers.

Most people make the mistake of adding too much bleach without adding the appropriate amount of developer. Then, their hair cuticles didn’t lift enough. When people add too much developer and an inappropriate amount of bleach powder, their hair becomes severely damaged. They don’t even get the desired shade. To get the right measurement, use a measuring cup or spoon.

Process For Mixing Bleach Powder And Developer

Add the desired amount of bleaching powder with a bit of developer in a plastic bowl. Mix both the products until it turns super smooth. Add a bit of developer again and mix it properly. Keep adding developer until the required amount has been added to the mixture. Thoroughly mix the developer with the bleaching powder.  

The thickness and consistency of the solution will determine whether you get the desired lightness or not. Some people add all the developers with the bleaching all at once. It is not the best way to create a thick solution. Since the hair will look streaky and uneven after lightening, you should avoid mixing developers all at once.

Avoid making a solution that is too watery since it can leak out and create spots and patches in the hair. A watery paste can give uneven light hair color. The solution should neither be too thick nor too watery. It should appear like your hair conditioner.


We hope you now understand how to mix bleach powder and developer. People should avoid bleaching at home if they want to use 40 volumes of the developer. To get the best results, add developer and bleach powder in the right amount. A solution should be neither too thick nor too watery.

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