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A Guide On How to Sell Hair Weave?

A Guide On How to Sell Hair Weave?

Fashion Blog Wed Sep 01 2021

Hair weaves are in huge demand for both medical and aesthetic reasons. If you want to start a business selling hair weaves, first know everything related to starting a business. There is a huge opportunity for everyone in this business if they have the patience and passion to sell hair weaves. In this article, we will share how to sell hair weaves and how to target customers. Nobody needs any special training to start selling hair weaves. We are sharing a detailed guide for selling hair weaves with comprehensive research on the market.

What are the Market Trends Recently?

Before you start selling hair weaves, first know the reason people buy these weaves. Your target audiences are those people who want to achieve different hairstyles which they can’t get from their natural hair. Usually, this is the reason they buy hair weaves. Some people buy hair weaves to protect their natural hair from getting damaged by hair styling methods. When they wear hair weaves, the heat of the styling products doesn’t burn their hair.

Since you want to know how to sell weaves, first do market research on the trending hairstyles. One has to find out top trends and which hairstyles are in fashion. The most important thing they should do is read all the hairstyle and fashion-related magazines. The people who stay unaware of the latest hairstyle trends won’t meet the market’s demand.

Which Target Market Would Be Expected?

While you are researching how to sell hair weave and what are the latest hairstyle trends, keep in mind the target audience. To find the target audience, answer the simple question: Which customers will use hair weaves?

One needs to explain this answer in a notebook in a clear and detailed manner.

For instance, older adults who have lost their hair due to some illness might be looking for hair weaves. The patients going through medical treatment might also need hair weaves to get their confidence back and look beautiful.

There are aesthetic purposes due to which your customers will like to buy hair weaves. Several actresses, models, and celebrities can buy hair weaves to change their looks.

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What is Your Competitive Edge?

In the hair industry, there is a huge competition after people have started selling products online. Thus, if you want the hair weave business to survive, create the best-quality hair weaves with different and latest styles. The big companies of hair weave usually buy the weaves in bulk. Thus, they get a huge discount on the hair weaves, providing their customers with a reasonable price.

If you are just starting a hair weave business without huge capital, there is less chance of following the same process of getting hair weaves. You should first ensure that the business is providing good customer care service to the buyers. Provide different payment options so that there are more chances of selling. Creating an online store for hair weaves can be your competitive edge.

Moreover, you should always include a huge variety of hair weaves available in the local and online stores. If the customers don’t find hair weaves according to their likes, they might not visit the store again.

Choose A Proper Location For Your Hair Weaves Business

If you want to know how to sell hair weaves, find out the best place to run a successful business. In case you are running an online store and don’t need a location, ensure that the employees are providing high-quality pictures of hair weaves on the website.

However, if you want to provide hair weaves to valuable customers directly, ensure that the location is easy to access and the customers can reach the location without difficulty. You should take traffic conditions and parking space into consideration before choosing the location.

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Create a Brand Identity & Ecommerce Website

You need to create a brand and let the customers know about it. When you increase awareness about the business, more customers will come to check the store and generate more revenue.

You need to do two things to create brand awareness. Firstly, add the brand name to the packaging of hair weaves. Secondly, create an e-commerce website with a proper interface.

You should ensure that the packaging of the hair weaves should be classy and stylish. Most of the customers are online, and when they find a good brand, they will want to share and promote it. They might also want to search for the business online. Thus, you should make a website and social media pages for the brand. Additionally, ensure to hire someone to answer the questions of the customers online.

Since you want to know how to sell hair weave online, ensure that the employees have built an eCommerce website. The website should be easy to navigate and include all the kinds of hair weaves the store provides. There should be a way you can interact with the customers.

Forecast the Expenses of Your Business

Most businesses that start selling hair weaves without good capital end up in loss. Even if you have great ideas on running a successful hair weaves business, but can’t afford it, then first raise the capital.

Depending on how many customers you want to reach will decide the start-up expenditure. Here is the list of costs for starting selling hair weaves:

Registering the business

You have to pay a fee for registering the hair weaves business. There might be some legal expenses that must be paid for getting a business license.

Launching and promoting website

When the owners of a business launch a website, they have to pay for the domain and hosting. If they choose to promote their store, then the advertisers will also get paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Taking store on rent and hiring employees

If you are taking the store on rent, then the owners of the place will get paid. You will have to pay for phones and computers which the employees will need for running the store. Additionally, if you hire employees in the store, they will also get paid every month.


In conclusion, running a successful hair weaves business requires you to know about the target audience. We hope everyone understands how to sell hair weave in the store and online. One needs to ensure they have a proper location for their business. Running a successful business will require some patience and a lot of passion. You need to read a lot of hairstyle magazines to bring a hair weave which is in fashion.

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