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Make Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions At Home

Make Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions At Home

Fashion Blog Tue Mar 02 2021

A hair extension lets you style your hair the way you want; even you do not have voluminous natural hair. People buy hair extensions of various kinds to add more mass and to increase the length. Some clip-in hair extensions available in the market can be expensive. Is it possible to make your own clip-in hair extensions? Have you ever wondered how to make it? The answer is yes. You can make clip-in hair extensions at your own home. It sounds great, right? You do not have to spend a lot of money buying clip-in hair extensions from the store anymore.

Clip-in hair extensions are fast and easy to attach to your hair. You might not be able to do every hairstyle using clip-in hair extensions as the clips might become visible when you take specific partitions of your hair. Yet, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can do with your hair and clip-in extensions. These hair extensions can also be used as highlights or bursts of color. If you want to make your clip-in hair extensions, this article will help you with the correct guidelines. 

What Do You Need To Make Clip-In Hair Extensions?

A few materials and tools required to make your clip-in extensions are readily available anywhere. Some of them are as follows:

Things To Consider Before Buying The Hair Extensions

Check on for the available hair extension colors. It is imperative to choose the right color that matches your skin tone and your natural hair. If you want to make highlights, then it does not matter what color you choose. Otherwise, always go for matching colored hair extensions for a natural look. The next thing to check is the length of the wig you are going to buy. Decide how much size you want that suits your hair's natural length. You can always cut the length of the hair extensions as per your requirement. So, it is always better to go for extensions that are longer. 

How To Make Clip-In Hair Extension

First, you need to thread your sewing needle. Tie a small knot together using the open ends. Now, unwrap the hair extension you have and leave the wefts doubled in half. When you hold two wefts together to sew, it will give more density. Now start sewing the wefts together from one end to the other. Make sure to tie knots on both ends so that the thread will not loosen up. 

Once you have finished sewing the weft, measure the nape of your neck. According to that measurement, you can cut your weft. Always cut the weft from above to avoid any damage. Now take the clip-ins you bought and snap them open and keep them aside. With the comb on the outside, start clipping the hair extension you just cut. Now using the thread and needle, sew the clip with the hair. You will need two clips for one portion of the hair. Sew the clips at both ends of the weft.

Similarly, you can make any number of clip-in hair extensions you want. If you want to attach the clip-in hair extensions as highlights, cut the weft in smaller measurements and attach clip them onto your hair wherever you want. You might only need to use one wig clip if your weft is small. You can even attach these clip-in hair extensions by making small vertical braiding of your natural hair. So that the clip-on will not fall off if your hair is on the thinner side.

Steps To Follow For Attaching The Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • - Clean your scalp and hair first. You can use any hair cleanser and conditioner that you regularly use. 
  • - Brush your hair nicely to remove any tangles.
  • - If you have silky hair, you can apply some gel or hair spray so that you get the grip while dividing your hair
  • - Start from the bottommost part of your hair. Make sections of about one inch with a rat-tail comb. People with shorter hair can roll in half of the hair up and secure the clip-in extension
  • - Start attaching the clip-in hair extensions one by one by taking partitions as said
  • - All the clip-in hair extensions should be covered by your natural hair. So do not put any clips very close to the hairline around your face.
  • - A small tip you can follow is, number the clips as 1, 2, 3, etc., if you liked the style you just made. It will be easy for you to clip in the hair extensions whenever you want without finding which clip to attach where.

Maintenance Of Clip- In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are not for more prolonged use. You should detach them before you wash your hair or sleep. So, to wash those hair extensions, make a solution of mild shampoo and water. Then swirl the hair extensions slowly in this solution and wash them. Now spray some conditioner on them. Place these clip-in hair extensions on a towel and leave them to dry. 

Do not blow-dry or squeeze them the clip-in hair extensions. Combing the wet hair extensions is not advisable too. Once the hair extensions are dried, you can brush them neatly to avoid any knots. Always store them in a place where lots of moisture, heat, and dust do not enter and ruin your hair extensions.

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So, this is one of the inexpensive and most accessible ways to make clip-in hair extensions at your own home. You only have to spend a little money to buy the materials for making these. Now say good-bye to thin and low-density hair. Let it be a party, a wedding, or a casual day. Attach these hair extensions the way you like and style your hair. 

Always make sure none of the clips are visible. Make sure to comb your natural hair neatly over all the wig clips to avoid any clips being seen outside. Moreover, when you clip the extensions onto your hair, do it neatly without any hurry. Leave your hair open or tie in a ponytail or just do a messy bun to enhance your look.

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